Info Update #6 — Brace Yourself, Gender Bender is Coming

Alright! It’s about time I let everyone know something that I’ve been worrying about for a while now (and what I just found out)!

  1. The author of ‘The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero’, 悠島蘭, has taken a very long time since he last released a chapter.
  2. He mentioned that 4-last would be out early April — it is now mid May, so yeah.
  3. I became sad that it may not be updated.
  4. Found a post on his activity page on syosetu (where the raws are posted), he said that stuff happened irl and it caused delays to the already slow process of creating plot stuff.
  5. The post of April 3, 2015 — he mentioned he was planning on resuming (Note: ON VOLUME 5, as he planned on already having 4-last completed) in June or July.

The major things to take out of this:

  • The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero is not Abandoned. (Fufufu…)
  • It may not be updated until late this summer!
  • I am going to slow down on SYnE translation. If i hit a cliffhanger (a.k.a the chapter just before the end of the arc… like wtf) and can’t read to see what happens, someone will have to die. (>’.’)>

Due to the above reasons, I looked for something else to translate. I enjoy most stories that are fantasy based, ranging from Shoujo to Seinen, from True Love to *Censor*– you get my point? After looking around, I decided to try my hand on a Gender Bender. The one I found is what I’ve posted recently, and as you’ve seen the chapters are fairly shorter (~20-30% shorter than Forsaken Hero easily) with around 100 chapters currently released and an update schedule of 1 chapter every 1-2 days, so I won’t be running out of chapters to TL any time soon! I know that this genre in particular tends to polarize readers, where you either love it or hate it, so I should apologize in advance for not choosing something closer to the ‘harem’ genre that Forsaken Hero sports.

*bows* Sorry for the inconvenience. However, please enjoy!

tl;dr — Forsaken Hero will be TLed, but slowly. Otherwise cliffhanger for ages will be a thing. TLing a gender bender that I hope people will enjoy.


68 thoughts on “Info Update #6 — Brace Yourself, Gender Bender is Coming

    1. To be honest, most gender-benders that I’ve read don’t really have in-depth musings about the change. Sure “I’ve lost my little man” and a few other things but they seem to lack more mental changes. So it seems just a swap of genders and not too much else.

      Dragons bloodline. You can become an angel, demi-god or have a bloodline of a dragon for the same price… Strangely the dragon thing sound the best.

      1. Yeah, though I feel the same can be said for many “summons to another world” — it’s just a tiny gimmick that draws readers in. Same with something like Wordmaster — if they had just explained he was a sort of recluse that acted on his own terms not much would have changed outside of the first few chapters right?

        1. Yeah. Especially when it doesn’t really show the major machinations of the MC while he goes around. It just seems like he’s not a bad guy but doesn’t like to go out of his way unless it’s to read something etc. Basically, akaloli is his perfect match. WE SHOULD WRITE SOMETHING. I’ll tell you the plot, you fill in the stuff. 1: Man gets reincarnated, but as he jumps out of his shell, he falls over a cliff. He didn’t know what he was and then he fails to go to the river of souls as the string that held him as he died originally, and was born in this world vanished as his body died. Actually. I really want to read this. Sadly it’s not a real novel. Ziru, 🙁

          1. I’ve thought about writing a novel for a few years now. The plot would be about a bookworm being chosen by a summoner during his last breaths to continue his research in the Akashic Library–a sort of infinitely large library that holds all knowledge, but where those inside have to meet certain criteria to unlock the knowledge.

            *Shrug* I think it’d be fun.

            1. It reminds me of three things I’ve been reading. One is where there was a portal, guy was chosen. The tower, light magic etc.

              The other is Magicraft Meister…

              The third well, just the magical libraries that pop up everywhere.

              It’s a generic setting, similar to a game I played… Or was it The Avatar, in the library.. .Hmmm….

              How about Multiple people are “transferred” (it doesn’t specify transported). Where they have to compete or something. (could later be found out as illusions or servants to make the MC work harder).

              He doesn’t read the glaringly obvious guide book and instead chooses a book on magic. The catch is: To read a book you need materials from the plane of existence that the laws and things inside the book have. Since he has no mana he is transported to the world with no idea what he needs to get. Then after a short while of mishaps. It’s just that he has to inject mana inside <_<

              1. Yeah. I read Magi Craft Meister, just waiting for the TL to finish his school stuff =)

                It is -very- similar the idea I had so oh wells.

                1. “Oh wells”. That’s the attitude that’s going to make you regret you life. We both know you want to be a girl. I mean write a story.

                  You do realise there’s only one reason why you haven’t wrote it so far? You haven’t wrote it. That simple.

                  Need help? I like fooling myself into believing I’m smart. So LET’S DO THIS. You can’t say no or else I’ll call you mean. That’s weak but it still tugs on your heart-strings. You heartless gourmet bastard. :3

                  1. The reason I haven’t written it is actually because math and physics classes exist. This summer I’m going to be teaching myself more c++ and diving into the world of Unity (using c# scripts) and try to get a simple isomentric grid-based *thing* working.

