Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 12

Ogre Village


Labyrinth City Shashmeer. Located in the northwest part of the continent, it went by the name of its attached labyrinth. In fact, you could say that the city developed from the labyrinth.
It was discovered around a thousand years ago. Furthermore in the northwest, although this dark labyrinth was called the most brutal on the continent, there weren’t any cities or ruins that stood out in particular nearby. Nevertheless, a lot of people visited Shashmeer. Why?
It’s because of the characteristic that only Shashmeer’s Labyrinth has in the entire continent.
Definitely the immortal dungeon, it is also called the Trial Labyrinth. You cannot die in it.
A person that should have died would be teleported outside the dungeon.
Although there are various other features as well, this one factor gathered explorers who had no other example to study.

Surrounding an open air fire, it was night and the party was a few days from the city.
“What does Nee-chan want to do? Level up? Get treasure? Get a wish granted?”
Even Serge knew about it. For the person who reaches the last part of the labyrinth, among the vast riches you can obtain, it’s said that you can have a wish granted.
However, with Ria’s personality, she probably just wanted to fight strong people.
Even Lulu hasn’t said her purpose. She followed partly involuntarily. I’ll wait until she talks about it on her own.
“Well, all of that’s right… but as expected, it appears that you can have a wish granted.”
She wanted to become a man again. Or at least a method to do so. This was Ria’s wish ever since being born.
However, she couldn’t say it.

“Is there anything Ria wants to wish for? I’d rather put in the effort to become strong myself.”
Even to Lulu, who she’d known the longest, she hadn’t said it. Only to Agatha and Rufus had she asked if there was a magic to become a man.
“If it’s Ojou, she would probably want amazing weapons right?”
The katana collecting maniac Ria, every knight knew of her.
“It’s a secret. If it comes true, you’ll naturally find out. Besides, there seems to be wishes that can’t be granted.”
Despite it being safe to die in the labyrinth, there’s a legend of someone that didn’t revive from being dead.

“Since we’ll ask around when we get there, we’ll think about the capture in detail when we get to town. Until then… only up to a group of six people can enter huh? That’s a problem, since Serge joined us we have seven now.”
Everyone exchanged glances. Seeing their puzzled faces, Ria’s head tilted to the side.
Although Serge served as the one to ask, how to ask was the problem.
“Nee-chan, do you know how to count? There are just four people here you know? Four is lower than six you know?”
“You… what do you think I am? There’s no way we could leave the horses right?”
“Eh? What ‘eh’?”
Carlos served as the one to ask this time and answered.
“Ojou, horses aren’t usually taken into the labyrinth. You entrust them to an inn.”
To the person that stopped playing at Dragon Quest III, it was unexpected.



Quickly crossing the national borders after half a month, Ria felt just how secure of a country Casalia Kingdom is.
Of course, there were still thieves in the frontier, and demons were scattered about prowling the forests. They could easily be avoided though. However, when leaving Casalia, the amount of unpaved road increases and the danger of camping out also increased.
With the Sleep Reduction Gift, it was like Ria got the short end of the stick.
“Since there’s a big village tomorrow, get some rest.”
Serge knew detailed information about the geography around here.
“Though there’s no need for us to go there. It’s an ogre village.”
“Ogres huh? Sounds fun.”
Ria’s fighting instinct was stimulated.
After all, ogres were demi-humans that were once involved with demons. A long time ago they were called man-eating oni.
Making them surrender, as well as educating them of the human race’s culture, was Ria’s ancestor Leyte Anaia. That happened nearly one thousand years ago.
Ogres have been allies of Casalia since then, and in reality were preventing demons invading from the north.
Although they had warlike dispositions, their good point is that they’ve kept to the agreement.

