Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 34

First of all!

Magician -> Mage. Magician sounded too tricksy! I’ll go through previous chapters later to make the change. Parts concerning metallurgy in general might get confusing. Sorry in advance.

Second of all!

End of the volume. Booyah~!


Enjoy the chapter!

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10 thoughts on “Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 34

      1. no sorry it seemed to have been a problem on my end, in the end i couldnt even look at any wordpress pages. all fixed now thanks

  1. Objection!!! Illusionists are the trickster ones, they do all with smoke and mirrors, we are proper practitioners, Mage is the archaic term for Magician. therefore both share the same archetype.

    Now that I’ve finished my rant, ignore this and carry on

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