Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 4

Called a Princess


“Hohoh, is this young one your child?”
Deep in the Ministry of Magic, in a room buried in books and documents, lived Master Rufus.

Bald head. Rich and white beard. A magician that stood at the apex of the Casalia Kingdom, he didn’t act self-importantly either. Three hundred and ten years old. A high ranking magician that has lived a long life.

“Long time no see.”
Agatha quickly bowed her head. Ria subsequently bowed as well.

“It’s fine to Identify this child?”
“Yeah, start from there.”

Rufus nodded and raised his cane, and for some reason struck a pose.
He exclaimed.



“… Hmm, I don’t know.”
“… Please do it seriously.”
Agatha sighed deeply, and Ria fell down.
“I am doing it seriously. Because I used the magic, her Read Resistance must be no less than level 8, she must have a Gift similar to that.”
“If it’s like that, does she have the Gift of Read Resistance?”
“That is a powerful Gift… and the millennium is approaching, perhaps…”
Rufus muttered seriously, and Agatha let out a somewhat trembling voice.
“No way, is this child a hero?”

A hero. They appear in history to fight the demon lord, an existence that exceeds common sense.
Or a mutation, or a person summoned from another world.
As for fighting the demon lord in the millennium, there has without exception always been one.

“She may perhaps be a hero. Even her magic power already exceeds yours.”
Apart from Identify, there is an ability to sense magic power. Though it isn’t quantified precisely, there are those who can see the various sizes of magic power, and Agatha also has this ability.
Ria didn’t have it yet.

“It isn’t different even when I use identification magic. What’s up with this?”
Hmmmm, Rufus groaned. Agatha timidly called out.
“Well, even though it’s a problem that Identify isn’t effective, there’s something else I want you to see.”
Opening the chest of Ria’s clothes, four scales were showing. Since Rufus wasn’t a pervert, he didn’t react to the chest of a little girl.
“These are… scales? But then… a dragonkin? No, all things considered…”
“Speaking of the famous dragonkin, the Empire’s Militant Emperor Ryuke Riana-sama, and Casaria’s founder Leyte Anaia were like that.”
Both were legendary figures, and both women.
“I heard that in Leyte Anaia-sama’s lineage a dragonkin is rarely born. This child…”
“Hmm. I never would have predicted something like this…”

For some reason the conversation advanced into things Ria didn’t know. Ria became bored and saw the spines of book lined up, and caught sight of one with an ominous title.
(I feel like I’ve heard of ‘Necronomicon’ somewhere…)
She wanted to read it, but was convinced that she likely wouldn’t be allowed.
“As expected, we can do nothing but speak to His Majesty.”
“That’s right. Though I’m reluctant.”

For some reason the atmosphere was disturbing.



A few days after that passed peacefully.

Ria swung the wooden sword every morning, and took magic lessons from Agatha.
However, the contents changed a little. Until then her seriousness hadn’t come out. A bloodthirst to teach could be felt coming from her.
It was a familiar feeling. When looking at the mysteries of swordsmanship from her previous life, masters would emit that atmosphere without fail.

The things Agatha taught was magic for life. So far they were convenient, and in contrast with being valuable for living, they were also essential for fighting, to survive with magic.
Magic for emergency situations like body enhancement, continuous healing, paralysis resistance, toxin resistance, and underwater breathing.

In addition, Dragon’s Bloodline activated. The awakening gave a Gift of Body Strengthening, and additionally a Gift of Enhanced Vitality.
This world’s dragons were existences equivalent to Gods, but that one definitely appeared.



Half a month passed.

An omen could be continuously felt.
On an ordinary day, an extravagant dinner was prepared, and Agatha and Fei were clearly nervous. They were trying to avoid feeling it.
With that, it’s like saying there is something.

If they really did abandon me, though I could probably make a living, I’d likely cry.

“Mother, what is it?”
Even when feigning innocence to the best of my ability, Agatha smiled ambiguously.
“It’s nothing. Since we’re going out tomorrow, eat your fill.”
Ah, that’s it, now I’m convinced.

This is probably my ‘last meal’.

I probably won’t be abandoned. However, somewhere… I might be put into a place like a hero training facility.
If it continued as it had so far, that expectation wouldn’t be off the mark.

It was something close to her chest. Although there were memories from her previous life, it was still the body of a five year old. Her emotions were sensitive.
And yet she still ate quickly to satisfy her hunger, forcing it somewhere.

She was a gentle mother. Even if Ria enjoyed swinging her wooden sword, her mother would smile with an awkward face.
Fei was an existence like an older sister. If anything, Fei saw Ria’s troublesome nature more than Agatha.
Thinking that she would have to separate from those two…

(Even if I escaped, where would I go?)
She thought about it. Surely she wouldn’t be thrown into prison. What if they come to see me.

Making up her mind, she earnestly ate the meal. Regardless of what happened the next day, she wouldn’t be able to fight on an empty stomach.



On the morning of the next day, Ria was wearing her best set of clothes, and was shaking in the carriage together with Agatha.
Just when she thought they were heading to a facility in the suburbs, they were on the route to the same place as the other day, the one that headed to the royal castle.
However, where they exited the wagon was different.

“Oh, it’s good you came.”
The one who waited for us was the bald headed sage Rufus. The difference was that there were two knights at his sides.
“Her magic has increased since the other day.”
“Is that so? I didn’t notice since I’ve been with her every day.”
While conversing, they all entered the castle. The interior was decorated in white marble, with lavish amounts of luxurious ornaments.
She unintentionally raised her voice. Perhaps only Europe’s royal palace from her past life had something like this.
Though that was actively used, this extravagance was different.

Ria advanced to the interior with her mouth open, adults watching with a smile.
As they went up the staircase, they stepped into the newest part of the royal palace.



“You came.”
Courtiers lined in a row were… not there; rather, it was like a parlor, and a man was waiting there.
Rufus bowed, Agatha kneeled, and the knights stood at attention. Ria bowed for the time being.
“Be at ease. Long time no see, Agatha~.”
“Y-Your Majesty seems to be fine too.”
Your Majesty. Since she said ‘Your Majesty’ he’s probably the king.
Approximately thirty years old. With the blonde colored hair and blue eyes that were common in this country. He had a refined face.
“Then, you are Riana?”
“Nice to meet you, Your Majesty.”
She bowed slightly. She thought that if she acted graceful here, it would instead have the opposite effect.

“Oh, you’re a good child.”
Seeming certain of his judgement, the king smiled broadly. He was fawning.
“A lovely child. With features like her mother.”
The king was attired in high grade, simple white clothing, and leaned towards Ria.
“Five years old, huh. Then she’s the third. I wonder if her eyes look like mine?”
That part certainly didn’t look similar to Agatha’s.

The king’s face… was similar.
Going with the flow of the context.
“By some chance, Your Majesty, are you my father?”

The king nodded generously.
“That is correct, Riana. Your hardships until now are over.”



My troubles aren’t over, this means I’m a princess!



Ria stared in amazement, screaming in her mind.



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