Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 18

Second guaranteed chapter of the week..

Late by 2 hours but WHATEVER! I’m still awake so it’s still last week!


Watched this on repeat while TLing the chapter.

For those interested in the song, it is: [Lamb. – GARNiDELiA]
For those interested in the character, she is: [Yakumo Ran]
Love the song. Kind’ve wish she wasn’t in a bikini though… too much skin has the opposite effect~

Well, enjoy the chapter!

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4 thoughts on “Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 18

  1. boobs distracted me from the chapter, only other decent thing is i understood the whole song and since it was a bit catchy i might end up singing it and then my friends irl will look at me like im crazy~ yey~

  2. No no. This is where you say on the calender you use the week starts on Monday.
    You need to worl on your excuses some more 😉

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