Info Update #6 — Brace Yourself, Gender Bender is Coming

Alright! It’s about time I let everyone know something that I’ve been worrying about for a while now (and what I just found out)!

  1. The author of ‘The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero’, 悠島蘭, has taken a very long time since he last released a chapter.
  2. He mentioned that 4-last would be out early April — it is now mid May, so yeah.
  3. I became sad that it may not be updated.
  4. Found a post on his activity page on syosetu (where the raws are posted), he said that stuff happened irl and it caused delays to the already slow process of creating plot stuff.
  5. The post of April 3, 2015 — he mentioned he was planning on resuming (Note: ON VOLUME 5, as he planned on already having 4-last completed) in June or July.

The major things to take out of this:

  • The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero is not Abandoned. (Fufufu…)
  • It may not be updated until late this summer!
  • I am going to slow down on SYnE translation. If i hit a cliffhanger (a.k.a the chapter just before the end of the arc… like wtf) and can’t read to see what happens, someone will have to die. (>’.’)>

Due to the above reasons, I looked for something else to translate. I enjoy most stories that are fantasy based, ranging from Shoujo to Seinen, from True Love to *Censor*– you get my point? After looking around, I decided to try my hand on a Gender Bender. The one I found is what I’ve posted recently, and as you’ve seen the chapters are fairly shorter (~20-30% shorter than Forsaken Hero easily) with around 100 chapters currently released and an update schedule of 1 chapter every 1-2 days, so I won’t be running out of chapters to TL any time soon! I know that this genre in particular tends to polarize readers, where you either love it or hate it, so I should apologize in advance for not choosing something closer to the ‘harem’ genre that Forsaken Hero sports.

*bows* Sorry for the inconvenience. However, please enjoy!

tl;dr — Forsaken Hero will be TLed, but slowly. Otherwise cliffhanger for ages will be a thing. TLing a gender bender that I hope people will enjoy.

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