Info Update #4 — Guess it did exist~!

Heya everyone. I’m sure that if you’re reading this you noticed the recent surge in activity. That is due to a few reasons, so here we go:

  • Spring Break happened. Lots of free time, no tests etc till next Friday.
  • Jorgelotr and Dawg, people who–unlike me–actually know Japanese, have been correcting the harder sentences that would normally take me more than an hour each to figure out. Obviously, this has cranked up the speed that I can work through the chapters quite a large amount.
  • My interest in this LN skyrocketed quite a lot with the recent developments in the story. Particularly because characters are slowly becoming less ‘flat’.
  • This is helping my neglected Japanese skills. I had taken two courses in Japanese in my first year of college a while ago, but never finished the set of courses and my skills dulled a -LOT-.

Also, I have 8 more keys for Heroes of the Storm. If you are interested in one, leave a paragraph in the comments below explaining what you think about Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan in the chapters that have been translated so far! I will give them out to those that look like they put the most thought into it. After 2 days I will reply to your comment asking for contact info.

Have a nice day everyone! Expect another chapter before the day is over. ^^


38 thoughts on “Info Update #4 — Guess it did exist~!

  1. fumu but i dont wanna write a para…too lazy..but i would like to play ya know,but before that i enjoy the series n thank you huhuhu

      1. nuu…damn i too want the key…so*drinks lots of red bull* *ding*[u have gained temporary resistance to sin of sloth] this is from couple of months back when i just finished reading LMS(the first ln i started readin) n was searching for new ln to read,having just finished a rerun of Mirai Nikki I wanted to read somethin with a pinch of yandere in n came across this post about a ‘yandere ghost stalks u to another world’ i couldnt find the wn(later came to know it was discontinued)…while searching for the yandere wn i stumbled across this blog n figuring out it was somewhat a dark story started reading it,my honest opinion i liked it, the story focusing on revenge…yaa the story really has lots of confusing thing going around sometimes but guess what that gives the story its spice hmm now what Daichi needs now is a OPed weapon n a army, after killin samejima,n ram that army in the kingdom’s backhole (ofcourse the one that summoned them) n the so called goddess nufufufufu i really wonder will samejima be given a quick death…or be a death full of twisted despair …n i also want see to the faces of the goddess n king if Daichi decides to pillage them…huhuhu n i also like that tinge of echhiness but i do feel daichi a lot lot trainin in that field…me finding the ln maybe a coincidence but guess what this is the fourth ln i ever read after startin readin light novels since last years winter n it was worth the read.

  2. Honestly, Suterareta is something of an “indulgence” story for me. The story does a good job satisfying you where Shieldbro and Arifueta leaves you hanging.

    Naofumi is great fun as a character and his calculated thoughts as the plot progresses makes for a great story. However, this also forces an infamously frustrating stagnation in the romance aspect of things, as it should be for the given setup the story has. Suterareta, on the other hand, pretty openly tackles the issue. Heck, the latest dungeon boss put us in an otome game. All the characters are definitive with where they stand without becoming too “flat” as characters.

    Hajime, on the other hand, has a different problem. I also like Arifueta for how clear-cut the protagonist’s stance is(even if it recently seems to want to go harem for no reason.). The problem with Hajime is the fact that he isn’t really motivated to take advantage of his newfound power and the “designated heroes” don’t feel like they get their fair comeuppance enough. There are definitely a few great moments, but that only ends up showing how many satisfying moments we’re missing out on. Once again, this is so that the plot can be driven forward the way the author wants, which is fair enough, but it definitely leaves a lingering wish for more.

    Suterareta completely satisfies this; Daichi is picked on and screwed over with more extreme prejudice than any of the other main characters, and he literally comes back with a vengeance. The goal is basically “kill that asshole” with any other goals almost being demoted to “sidequests”. Granted, this means that the story isn’t as deep or engaging and it could become stale with time. The motivations of the main character is more shallow and easy to achieve, but frankly, it’s why I enjoy reading the translation at the moment and that’s good enough.

    The way I see it, Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari is a full course meal that’s nutritionally balanced, but somewhat plain in some parts. Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou is a stew and grill that smells so good that the taste can’t measure up, along with a slice of dessert you end up wishing you had more of. Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan is….a big bucket of unhealthy fried chicken. Delicious, delicious revenge/love chicken. 😀

      1. Whoops. I totally didn’t notice this. I’m not really interested in the keys and just took this as an opportunity to share my thoughts on the story so far.

        Good work and thanks for all the translations! 😀

  3. Oooh, dang, a paragraph on Suterareta? Here we go….

    I see Suterareta as a sort of power trip that the writer goes on, especially towards the beginning. The MC starts out in a depressingly poor situation, and through the power of Deus Ex Machina, ends up in the perfect position for revenge. Off the top of my head, I can already think of about 4 stories that follow that initial formula (Arifureta, Shinka no Mi, possibly Monster no Goshujin-sama depending on where the plot goes, and Fukushuu Kyoushitsu). What sets Suterareta apart from most of these is that Daichi decides to get revenge, and plots pretty much the straightest path possible to do so.

    As Psychronia mentioned, Suterareta is very much an “indulgence” story. In the other stories I mentioned, the MC will either not be such a sadistic maniac that he plans the deaths of his classmates, or there will be challenges and character-growth segments where the character ponders if they should be a better person. On the other hand, I feel like Suterareta gets things done, quickly and wonderfully, satisfying our inner evil. It’s like letting off some steam after all the crap life throws our way.

