Info Update #2

Still working on this. About a fourth of the way through the newest chapter, but dang is it long. Progress has slowed down a bit for a few main reasons:

  1. Joined a WoW raiding guild. Enjoying the crap out of it, after getting through a bit of drama of course. Spending around 9 hours/week on that, which was going towards this originally. Finally got the group mostly together and 2/7M right now; need a new druid healer ;_; (if any of you understand what that means, +1).
  2. Classes starting soon. IRL crap getting in the way (financial aid~).
  3. I like reading things too 😀 —- May or may not be re-reading The Stormlight Archive…. Yeah. If any of you are bored, it is my #1 most recommended book series of all time. #2 being The Wheel of Time. If you guys are fans of internet-based novels only, try out Mother of Learning. Well, you can get e-books of the other two. Seriously, they are amazing reads. Incredibly long books with epic worlds and magic systems!

Yeah, great excuses right?

If you guys want to be tided over a bit, here’s what I have done so far on 2-14. Will try and put more out tomorrow.

Be warned that I haven’t really proofread it yet at all. Here you go!

I might switch to posting little by little on my pastebin from now on, then moving the full chapters here when I am done since the release speed will be lower. Honestly not too much a fan of that idea, it sort of spoils the experience of the chapter…. posting that bit because I kind of feel bad for taking so long. 🙁

Recommended Series