Info Update #5 — The Poll Edition

Tamaki refers to Nanami as Nanamin, though I have been leaving it as Nanami because it seemed to me a few/lot of people were getting confused by the names as is… well, here’s a poll to see how I should have it.

Also, should I continue to add the (Who Talked) tags?

And finally… do you like this arc? Personally, I’m enjoying the change of pace. We’ll be back to the more normal stuff soon I believe…

Next chapter should be up early tomorrow or in ~5 hrs, not sure if I’ll have the time to finish it tonight though.


11 thoughts on “Info Update #5 — The Poll Edition

  1. 3Q for your consideration of our humble and totally biased opinions, hope you follow continuing your efforts on this work on the future!

  2. I think that calling her “Nanamin” is a show of affection from Tamaki. Translation-wise leaving as just “Nanami” is okay, unless she decides to switch from one to another or another character uses “Nanamin” too, in which case a TLN explaining the change in the way she is called will be appreciated .

  3. If Tamaki calls Nanami as “Nanamin”, I think you should leave it that way. It’s a form of demonstrating their relationship, and, though minor, I find it an important aspect of their interactions.

  4. I prefer keeping it as “Nanamin” for the same reason I like keeping suffixes in. It just preserves the original intent a little better, I think. I mean, it’s not terrible if you don’t, as I’ll just read it as “Nanamin” every time Tamaki says her name, but that’s just my opinion on the matter.

  5. Hey, thanks for you hard work. As for my feelings for this Arc, I feel like the character development isn’t really viable because, after all, it is a simulation. There is no real incite on the MC, and as much as I like romance subtext, I like to keep it second to the main plot. Like, I wouldn’t mind if this was a side story, but as part of the main set, it is not interesting. I am sure others disagree with me on this, but I just wanted to share my intake. Again, thanks for your hard work translating this series. I appreciate it; I appreciate you.

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