Finals ~Complete~


Winter break…! Here I come…!


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Working on the next Dragon’s Bloodline right now, but it’s pretty big (~50% longer than average) and will definitely be out… tomorrow!


Random link of the C++ group project source code for anyone interested. First semester in C++ so don’t expect anything profound. Most of it was done by me… if something looks brute forced, very likely added by the other 5 people? Lol.


Does anyone know a good way to delete ‘pointer to array of pointers’?

Like —

int main() {
____int** thing;

____thing = new int*[10];

____for (int x = 0; x < 10; x++) {
________thing[x] = new int(x);
________delete thing[x];

____delete [] thing;
____return 0;

I used one to create an array of a objects with inputs requested from user for my C++ final, but it all just seemed clunky to ‘delete’ the ‘new’s… I dunno.  The above is a really shortened example, but hopefully my point gets across…?

Planning on learning everything I’ll need for my Data Structures class next semester before it starts to have an easier time. Hoping I could leech from you guys every so often for things I can’t find that easily on Google…? *shrug*

On the subject about “Next Semester”… egh. No, better to wait for the Schedule post for that.


Have a good night everyone!

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