Final project thing

I wouldn’t be Ziru if I didn’t push back things on the schedule…



… right?


Well, final project for my C++ class is taking longer than expected. Due to that, along with skewed waking hours from ‘sick’-ness coming back and subsequently going to the doctor, I haven’t started on the chapter yet. Will try and finish it before I get to bed but I have to finish this first.

Will still finish all three chapters this week though.

(~’.’)~ Have a good night, this post will self-destruct when I post the chapter I don’t like deleting posts…



Finished my part of the final project but couldn’t finish the chapter as well. I’ll do it after waking up, sorry. Again, have a good night everyone. ^^

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      1. i must say that that is a bit(lot) more complicated compared to mine was. and mine was 5 – 6 years ago. although i understand it, im afraid i cant give any comment.

        but i remember 1 of the way to score more is to provide a lot of comment(explanation on what the line or section is for) in your code so as to make it easier for the examiner to understand it. it’s just good practice and examiner usually looks for it & appreciate it. but make sure it dont get too cluttered. (im sure you already know this, but just in case)

          1. cant help you with that. just check the code as if it is running (need to see the flow how things moves). make sure those comment you put are not messing with the code. the usual mistake during my time was always typo, misdirecting input from function to another function, using wrong containers n comment messing with the code.

            1. Found the problem a bit after that, I was passing a copy of the Client class instead of a reference to it… yeah. Oops!

  1. Join the C# league my friend, its easier to handle than C++ and its OOP like others… Just downlaod VS2012 Express or other xD… Also good luck, I have my own final proyect in C# myself xD

    1. Forgot to say… Also learn how to use the Git platform for an easier life with version control and stuff… (Git+Atom+ConsoleEmu = Yay)

        1. But then why C++? Why not learn something like Ruby, Go, Python or whatever other /not a completely obsolete language which its updated version you already know?/ For me its like knowing html5 perfectly but you use html4 x.x (I mean, why not?)

            1. I was afraid of the answer <.<… Welp, its out of my saying whatever the (dumb) regulations in college happends, but a tip I know of, is to "learn a language you want to program in, master it as if you were breathing it, so you become peerless in comparison to anyone else" and "know if you will do back-end or front-end, and specialize in it"… (Tips from my seniors already on trade)

                1. I just know that C++ is incredibly low-level and can be one of the most efficient things to program in for efficiency.

                  Good for simulations and things of that nature.

      1. don’t worry ziru-sama
        we shall burn this heretic!


        1. Got complaints from another coder in the group and had to restructure part of the program. Go figure~

          Halfway done with LDM, it’ll be out in a bit over an hour at this rate~ ^^

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