Info Update #2

Still working on this. About a fourth of the way through the newest chapter, but dang is it long. Progress has slowed down a bit for a few main reasons:

  1. Joined a WoW raiding guild. Enjoying the crap out of it, after getting through a bit of drama of course. Spending around 9 hours/week on that, which was going towards this originally. Finally got the group mostly together and 2/7M right now; need a new druid healer ;_; (if any of you understand what that means, +1).
  2. Classes starting soon. IRL crap getting in the way (financial aid~).
  3. I like reading things too 😀 —- May or may not be re-reading The Stormlight Archive…. Yeah. If any of you are bored, it is my #1 most recommended book series of all time. #2 being The Wheel of Time. If you guys are fans of internet-based novels only, try out Mother of Learning. Well, you can get e-books of the other two. Seriously, they are amazing reads. Incredibly long books with epic worlds and magic systems!

Yeah, great excuses right?

If you guys want to be tided over a bit, here’s what I have done so far on 2-14. Will try and put more out tomorrow.

Be warned that I haven’t really proofread it yet at all. Here you go!

I might switch to posting little by little on my pastebin from now on, then moving the full chapters here when I am done since the release speed will be lower. Honestly not too much a fan of that idea, it sort of spoils the experience of the chapter…. posting that bit because I kind of feel bad for taking so long. 🙁


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  1. Well just know that we all especially I hate you
    Ur work isn’t good enough
    And it’s not fun at all
    Ya we definitely don’t love u and ur work
    And u definitely need to apologize for all this

    1. if your trying for tsundere path a least post a picture with your comment so its easy to catch.

      On another note those books you(Robert) recommended seem like they will be a big invest of my time I look forward to reading them.

  2. Not devoting all of your time to translating is fine, although I can’t say I won’t miss your almost daily releases.
    Do you thing you’ll manage one release a week?

    Hope you have fun with your guild, best of luck getting a good healer.

  3. Stormlight Archive & Wheel of time huh… finished the two books(It were two right?) In 1.5 days nonstop lawl…

    I recommend you Mistborn! Reading the 3×900 and 1×500 books in three days i think i broke an world record? Besides that the books of Patrik rothfuß are nice to 🙂

    And if you should ever run outta stuff: RoyalRoadL

    1. Read the Mistborn trilogy already, same author as the Stormlight Archive. Wheel of time has way more than two books 🙂

      1. Ah meant stormlight archive with 2 books D: Wheel of time has somewhat ’bout 30 books lol
        Btw Mistborn has by now 4 Books ^^ book 5 should be somewhere ’bout 2015/2016

          1. So glad to find other WoT and Brandon Sanderson fans here :):)
            If you haven’t read it, then I suggest you try Elantris. It’s one of his first books, but I really liked that one too. And there’s also The Emperor’s Soul. Usually I prefer longer series (like WoT…), and it’s just a hundred pages or so, but it’s still one of the best I have ever read.

      1. At the very least one of the most addictive. I actually prefer EVE Online, though the time required to play THAT effectively (null sec) is… daunting.

  4. 7 deadly sins, just wow.
    ziru will u still manage to release a chapter each week????? (hopeful puppy eyes)
    I think the stormlight archive is an epic series so far

  5. I kinda feel like I am being stalked now #1 series stormlight archive, big fan of wheel of time, and just started reading mother of learning on friday and finished what is out only 2 hours ago? Horriible summary they have for mother of learning though…

  6. if you need financial aid. just put a donation box here on your site. we would love to give you some money for this novel that you’re translating for us. I know i would

  7. Ride the winds again child of honour! Thanks for thee releases though it’s understandable to be occupied with the series lol, can’t wait for the third one in 2016 huhuhu.

  8. ziru if u put donations with a gurantee of bonus chapters after a certain amount of donations pretty sure its not that illegal, other translators have done it, one specifically guarantees a chapter for every 80 dollars donated. the bonus chapters are extra to wat he normally does in a week

    1. Sorry, but this project doesnt have the nescesary amount of chapter for it to work! Unlike coiling dragon that have hundreds of chapters that are finished in its original language, this have few chapters, and it is updated as much as 1-3 chapter per month! And the latest raw is far far away from the finish line.

  9. #ugh though i really want to read the next chap but i guess it can’t be helped then… and though i want to read ahead the raw but i am still trapped in another WN T.T it’s just leave a bad aftertaste if you read some raw WN at the same time… so i will wait for the complete translation (since the chapter part may or may not force me to read the whole raw)

    thx for the info and the chapter part though

  10. he is playin WoW, and busy with some books he is reading, don’t think he will be back to translating, or if he is it will be a while

    1. Books and games sure. Mainly been getting things straight with my college. Didn’t feel like tling these past weeks.

      1. A tip for when you enter one of these moods because I can get into this mood myself at times so it helps to do this:

        Just translate a line a day. Just one line. It’ll keep you from growing rusty and it may actually get you into the mood again.
        I try to use this method myself a lot of the time, with a lot of things.

        1. Yeah, I’ve been doing maybe a line every 3 days….. it just so happens there’s well over a hundred to go or something. The weekend that I said I would work on it/try to release it? My sister wanted me to bring her to the mall about 5 minutes after I started working on it.

          Not going to refuse to go out somewhere with family to TL =(
          (I’m cooped up most of the time in the house anyways. I may be an introvert but I can’t be home EVERY day~!)

          1. I don’t know, I’d refuse. But I’m saying this just after my own sister did the same thing and I was out 4 hours when it really only should have been 1.

