Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 9

Golden Horse


Ria liked cats.
She liked their freedom. And yet, sometimes their capricious behavior of behaving like a spoiled child was intolerable.
However, she was never able to have one when she lived in the royal palace. Occasionally, she stroked the ones that the other nobles kept.

In her previous life, she tamed wild cats by feeding them.

In the corner of her garden there was a cat’s path, so she put food there.

She had a long lasting association with that cat, and wondered what happened to it.
Because it was a stray cat, she thought it lived healthily.



After cats, Ria liked horses.

Although she learned horse riding as a hobby, she had learned it a little in an old-style school. Above all, she enjoyed taking care of them.
For several years when she was young, she had worked in a ranch in Hokkaido. It’s not like the four beautiful farm sisters dazzled his eyes.

“I also want a horse!”
On the seventh day after departing from the royal capital, Ria shouted.



“You want a horse…”
Lulu, on the back of the donkey, was amazed and muttered.
“You run faster than if you were on a horse.”
That was correct. By stacking body enhancement Skills and enhancement magic, Ria could travel at a speed of one hundred kilometers per hour for half a day.
Even so that was just from what she had experienced so far, she hadn’t investigated to find the limit.
“If you would like, you could ride my horse…”
“Isn’t Johnny Cal’s horse? I want my own horse. One that I could brush and comb its mane.”
Although many leave the care of the horse to their attendants, daily brushing was the knight’s role. If you didn’t communicate with it like that, the horse would not follow you as a living creature.
“Ria, are you a spoiled child?”
When the three decided to travel together, what to call Ria became a problem.
In the end Lulu continued to call her Ria, while Carlos decided to call her Ojou.
“Well, I don’t mind if you buy a horse, but there are only farming horses around this area at best. Though if we go to the national border there ought to be a horse market.”
Making the knight Carlos a comrade was the right call. He has everyday knowledge. Based on that, I wonder if I should have traveled with Reyas?
“The border? That will take ten days.”
“No, it takes double that. The roads are different than from the map.”
They were words from a man who had taken the route, but Ria is an exception.
“Going by Lulu’s donkey’s pace it is. If I go by myself, I could get there in a day.”
“That’s unreasonable.”
“No, it’s true. At the age of ten, Ria ran a two day journey carrying me on her back in half a day.”
“Are you truly human, Ojou…”
(No, I’m a dragonkin.)



Traveling was enjoyable.
The public peace was good in Casalia, with thieves and the like appearing only very seldom, and the habitats of dangerous animals and demons limited.
Carlos was unexpectedly the topic of conversations many times. He’s a common talented man. Although born more or less a noble, he was the second son of a Viscount. Struggling to learn military arts, he joined the knights.

In Lulu’s case, she lived as a shut-in into adulthood in a mountain village. Rufus left the capital to associate with them numerous times, but this was generally known in the court.

The heroic tale of Ria’s case of standing alone was too late to stop now. The goblin village genocide, the destruction of the orc army, the rumors were all exaggerated.
Say what you like, but calling the country’s princess [Ria-chan, the Merciless] coming into popularity was a bit much.

“One of the rumors was [Even when stepped on, the dragon didn’t break], huh.”
“Yeah, that’s right. When I fought the horde of Earth Dragons, I blundered a bit. As you’d expect getting stepped into the ground hurt.”
“My favorite sword broke, too~”, Ria continued with a laugh. The other two had cramped smiling faces.



Crossing the river and national border, in the basin of gentle-sloping mountains that spread out, there was a village made up of countless tents.
The two girls that had left their country for the first time let out a voice of admiration. Compared to Carlos, who had come here before with the knights.

“In addition to Cordova and our country, merchants from several other small countries have gathered here. Various things other than horses are traded as well.”
“Alright! I’ll go ahead then. You can follow slowly later!”
Ria said so while sliding down the steep cliff. Compared to Lulu and Ria, Carlos had no way of riding his mount down the steep cliff.
In the end he followed Lulu’s easygoing route, but his gaze was directed to Lulu’s ears.



According to Carlos, the street vendors primarily sold various goods.
From daily necessities like food, to art, to weapons that involuntarily attracted Ria’s attention.
The main weapons sold were things like swords as spears, but there was something that wasn’t sold.
Held in her hand, it was a dark device in this world, they were called shuriken in her previous world.
(The balance is bad though, huh. It’s no good if it isn’t properly forged after all?)
The art of using shuriken was one of the ancient Japanese martial arts.

