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How’s everyone doing?

Good? Good. That’s better than bad. Bad is worse~

Decided the next project I pick up will be a proper Light Novel.

Forsaken Hero only has a few chapters left before it is completed and I wanted to have something prepared for when it is over. Seven more chapters to go (Twelve if the author ever releases the final five they alluded to), so with two chapters every three weeks that means two and a half months…? Sounds about right. Though I might make two weeks in a row Forsaken Hero only as a sort of special thing when I finish 4-15? *shrug*

It’s important to be prepared… and I like photoshopping these illustrations~

It’s not R18, though.

What is it, you ask?

WELL, let me tell you all about it!

The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist

One day, due to God’s mistake, Tomoaki Akino’s life was accidentally snatched away. Though he gratefully accepted the cheat offered as an apology and reincarnated, he was reborn as a female elf! Then time passed, and Tomoaki now works as the intelligent and beautiful receptionist named Ilya in the Luneville branch of the Guild Association. In a world of swords and magic, her job in the guild begins today.

I haven’t edited the other (colored) illustrations into English yet, but here’s the link for the originals! I’ll post the other nine b&w illustrations later.

95 thoughts on “Future Project!

  1. Oh man that’s awesome! This novel caught my interest and I was hoping someone would pick it up! I’m crazy about anything with elves in it hahaha.

    I’ll be looking fowars to this one! Thanks for the translations now and in the future.

  2. Ugh. I truly despise gender-bend. That being said, you’re the one putting in the time and effort to translate, so it’s only your enjoyment that matters. Hope you and others enjoy this new series! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the sentiments! I’m glad you understand <3

      At the very least, I can guarantee this will be my last genderbend genre until I pick up another project (Probably around spring next year).

      Something that's a mix of The Stormlight Archive and summoning magic… would be glorious. *nods*

        1. I will protect those who cannot protect themselves.

          JK I’d prefer being a Bondsmith.

          I will unite instead of divide. I will bring men together.

    2. Couldve sworn Dragon’s bloodline is Gender-bend! i guess u skipped it heh.
      I for one is looking forward to this Novel. and this so called cheat this Man turn elf girl has.

      1. Only three stories there that have genderbender. OSO(Only Sense Online), Alice and Daybreak.
        OSO is translated by Krytyk, Alice by Kadi while Daybreak is an original story by Aorii.

    1. “One day, due to God’s mistake, Tomoaki Akino’s life was accidentally snatched away. Though he gratefully accepted the cheat offered as an apology and reincarnated, he was reborn as a female elf!”

      Male human to female elf

  3. something about female protagonists that makes it feel like a fresh new story. it is too stereotypical for a male reincarnation to another world creating a harem, but then again I am not really one who can talk about those stories since all of the novels I am doing are like that. novels anyways. the games I am translating are different.

    1. *coughGetNakedcough**coughyuriharemcough*

      That said, this is one of the novels that perked by interest too (I find gender bender amusing simply because of all the mental chaos the MC suffers)

      p.s. didn’t expect the Hax0r to actually be on the original cover o_O

  4. oh~! Now this is something fresh here! Quite interesting and amusing it seems to me, well, nice pick~!
    Good luck with it~! Looking forward to it~! ^^

  5. I love genderbend so much <3
    I'll be really looking forward to this project! I know I'll have fun reading it, so I hope you have fun translating it

  6. you could just switch dragon’s bloodline to the main aren’t you like 400 dollars behind on the translation on that anyways?

    1. Extras are extras, aside from the normal chapters entirely.

      That, and the dude that donated $500 told me to not fret about getting those chapters out!

  7. I can’t understand the hate for fun genderbenders 🙁 I can see how serious ones that deal with real issues might be uncomfortable, but the in the fun ones, done right its just some extra amusement and agony we get to see the MC go through with some bonus yuri potential, and done poorly its no different from any other poorly written character trait. If its ignored, then you basically just have a female MC with a different backstory. I tend to find stories with female MCs more enjoyable to ones with male MCs in general because there won’t be any of the overused shounen crap that I hate.

  8. *sigh* god why the gender bender???! I thought one was too much but you all just keep bringging them in. Like really what is so good about them??! I don’t understand it. I prefer it to be either a male or a female not a male becoming a girl or vice verse. You know this happen at Oniichanyamete site too. He orgianlly had a bunch of great stories and started dropping them all one by one and started translating and picking up nothing bu gender bender and shoujo LN/WN. it got to the point where I eventually had to unsubscribe… and now its happening here. well before I say anymore I want to thank you for the enjoyable story you have translated for us all to enjoy; I truly thank you. I enjoyed the forsaken hero WN, but after that is over, I may leave for good. truly thank you once again

    1. You don’t like Lazy Dungeon Master? That’s a shame…

      Well, I will never drop a series that I pick up.