    2. Mmo takes too much time for a translation to get itself going.. dont expect too much from a free stuff i guess..

  11. Read both Wheel of Time and Stormlight (LOVED THEM BOTH). Highly recommend Name of the Wind XD more for you to read. BTW Huge thanks for TLing! Love ur work xD

    1. Will definitely read this. WHY you ask? Watching some Youtube and came across this. The author of that series is one of the players. YES.

      1. second for the kingkiller chronicle, also if you don’t mind typo’s and want a great epic/high fantasy check out the firestaff series by fel

        and if you don’t mind them with a little more adult content theres deja vu ascendancy, time of eden and elves, fimbulwinter, the death incarnate saga and the spirit guide saga

        i loved stormlight and wheel of time so thought you might like some more recommendations, thanks for the translations and don’t let WoW take too much hold on you

    1. Looks like the link is covered.

      Some guy on wattpad has been posting light novel chapters without credits posing that it is his own work. Chapters you, Ziru-sama, have translated are part of the ones that guy is taking credit for.

      RWX from the link is informing people about the exact user that’s stealing the works. You should deal with the Wattpad to get those chapters taken down as soon as you can. You work hard and deserve the credit for it.

    1. Update: Drama happened on WoW (Again: Big surprise right?)

      Found out Challenge Modes are FUN AS HELL.

      They are also MUCH less time intensive and a much more flexible schedule so yeah. I should have time to TL now.

      That said, I guarantee the chapter WILL NOT be released today. Physics quiz tomorrow and I have homework to finish.

    1. Stop being negative nancy. School is straightening out, the chapter will be released eventually—I’ve worked on a few lines here and there, but I haven’t had the will to work on it in a long while now. Stopped raiding and I have a lot more time again.

      1. They tried staying positive, it failed. So I think they wanted to see if being negative would work. Good luck on that Physics quiz.

  12. Just checking in. Are you still alive and kicking? I like your translations and missing you and sure am not the only one.

    Hope you are fine and see you back soon.

    1. There’s a big reply I did to someone a moment ago, check it out. IRL, procrastination, and stuff. Stopped playing WoW again, took too much time.

      –Edit: Just noticed the comment was on another post. Going to make a comment here.

  13. There’s a comment on the site that says I should drop SYnE so that another person can pick it up, though I don’t recall claiming this series as “mine” and “not allowing” someone else to. I am all for doing this as a joint project and openly admit another TLer would likely be a better quality than I have brought you guys. (Mainly because I don’t really “TL”, I just…. make sense of individual words and particles that I know. My Japanese is poor.)

    This is a hobby of mine, and as most hobbies I don’t want this to cause me any stress. It feels like a cop-out but all I can say is that the next chapter will arrive “eventually” and that if another TLer releases it before me, let me know and I will link to it like I did for Vol. 1 so everyone who looks at this blog will have an easier time finding it!

    The chapter is about half done. Time schedule — again, eventually. I am working on it, but not at any fast pace. Upside is that my spring break is somewhere at the end of March and releases should be rapid for a few days like how they were in December.

    Seriously though, sorry for hyping expectations then turning into a turtle. Doing random things is a way I cope with stress and I just can’t do this all the time.

    (PS: -Mostly- quit WoW. Finishing gold modes before ending subscription. F raiding, got accepted into a 6/7M guild the day before I decided to not go in and realized I really didn’t have the time. I’m such an addict -.-)

    1. Well can’t complain here, so I won’t. Have enjoyed reading here and will keep checking in. ‘Eventually’ will come or it won’t, just go at a pace you can enjoy, after all we enjoy your hobby too.

    2. Ark had continued to hunt and hunt while sleeping less. Any turtle could overtake a rabbit if it was sleeping. Especially if the turtle had a motor attached to its foot!

    3. Hey, just take it easy. I’ve been reading manga and light novel for years, and it’s not unusual to see a project being stalled for 2-3 years and suddenly being revived.

      It’s your personal choice whether you decide to keep translating or not. Us, reader, can only *cough*leech*cough* on you, TLor. So you don’t need to feel guilty, because you’re not wrong.
      Just take it easy, kay? It’s a hobby afterall. It won’t do you any good if you don’t find it enjoyable. :>

    1. actually if u can go and heal people around the world do it….

      can u guys tell me the name of the novel pls? i pretty much forgot it XD

        1. i do , but i use glasses so if u can cure me… XDD

          is it that ez to find in this site? i rlly dont see it

      1. i have to ask, i stoped playing wow at lich king (but stop pvping at burning crusade) , is there an op character now? like retardin, those bastards could go 1 vs 3 rogues and win at the burning crusade era

      2. Did you just stop translating the series? Or will you continue? Can you please finish off volume 2 at the very least?

  14. Ok, so the pastebin link, did you make any progress on it? If not I might just consider continuing the translation from there at this point… YES I’M THAT DESPERATE

    1. he said he is more than willing to join forces with other people to translate the series… though if he keeps reading this idk xd

      1. Yeah, still reading these. Later this month I have a week off of classes, so I’ll actually have some free time for once…

    1. Or we can look an inch above this post and see that it’s on hiatus and Ziru’s planning on getting back to translating when he gets more free time.

  15. Nothing assigned over this weekend for school and no job scheduled SO…

    I’ll have the chapter posted before today is over. (Pacific Standard Time)

  16. If you enjoyed the Stormlight Archive, I can guarantee you’d love the Raven’s Shadow trilogy by Anthony Ryan. First two books Blood Song and Tower Lord are published with the third expected this summer.

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