Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 31

Fell asleep midway through the day so this turned out a bit late. Oops~

The author seems to use the format of <magic type>MAGIC for things like ‘space-time magic’ or ‘recovery magic’. For these, I keep ‘magic’ in the term for obvious reasons. However, there’s also the case of things like ‘Fireball’ or ‘Identify’ where the format is <magic name>のMAGIC.

I’ve been flat-out dropping the ‘magic’ from my translation due to it sounding awkward in English.

Are you guys alright with this? In some of the previous chapters I’ve kept it when they use Identify since they often alternate between talking about identifying something and using the magic Identify, but I’ve tried to remove it from the rest of the spells.


Well, either way — enjoy the chapter!

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P.S. I know it won’t matter to most of you, but I’m currently reformatting all of the Dragon’s Bloodline chapters I’ve posted to be the same as what I’m doing now.

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