Happy Peach — Chapter 1

R18 content so I’ll be posting links to the pages myself rather than having it on the front page.

The story only has six chapters and is already completed, but are easily six times as large as standard chapters I normally post. Will not be updating this regularly.

Though, I do recommend reading it.


Read Chapter Here


PS: Dragon’s Bloodline out tomorrow. This may or may not have taken me 9 hrs… equivalent to 3 DB chapters *cough*. You should definitely read it.


21 thoughts on “Happy Peach — Chapter 1

  1. nooo!!!!!!!!!!…. whyy?? even though you recommend it, such tortureeeeeeee…..
    btw thx for the release, cant wait for DB 🙂

      1. Given this is an already completed short story, could I ask that you do translate a chapter in between your regular releases?

        1. Probably not.

          Looking at the chapter lengths:

          Chapter 1 = 6 Dragon’s Bloodlines
          Chapter 2 = 3 Dragon’s Bloodlines
          Chapter 3 = 3 Dragon’s Bloodlines
          Chapter 4 = 3 Dragon’s Bloodlines
          Chapter 5 = 3 Dragon’s Bloodlines
          Chapter 6 = 6 Dragon’s Bloodlines

          It would slow down my release rate too much if I released them consistently. I will probably release another one after I get closer to finishing Forsaken Hero, and another some time just after finishing. It’s kind of my ‘I feel like working on something different’ project, like my original story ‘The Restart’.

          Though, I reserve the right to change my decisions at any time.

          1. ahhaha so freaking long…
            no worries, i will wait for this no matter how long it takes… ;p and dont let it affect DB release >_<

          2. In which case can you direct me to the raw. I can translate, but slowly and poorly. If you’d like I can hand you what I come up with and you can tidy up my garbage. Might lessen the workload of it.

            1. Please disregard the first part, I found it almost immediately. orz

              My offer of a rough translation still stands though.

              1. I’ll probably be translating small parts of it in my spare time, so probably wouldn’t make use of them. Sorry =(

      2. I don’t know if it was close to Meat Toilet’s first chapter length, BUT I FELT YOUR PAIN. Luckily I had motivation for the series, or I would’ve dropped it then and there without publishing it xD But it seems like all the author’s first chapters are long.

        1. From what I’ve translated so far of Happy Peach, it seems that the author’s writing style is fairly simple to work with. I think I average 1000 words/hour on it — where I’m closer to 300 words/hour on Dragon’s Bloodline… yeah. I’m still not certain why there’s such a large discrepancy, but I’m happy that it isn’t both long AND difficult hah.

          1. I translate about….eh, I don’t keep track but I guess 5-7 pages a day (Depends on a lot of things, from watching shows with family, playing Last of Us/Osu to recharge my motivation, and how I’m feeling that day) with Jap font and 11 text size.

            So honestly, with just me translating a full 14 page (which seems like the norm, but it can go from 12 to 25 pages from what I’ve seen so far) chapter it would easily be done in 3 days without TLC and editing. But I also have some -cough- brain melts with certain lines -cough- so I push those over to my other translator and he gets those done usually in a day or multiple ones depending on his schedule.

            But over all his writing is pretty straight forward, but I feel almost all NSFW novels out there are. I also heard starting out with NSFW novels helps learning to translate better, since they’re almost always basic kanji— so that’s that.

            1. Jap readers probably don’t want a kanji quiz just before sage mode.


              Yay for easiness! It has spoiled me, though. 1/3rd through Dragon’s Bloodline Ch 12 and I feel my brain frying.

              The author jumped from 3rd -> 1st -> 3rd -> 1st -> 3rd (Then into 1st in the same line)


              Just stick with one.


              1. Sadly, I never experienced that before—and hope I never do. I did try to translate another series with hard and various of kanji, but ironically, that’s my strong point. I don’t know why, but remembering their pictures seem cool to me, prob because of the many lines and connections they have.

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