Taking a detour, she left the edge of the village.
There were hundreds of horses, with each crowd making a group.
The horses were from a nearby small village, and brought here to be sold. There was a tremendous smell due to the large amount of animals.

From small ponies to farming horses, various types were sold.
Of course Ria wanted a warhorse, but at the same time it also has to have the stamina to endure the journey. There were no horses like the Thoroughbred from her previous world.
“Ojou-chan, if you want to purchase a horse your first one should be a pony.”
Though there was a horse dealer that said that, that isn’t what she needed now.
“How about this white one? It’s perfect for Ojou-chan.”
She wouldn’t decide on it just from outward appearance.
“I want one about two to three years old, with completed training.”
“If that’s so then over here~”
Understanding that she had a discerning eye, the man took her to a corner. There were about twenty horses, all colts.

Ria stealthily used the magic Identify here.
She looked for one with sturdy endurance, and above all a clever one. Each one was looked at carefully.
There was a horse with a bent leg. It was thin as well. However, what Ria saw was the horse’s eyes.

Then she found it. A horse with clear and resolute eyes.

It’s fur was fawn colored. It’s shape was short and stout so it had good balance, but it’s appearance wasn’t noteworthy.
“That one is pretty good. It’s not fast but can run a long distance and is docile, perfect for a girl. It’s finished its training too; it’s patient and clever. However, it’s fond of cleanliness. If you don’t wash the feed bucket thoroughly, it won’t eat the fodder.”
Even saying it’s weak points, the man was probably an upright merchant. Thinking that consent needs confidence first.
“Two years old?”
“Yeah. The price is a little high, seven gold coins.”
Ria decided to purchase it without negotiating with him. However, she had to confirm something before buying it.
“You, can I ride you?”
Ria met eyes with the horse. After a while, the horse nodded slowly.
“I’ll buy him. I also request a complete harness set.”

And so, until Lulu and Carlos caught up, Ria decided to go horse riding.



“Hmm, this guy was seven gold coins? Well, it does seem to be strong…”
Carlos’ voice was stingy. When viewed by the eyes of a knight, this horse would appear to be very mediocre. Even if you take into consideration it being two years old, it’s physique wasn’t that good.
However, Lulu understood. After all, she can also use the magic Identify.
“Double the average vitality… three times the endurance, and twice the stamina. In addition the muscle strength is also quite considerable, and mental resistance is beyond the average human.”
“Huh!? Is this even a horse!?”
Ria was harnessing the horse while singing and humming. Her mood was even better than when compared to maintaining her favorite sword.
“The qualities of a better horse than even Reyas-sama’s. Or rather, it’s wisdom is higher than a human… it’s two years old?”
“Ehh~!? I-it’s even smarter than me!?”
Although Carlos-kun isn’t stupid, he isn’t wise. At least in ability value.
“It’s even higher than me. Only a little lower than the princess.”
“Ehh~~~!!! The princess’ wisdom is that high!? You’re kidding!?”
Although Ria’s gaze became cold at his surprised reaction, the horse neighed and her mood recovered.
“Ria has high wisdom. However… this was also true for Master Rufus, but just because of higher wisdom, that doesn’t mean it is clever in daily life.”
In a very restrained manner, Lulu criticized her teacher.
“I’m aware that I’m a fool. A human that understands that they are a fool is more wise than an unskilled human who thinks they are wise.”
It’s called [Wisdom of one’s own ignorance].
“You are wise… Because you are too wise and don’t know your limits, it’s troubling…”
Lulu muttered with a tone of resignation.

“Oh, well, at any rate it’s nice to meet you. This guy is Johnny, my favorite horse. Err.. Ojou, have you named this colt?”
Ria, who had been stroking its mane, stopped and thought for a moment.
“Orpheus… was kind of stupid… Rudolf also had a temper problem… Brian was timid…”
Ria muttered as she gradually recollected, going through memories of her previous life. After long, she arrived at a name that had a meaning unknown to humans of this world.
“I decided! Your name is Matsukaze!”

This was the birth of the famous horse, Matsukaze.


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