                    TLing and reading is how I spend all of the rest of my time 😉

                    1. So…. Give your idea, let a few terrible almost self-proclaimed writers give it a spin, you put in some input. Then you be like “~THAT’S NOT WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE”, then you’ll either yell, take it back, or cry yourself to sleep because you don’t realise you’re learning programming wrong. You don’t want to learn programming! You want to solve a problem! Do you want to simulate a road? I forget the rest of the speech, but yeah! What problem/what are you doing with programming? Please don’t say ten…

        1. Demi-god would get you so much hassle if found out, which I suspect would be easy. Plus. Who would be your parents. That would be… Well… God politics.. <_<

  1. do you accept suggestions? cause I know of a series that is kinda interesting but it is picked up by another translator but sadly they only did chapter 1 and have been silent since but if you’re interested let me know XD

    1. Feel free to suggest, but know that I can’t guarantee anything. For the time being, I’m interesting in Dragon’s Bloodline.

      1. ok, the name of the story is Kaettekite mo Fantasy?! the mc is male, but his back story makes him feel more like Ryner from the legend of the legendary heroes and from what I gathered from spoilers his attitude can be similar to osawa akatsuki from Hagure Yuusha no estetica and the general plot is similar to Hagure Yuusha’s where he returns to his original world and finds its been changed

        heres a link to the forum about it someone there tled a few chapters :

        heres a link to translator who picked it but as i’ve said he stopped after redoing chapter 1 and no news on whether he dropped it or not so if you’re interested let the people here know since panda is the general editor try to tell him and you should be ok :

  2. gender bender gets a bad image only because it is very vague, easily ruined or messed up and thus is quite hard to successfully write a quality story that hits a lot of readers where it counts. Gender bender can be anything from a guy who simply looks girly being occasionally forced to crossdress, to stories of mixed genders, gender switches (magical, realistic or sci-fi) and body exchanges that also result in a gender change et cetera.

    If it made it to 100 chapters without him quitting due to community or loss of hope then I think it is safe to say it should have a decent story line (whether the GB is the main focus, side focus or simply an event that occurs that throws a twist of how events get viewed)

    I thank you in advance for taking on such a project as I am an avid fan of the Genre. :3 (when I agree with the general plot progression. can’t blame it on being the GB’s fault if the plot sucked from the beginning xD)

            1. Page not found.
              Who wants powerful magic when you can summon stuff with powerful magic. Then use magic to steal their magic, rinse repeat.

              No wonder people do demon summoning. Sign me up!

      1. hey, if you’re interested I know of a original story that seems interesting, the story is Eulalia’s Adventure and its about a girl who has memories of her past life, the interesting bit is that she regains these memories instead of having them since birth and later on its shown she can regain memories from multiple of her past lives and these memories only affect her personality a little so she doesnt really behave like a man

        btw on that note how do you feel about romances in GB stories? I feel its quite frustrating as most make the MC got yuri instead of actually making them agonise about falling in love with a man XD

        1. I like GB, but I don’t really care about the intra-personal relationships. They either don’t spend enough time over it, or spend too much time on one aspect and not the whole which kind of makes the single “but I’m a guy, he’s a guy he’s pretty” a bit redundant and obtuse.

          Euls-adventure wasn’t bad. I stopped after the remake because well. I don’t even.

          The problem I had with it is the kind of un-believability. The dumb farmers etc and die-hardness. That’s fine, but it kind of went one step further which made me unconciously pass up on it for now.

          1. I see, true they either don’t spend enough time or spend too much time on it XD only example I know thats kinda good is “I’m Back in the Otherworld?” translated by Sheeprabbit particularly because the MC self identifies as a female

            1. Yeah… The problem is that Este said it’s not really that good except the MC being a girl. Or that’s what I remember. I want RPG windows, or self-status checks and other wondrous things. For some reason I seem to want action, not drama 🙁

  3. Yes, I agree that’s the best move. Dragon’s Bloodline seems like it will be really interesting.

  4. Gender Benders can be extremely fun reads if done well. Also the type of Gender Bender makes a lot as well. Though I tend to avoid Gender Benders that involve the MC being a male body since to easy for it to go with more yaoi type love with male on male which I avoid like the plague. Though MC with female body can still go pseudo yaoi since it would be male soul involved with another male but for the most part it’s the body that counts for me when reading since I can ignore the soul when visualizing the couple.

  5. lol! It’s not like harem is a needed genre that much… It’s just that much more entertaining because people want to dream the impossible or possible? lol.

    — Thanks for picking it up! It’s exciting!. ? haha~ XD!

  6. I can’t get enough of SYNE, I’d rather read the remaining chapters asap and wait for the author to resume his work once we caught up. I’m just so addicted to the novel that I can’t possibly wait to find out what’s going to happen now that Samegima is dead and Nanamin may officially join the Harem.

  7. Well, as a good medium, maybe consider translating another work? If it’s only the gender bender for a while the people who isolate themselves from that work but are still following might be left out.

  8. Didn’t you say that there were 2 special chapters for volume 3 that come after 3-Last? Are you also going to wait to translate these? Also, when could we possibly expect you to continue the translation of SYnE?

  9. well all i know is thanks for the chapters till now and even now i actually find gender bender fantasy novels funny and enjoy them so thanks for picking one up

  10. I like your site because this is the first anti hero i’ve read. it’s not your usual light novel. please find more anti hero light novels to translate this makes your site more unique compared to the other sites

  11. I prefer gender bender than having a harem.. I mean it gets quite annoying to have a lot of candidates and love relationships in reencarnation novels. It’s really great to have found this novel that doesn’t revolve around harem shits. Thank you author and translator for this opportunity

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