Info Update #4 — Guess it did exist~!

Heya everyone. I’m sure that if you’re reading this you noticed the recent surge in activity. That is due to a few reasons, so here we go:

  • Spring Break happened. Lots of free time, no tests etc till next Friday.
  • Jorgelotr and Dawg, people who–unlike me–actually know Japanese, have been correcting the harder sentences that would normally take me more than an hour each to figure out. Obviously, this has cranked up the speed that I can work through the chapters quite a large amount.
  • My interest in this LN skyrocketed quite a lot with the recent developments in the story. Particularly because characters are slowly becoming less ‘flat’.
  • This is helping my neglected Japanese skills. I had taken two courses in Japanese in my first year of college a while ago, but never finished the set of courses and my skills dulled a -LOT-.

Also, I have 8 more keys for Heroes of the Storm. If you are interested in one, leave a paragraph in the comments below explaining what you think about Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan in the chapters that have been translated so far! I will give them out to those that look like they put the most thought into it. After 2 days I will reply to your comment asking for contact info.

Have a nice day everyone! Expect another chapter before the day is over. ^^

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