    If I were to relate it to food like Psychronia above me did, I’d say all the previous stories are like cooking meals (shocker, some people enjoy cooking). Arifureta would be like a stew that needs to cook FOREVER, but you can keep sneaking tastes of it. Monster no Goshujin-sama (and maybe Shinka no Mi) are like when you’re practicing cooking something; you’re getting better and better, but all your creations aren’t exactly what you wanted. Fukushuu Kyoushitsu and Suterareta are different though; rather than “cooking”, they are “eating”. Fukushuu being like licking all the frosting off a cake and then lying there feeling awful about yourself (and then remembering the cake is 2-layered and returning for the frosting in between), and Suterareta being like reward cake after you’ve lost 30 pounds or something.

    … Gah, I was just typing what came into my head so it’s not “logically sound” or whatever.

    tl;dr: Suterareta gives me a nice MUAHAHAHAHA feeling that no other story can.

    1. Crap, just thought of this now:
      What sets the feel-good MUAHAHA-ing of Suterareta apart from the guilty MUAHAHA-ing of Fukushuu Kyoushitsu is the fantasy setting. Daichi feels no regrets, and death is so common in that world anyways that he isn’t particularly pressured for committing murder. Fukushuu Kyoushitsu on the other hand is set in modern-day Japan, and the MC does feel some guilt. And like modern-day Japan, if a classmate vanishes for no apparent reason, people are going to worry and react; there are instant consequences.

      So yeah, Daichi’s adventuring is like a cathartic hack ‘n slash. Fukushuu Kyoushitsu strays a tad close to “school shooting from the shooters POV” for comfort.

      .. Dammit, Daichi will forever have the moral compass of a school shooter in my head now.
      Analyzing fun things makes them unfun. T-T

  4. thank you for the chapters and your time 🙂 also, i no need keys as i dont play! thanks again… cannot wait for the chapters

  5. A paragraph?
    I think that Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan is refreshing in the way that Daichi isn’t a completely oblivious blockhead (I’m looking at you Naofumi =_=). Although this LN reminds me a lot of Arifureta, the added mechanic of an immortal protagonist makes it a bit more dull. It also brings into question Daichi’s IQ. The more he dies, the stronger he gets right? So why does he not kill himself to get stronger for his revenge? Also, I don’t understand why he’s going around collecting the Demon Generals… He should be more than capable of killing Samejima already. Although I like the story, I don’t particularly like how its executed. All in all, I enjoy reading it, but I find the current arc (Otome Game lol) and the mechanics of this world more interesting than the fight scenes (cuz Daichi can’t die, no suspense :/). I hope that you’ll keep translating! (Pls don’t go on a 3 month hiatus again… orz)

    1. Hmm….well, just to address your points a little…
      I personally assumed that the reason Daichi doesn’t abuse the dying and rebirth thing constantly is because there’s no real guarantee that he’ll always come back to life. One goddess already screwed him over, so it’s not like it’s impossible for the other one to suddenly choose to stop helping him. At least, it’ll be like that until exposition on her side of the story is expanded on.

      Additionally, killing Samejima might be no big deal for him now, but after that, he’d basically be making an enemy of the rest of the world, so this is sort of the preparation phase for that (I think….?).

      And finally, in terms of suspense, we don’t know if Daichi can re-resurrect his slaves if they die, so there’s that as a possible risk. On top of that, his body is kind of vulnerable while he’s dead, so that’s another danger. I have to agree with you though. Immortality makes it hard for tension to go through unless it’s a danger to someone other than the protagonist.

      1. Oh, a reply <_< I thought you would make a new post like the other one and I was waiting XD _________________ <<<contact info

  6. I love this novel because how the main character Daichi has his set morals and totally adheres by them like in Arifueta. Also he is also gaining a following of slaves but treats them more like companions like in Sheildbro. I feel also that the characters are starting to each have their own in depth personality. This story is perfect combination of the two light novels I love.

    also where will you ask for contact info?

            1. My favorite girl is Fuuko. Why i choose Fuuko is because she is a character who even though she sees the MC with two other girl she still pushes forward to be with him. I have read other novel who have a similar character and thy have become my favorite novels. I can kinda say i like the underdogs.

  7. I have really enjoyed this series for a long time. It has a good plot and a good setting but what honestly makes the story so interesting and entertaining are the characters and their interactions with each other. Daichi’s cynicism is ever present and it makes him less likely to accept things at face value making his conversations fun. However Daixhi is nothing compared to his companions… They fawn over him and also just when talking normally always seem to be competing. And then there’s Leadred who is either oblivious to it or just dinds it annoying. Overall these interactions make me like the story but that’s in addition to the fact its already a great story, the characters just make it better.

  8. Hi. At the beginning, “Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutanis” was a funny and interesting story I found while waiting for updates for “Mushoku Tensei” and “Tate no yuusha, but it has started to grow on me. I tried reading many light novels but they couldn’t get me interested. However, this story really managed to catch my attention from the beginning and I ended coming back to see the next chapter. Loser gets power is not an original idea nowadays, so to make it interesting is actually challenging. I kind of connected with the MC, he is smart and a bit softhearted (inside all his boiling hate).
    In conclusion, I really appreciate the translation for this is a great story worthy of being next to the gods (MT and TnY), and I hope to read more in the future.
    PD: And I like the personalities of the girls around the MC 

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