Forsaken Hero — Story 4-12


I just realized how badly I interpreted 【夢現のラビリンス】. So, umm.. sorry for that. It’s closer to “Trance Labyrinth” or something along those lines.

Also, I somehow changed my translation of it between Volume 2 and Volume 3… while having the arc titled with what I use in Volume 3. Dunno how that happened. I’m going to fix it now.

Also also, Fuuko’s ability『世界検索』: [World Retrieval] -> [Global Search]. This was referred to as [Grand Library] by the author at the start of the story if I recall correctly, but was changed later on for some reason. [Global Search] is muuuuuuuuch better than [World Retrieval]. Not sure why I didn’t go with that from the get-go.

Hope you enjoy the chapter!

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