Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 5

Half-Elf, Acquired


Her name was changed.
Of the five royal families that drew their lineage from the imperial line, Ryuke’s was at the top of the list. The current king of Casalia, Neyas, is referred to as Ryuke Neyas on official occasions.



In Ria’s case, it became Ryuke Riana Crystal Casalia. Ever since the royal family’s Ryuke Riana, no one has founded a nation. The militant emperor Ryuke Riana from two thousand years ago was influential, so no one was named that.
If it weren’t for that that then name like Riana wouldn’t be unusual among civilians, in fact Agatha picked the name from a character in a story.

Ria was Neyas’ third child, the only girl. Not given much authority to inherit the crown. Although the her mother wasn’t a concubine, she was a commoner. She was also the only daughter. Perhaps he felt pity for not raising her with his own hands, so he decided to raise her and shower her with love.
According to story of why Agatha didn’t live in the inner palace, she rejected it. That was no way of life for her.
Although Rufus knew approximately how Ria’s parents fell in love, he wouldn’t say. He thought it was too early for that. Ria wasn’t particularly interested either.

Ryuke Riana Crystal Casalia, ten years old.
She woke early that day.

Although she habitually woke up early to finish her training before sunrise, with gifts like Sleep Reduction and High Speed Recovery, she woke up even earlier than usual.
She didn’t have a problem seeing in the room due to her Night Vision Gift. She quickly changed out of her nightclothes, putting on her training outfit.
To be exact, black trousers with a decorative skirt. A black tunic and black armor. She had a fondness for black, since the blood wouldn’t stand out on that color.

She combed her hair in front of the huge full-length mirror.
“Yeah, cute today as well.”

Wearing the knife and wooden sword from the corner of the closet on her waist, she put on a sand-colored cloak and finished her preparations.
She opened the window and jumped down from the fifth floor.
Dashing across the garden, when she was near the five meter tall inner palace wall she jumped over it without assistance.
She was aiming at twenty meter tall walls. As expected, she couldn’t go over them in one go. She simply relied on handholds on the way up, jumping nimbly.
Though there was surveillance and magic barriers, she broke through them by force. Unspeakably fast. There was no use arguing about her magic power either. Her father, the king, had already given up trying to forcibly stop her.
She jumped after a run, magnificently clearing the twenty meter moat of water. Beyond the moat was the town of Anise.
The black gale running through the area was Ria. Her momentum probably gave birth to an urban legend that night.

Today, Ria had a goal.
To beat goblins to death.



In this world of swords and magic, demons exist. It’s strange that goblins and orcs were so famous on Earth, but it couldn’t be helped.
The goblins were a few days’ distance from the royal capital in a forest, they seemed to thrive there, according to what people said in Agatha’s shop. Although goblins were small fries in stories, they were a bit dangerous in this world.
In order to discard her murder virginity in this world, Ria decided to exterminate the goblins.

By the way, according to legend there was a small group of virtuous goblins somewhere in the mountains.



Anyhow, Ria ran through the town. Easily jumping over the giant city walls built that opposed her, she left Anise.

From then on she used all her strength. Using skills and magic to strengthen her body, she exceeded human limits.
Passing through the agricultural region on the outskirts of Anise, she followed the comparatively safe road into the forest. Before long the morning sun had completely risen and she had walked to the road that exited the tall mountain range’s undulations.
There was a collapsed person on the side of the road.

Sand colored clothes, probably due to dirt. With a short height and sack on their back, it was a woman with long and fair hair. She had a walking stick in her hand.
“Hello~oo, are you alive~?”
No response. Seems like a normal corpse.
“… Stomach… empty…”
Nope, it was alive.
Since I couldn’t abandon her, for the time being I helped her up. Then, from between the gaps in her blonde hair, characteristic long ears appeared.
It’s an Elf. A forest race of excellent appearance. There was one in the royal capital as well, but it was just a male elf. Seeing a female Elf for the first time, they were as beautiful as I heard from the stories.



“Eat and chew it well~”
Once she was offered the rations after being softened by water, she started eating at a ferocious pace. It seems that she had eaten nothing but flower nectar for five days.
Although she had brought enough food, she lost her way after taking a shortcut through the forest.
Don’t get lost in the forest, forest fairy.

“No, I’m a half-elf.”
The half-elf introduced herself as Lulu, briefly giving her life story.

The elves mainly live in the forest, but many of their young have their eyes impetuously set on the outside world. Lulu’s father was also one of them, meeting Lulu’s mother during his adventure. When it was over, Lulu was born.
On the way to tell her maternal grandfather that she had been born, the village was attacked by demons. When parents fought to defend the village, her father perished. Her mother had also been injured, and died soon after returning to her hometown. Lulu was raised by her magician grandfather.
Her grandfather was an ordinary magician, earning a living in the village by producing magic medicine. The other day her grandfather had also died, and Lulu with the youthful characteristic of yearning for cities, set her sight towards the royal capital.

“Do you have somewhere to stay in the royal capital?”
“No, but I can make money from street healing. Since I fortunately know some magic.”
“A street healer huh? If that’s it, I think that you would do better as an assistant in the temple.”
“No, since elves are atheists.”
That’s elf-ish.

“Street healers have… territories at the best of times, moreover for someone as beautiful as you, wouldn’t it be a bit dangerous?”
Since she seemed a bit naive, with this elf’s beautiful characteristics, she would probably be kidnapped.
“Cities are scary.”
“That’s right~. Even becoming a prostitute would be easy.”
“That’s absolutely disgusting.”
Well of course.

“Hmmm, though I although I can introduce you to a job I also can’t, an elf huh…”
“Though I’m just a half, I’d still be persecuted after all?”
“No, rather it’s more likely that you would be targeted by humans.”
If not for that, I would simply introduce her to mother’s shop.

“But well, I might know someone that would hire you.”
She recalled Rufus-jiichan saying something like “I want a beautiful assistant.” That they wouldn’t wither even past three hundred years old was amazing.

“Well then, shall we go? I’ll carry you.”
“No, I can manage to walk somehow.”
“Walking normally, it would take two days you know? Don’t worry about it, I can use enhancement magic.”
Then, with Lulu on her shoulders and with firm grip on her bottom, Ria broke into a run.
And yet even though she slowed down, the two arrived in Anise at dusk.



The goblin genocide would happen one week in the future.



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