Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 19

Second extra~ Woo!

So I finally figured out how I’ll have the difference between 悪魔 (akuma), 魔族 (mazoku) and モンスター be. (Some time in the past few chapters the author stopped using Monster and started using Mamono for the same things, so I’ll have both be Monster)

Akuma -> Devil
Mazoku -> Demon
モンスター & Mamono -> Monster

About half of the references to “monster” thus far have actually been “mamono”. I was unsure of how to translate it as I didn’t want to imply something like a ‘hell’ in this world that may or may not have existed… Gah.

That will be fixed in previous chapters… later. *sweatdrop*

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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10 thoughts on “Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 19

      1. Which is why I waited till I had more context!

        Unfortunately, English is fairly poor at describing “demons” due to the language developing alongside a culture(religion) that shunned any ideas of differentiating between “evil things”.


  1. ummm btw how about explorers and adventurers things? ( “The population of Labyrinth City was approximately one hundred thousand. Half of them were explorers”. vol 15)
    i think “explorers” should be “adventurers”
    since the devil say “Explorers, you did well coming this far…” (/vol 19)

    1. Well, the two kanji used for explorer is “research – person”, while the standard for adventurer is boukensha… *shrug*

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