I forgot something.

Woke up and started working on Forsaken Hero today.

Forgot this chapter was the super monstrous length one.

It’ll be released tomorrow, with everything on the schedule being pushed back a day and doubling up the extra chapters on Saturday.



5 thoughts on “I forgot something.

    1. That was not the most elegant comment there. The fact that there are donation buttons does not necessarily mean that Ziru gets much money from the leechers. I would actually bet that the donations are nearly non-existent taking into account the way most average people tend to act, but I am digressing now.

      Back to the topic:
      You say that he’s fucking around just because of one day’s worth of delay? Well, let me enlighten you on one interesting fact: translating texts takes A LOT of time and puts a noticeable strain on the mind. The length of chapters is variable, but most of the time they are pretty long ones, so of course translating them would take some time. I am actually able to relate, because I myself am translating scientific publications written in foreign languages from time to time as a side job while studying. To be precise, as I am not a native English speaker, the texts I translate are mainly written in English, but I happened to translate German and Russian texts too. The point of this lengthy explanation is: I have experience translating different languages into others and I know one thing about that process for sure: IT’S FUCKING EXHAUSTING AND LENGTHY.

      So quit your yapping and annoying our dear translator with your biased and rude comments. And as my sub-class is a Grammar Nazi I implore that you fix that horrible spelling (yeah, I know that spelling isn’t grammar, but that’s just how my type of nit-picky personality is called on the Internet most of the time).

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