Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 6

Battle Preparation


Ryuke Riana Crystal Casalia, thirteen years old.
To her who’s called the most beautiful girl in the country, a turning point came.

“Soon, I can’t not think of your marriage partner…”
The moment her father said that at the breakfast table, Ria crushed the fork that was in her hand.
Although a maid in the background had a cramped expression on, Ria opened her mouth with an expressionless face.
“Father, I think that I’ve said it before but…”
At first she called him father, but what she calls him now changed from being associated with knight training.
“I. Like. Women.”
She declared it for the Nth time. She didn’t withhold that, even for these eight years.
Neyas was at his wits’ end.
“How did this happen…”
“It’s alright, it isn’t Father’s fault. I’ve been like this since I was born.”
She had a gentle tone, but the contents weren’t gentle at all.

There was a reason as to why the topic of Ria’s marriage came up in the first place.
It was Master Rufus’ death half a year prior.

Although Rufus died at the old age of 318 years, the impact his death had was large.
First of all, Casalia Kingdom’s strongest magic war potential was lost. Including his knowledge, it was a huge blow. As a counselor of generations of successful Casalia’s kings, Rufus’ contributions were great.

Several months after that, an epidemic struck the royal capital. Having extended as far as the royal court, Neyas was given a large amount of distress.
Since Rufus wasn’t there to ward off the disease, he had lost his first and second children.

Eight years after Ria entered the court, Neyas had another three children. Since each mother was different, it was natural for factions to form. Until then the legal wife had given birth to the eldest child, but then that fell through.
Although Ria being the eldest child now didn’t seem to be relevant because she didn’t have rights for the throne, there was no doubt that she was royalty. If they married Ria, their influence would improve in the court.

She’s been reborn as a woman for thirteen years. Although she had adapted towards being a woman since puberty, it was still impossible.



“I wonder if it’s time…”
Every day in the court was fun. Training together with the knights, getting lectured by Rufus, a bit of sexual harassing the maids, and rubbing the uncharacteristically large breasts of the half-elf Lulu.
It was truly fun.
Even gaining Poison Resistance from eating poisoned food, they were all now good memories.

“However, I have one regret.”
Ria went to the training grounds in her training outfit. On the way to the grounds inside the palace, she felt gazes on her.
“Ah, it’s Ria-sama.”
“Moreover, dressed like that…”
“Aa~hn, she’s beautiful today as well!”
Despite being called beautiful like that, it was a disgraceful reputation for a man. Not was she had envisioned.
Even if she closed her ears to the usual whispers between the surrounding court ladies, she didn’t have much more time.

Under the bright sunlight, the kingdom’s most elite knights exchanged blows with their swords. To be exact, it was time for one-on-one combat.
Ria moved straight to the half-elf that oversaw them.

“Reyas, how are you?”
The knight merely bowed lightly. He was training. It was the etiquette.
Casalia Kingdom’s knight vice-captain is a long-lived half-elf, and the strongest swordsman among the knights as well.

“Today, I think I’ll win.”
“I see, I’ll be your opponent.”
Reyas prepared his wooden sword and shield.



After exchanging blows dozens of times, Ria finally dropped her wooden sword.

Her breathing was rough. From both physical, as well as mental exhaustion. Though Reyas was also breathing heavily, it wasn’t as much as Ria.
“Ah~, I lost again.”
Ria sat down on the sand. Even together with the forty years of training from her previous life, it was natural that she wouldn’t win against the half-elf that had wielded a sword for more than a century.
“You’ve progressed significantly compared to last month. Perhaps with another year, you may win.”

Although it would be different if she used her enhancement Skills and Gifts, Reyas could do that as well.
It was beyond pure skill. As you would expect with Level 8 Swordplay. She could use skills like Mind’s Eye and Evasion, but without using body enhancement it didn’t look like she could win.
“So? Shall we have another bout?”
“Though that sounds good, I have things to do today.”
She turned away as she waved at the knights and departed for the Ministry of Magic.

She familiarly headed inside without a guide. In the librarian seat was Lulu sitting alone.
After Rufus died, her work time became free time. You could say it turned into an easy job. She herself didn’t seem to worry about it too much.
“Yo, Lulu.”
“Princess, please be quiet in the library.”
Ria quickly moved behind Lulu when she gave the warning in a low voice, gently massaging her breasts.
“Lulu, please be quiet in the library.”
She gently, gently massaged them, and after a while she was satisfied and released her.
Her beautiful white face had turned bright red.

“Then, what kind of business do you have today? Although this is free time, that doesn’t mean it isn’t work.”
“Yeah, there is something I want to request of you.”
She whispered close to Lulu’s long ear. An elf’s ears weren’t particularly erogenous.
Her sculptured beautiful face were dyed in colors of surprise.
“… Seriously?”
“Of course. I wouldn’t joke about something like this.”
Ria gave the affirmation while smiling. They’d known each other for three years, and thus knew each others’ dispositions.
“That’s right. I understand. However, in that case I have a condition.”
Ria didn’t expect the condition that Lulu had.



Ria went to her downtown home that day, having a long talk with Agatha.
In the evening she went to the public bathhouse, appreciating the various naked bodies of old and young women.
(Ah… women are good after all…)
Although she still couldn’t get rid of the uncomfortable feel of not having her ‘son’, being a woman still seemed to be a splendid thing.
Small budding breasts. Slender, elongated limbs. Curves from her round shoulders to her waist. This was something impossible for a man.

Ria returned to the royal castle as the day became completely dark.
Everyone was moving about quickly. Another day had come to an end. Ever since her birth, she had spent most of her time here. She was attached to it.

However, her uncontrollable urge had been inflated.

She wanted to leave the town, and leave the country.

She wanted to see the world, meeting every strong person.

Her blood boiled. It carried over from her previous life, she couldn’t help it.



Ria’s adventure starts now.


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