      After I finish Dragon’s Bloodline or (whichever is first) Lazy Dungeon Master, I can guarantee it won’t be a gender bender. Three in a row would be too much!

      It’ll probably be a non-reincarnation story if I can find one when that happens.

      1. I haven’t even started to begin lazy dougeon master. I don’t what its about. if its about gender bender then no I don’t/will not; like it. I hate gender bender I will however check it out first. But still I appreciate the consideration of effort you took on my part to reassure a change. Thanks

        1. It’s all good!

          Lazy Dungeon Master is not a gender bender.

          It’s a slightly ruthless, incredibly lazy MC bossing around(manipulating) everyone and a loli dungeon core.

  9. oh…. that looks REALLY REALLY interesting… but then again…. wouldn’t taking more projects = slower release for all novels overall? 😮

    And isn’t light novel like…. really really long? *Looks at SAO LN*

    1. This LN is comparatively short from the looks of it.

      I will figure out how I am going to work my release schedule to implement it.

      While it’s true that having a third does slow down the other two, I think I would get bored of working on just two series.

      Guild’s Cheat will likely be released in full chapters, not the part system some TLers pick up.

      Again, I still have a lot to think about for it~!

        1. Burnout on Forsaken Hero caused me to have a 3-4 month gap in translations, so I’m avoiding that by having more projects~

  10. if people really don’t like gendbend…. just chill out…. don’t become butthurts…… don’t force translator to like your preferences….. translator is human too… they have their own preferences…. for translators…. thank you for your hardworks…. don’t mind them… they just hater outside…. but eventually… they will read this too….

    for this novel…. this is fresh story…. not adventure….but start as Guild Receptionist with cheat power…. i like it…

      1. me too… i like it….. even sometimes i want to try gendbend…. sure its funny and interesting to become opposite sex suddenly…
        and more of that….. become opposite sex in the world full of magic and sword…. double fun!!

  11. As long as it’s Yuri Genderbender is fine.. Alice Tale had that DOWN but unfortunately it ever get’s updated..
    other than that i love elves…

    1. I stopped reading Alice Tale on the drunk chapter, haven’t read it since… not enough updates to bother reading it.

      Why read something that takes a year to get even three chapters out?

    2. Yuri? You gotta read that Harassing Thief Girl. Even the translators got embarrassed translating and decided to drop it altogether. Too bad.

  12. I don’t mind genderbernder as long as it ends with Yuri/non-romance. And being the guild receptionist instead of an adventurer is interesting too. But why do ~90% percent of these WNs/LNs come with some kinds of cheat? That takes a lot of tension out there. Though it is at least better than some random dude who looses every fight/always needs help as mc.

    1. Also, while your future project seems interesting. It would be great if you add a r18 wn to it. Maybe a side project that’s slowly updating. Not forcing you to do one though.

  13. I was just wondering… maybe you can do something like this…

    Dedicate one week per projects..

    Like during week 1, work solely on Dragon’s Bloodline and release it two or three times during that week.
    Then during week 2, work solely on Forsaken Hero, week 3, Lazy Dungeon Master, week 4, Cheat Receptionist and repeat…

    1. Well, I’ll definitely not be working on Cheat Receptionist until Forsaken Hero is complete. (Other than the illustrations. Those are interesting to photoshop.)

      As for focusing on a series… maybe? Though again, since Guild’s Receptionist will be in a Light Novel form, a single week might not be enough for a chapter. I’ll have to try working on a chapter first to get an idea of how long it’ll take.

  14. i have been on this wordpress many times, each time i see that damned forsaken hero and since everybody like it here, i just retreat into the depths of lurking. and dragon blood line is sadly too much even for me. 🙁 one second normal the other a daughter of the emperor, goddess have mercy on my soul. (ie: hiyuki. sama is my goddess <3)

    anyway really looking forward to this series. i am following this son of a gun now, and i am going to check out lazy dungeon master, i heard there was a loli *wink* *wink* and a manipulative mc well its prospects are looking bright. is it r18? and i just sincerely hope it isn't one of those tease series.

    anyways look forward to this.

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