“At any rate, there are a lot of demi-humans huh. Like dwarfs and halflings, don’t they account for more than half of the population?”
In the village that Serge lived in as well, there were some dwarf, beastman, and halfling families.
“It’s because there are a lot of forested and mountainous areas. There should also be an elf village too.”
“Then is Lulu’s father from this place too?”
“No, my father is from the Oomori Woods.”
The Oomori Woods refers to the vast forest to the northeast part of the continent, it’s said that there are elf villages deep within its interior.
“According to what I’ve been told, it seems that Grand Elder Corfus is my ancestor.”
“Wow, isn’t that one of the legendary great heroes?”
Serge became excited and shouted. Although it was a person from two thousand years ago, that’s probably just recently for an elf.
“If you’re talking about that, my ancestors include the Saint Emperor Ryuke Shifaka, the Militant Emperor Ryuke Riana, and Founder Leyte Anaia.”
In short, if you trace back one’s ancestry far enough, there’s bound to be some celebrities.
“Rather than a celebrity’s descendant, I think a person that can use space-time magic to be much more valuable. Since I didn’t have aptitude for it at all.”
“I’ll teach you. But in exchange Lulu has to teach me some things I want.”
“Oh! Lulu-san! If that’s how it is I want to teach you too! If it’s a knight, they have to know healing magic!”
For some reason, the elf lover competed against the child.



“Wow~, it’s so big~”
Ria easily let out a gentle voice.
As scheduled, the group arrived at the ogre village.

Even if it’s called a village, there’s about two thousand people living in it. And above all, it’s huge.
Not just that the village is big, but the buildings are. Big ogres walked the streets.
Their average heights exceeded two meters. Additionally, the female ogres had big boobs.
“I wonder if there’s public baths~”
Ria unconsciously muttered such a thing. Lulu understood what she was thinking about and sighed.
“First of all, we should find an inn. Is that place one?”
There was a building ahead of the party that seemed to be an inn combined with a dining area.
However, the door suddenly blew off, and an ogre with a large build rolled out.
“Oooh~, cool. The ogre country is a fighting country.”
Serge leisurely muttered from behind Ria. She jumped down from her horse and excitedly tried to get a better view.

Another ogre appeared from the inn’s broken entrance. It seemed to be a smaller ogre. Still, it was two heads taller than Ria.
The ogre that had been blown away stood up and pounced at the smaller one with a roar.
Then a brawl began.

Punch, kick. Punch, kick.
A simple slug fest, but the force was incredible. The surrounding spectators even let out irresponsible jeering.
No one moved to stop them, either. Even other ogres didn’t step in.

However, the fight didn’t last that long.
The smaller ogre quickly rotated, punching a dozen times and overwhelming the larger ogre.
(Looks like Mike Tyson.)
Although Ria was admiring the show, the fight was already almost complete.
The big ogre lost his fighting spirit and seemed to be about to collapse at any moment.
However, the smaller ogre wouldn’t let him. Thrusting at the ogre that was falling forward, he raised him up, not allowing him to fall.
“He~y, isn’t it fine already~”
Even though Ria reluctantly called out because no one stopped them, the smaller ogre didn’t stop.
The surrounding people had probably noticed it as well, but they didn’t try to stop them. They probably won’t stop them.

It can’t be helped, Ria thought.

If no one stops them, I have no choice but to, Ria thought.

With there really being no other choice but to stop them, with a delighted look, Ria stepped in to stop it.



The ogre’s fist was stopped by small hands.

The moment he tried to pull his fist back, at that instant an extreme amount of strength stopped him.

The ogre wore an expression of astonishment. He extended his other arm to separate Ria from him.
When he went to grasp her with his other hand his gripped hand was let go and he lost his balance, stumbling forward.
Gripping the opponent’s right hand with both of his, just like that he was thrown with all her strength in a one-armed shoulder throw.

A heavy noise sounded out as the ogre was thrown to the ground with a thud.
The person who was thrown didn’t understand what had happened. How was he uninjured after being thrown like that.
“Has your head cooled down?”
Although she asked gently, she didn’t relax her guard. There was a possibility that he would attack after losing his temper here.
Because she didn’t injure him at all.

However, the situation didn’t go how Ria thought it would.

The ogre jumped up and lowered his head, shouting in a comparatively high voice.
“Anego, please make me your disciple!” [TN: Non-blood related, respected sister-esque person.]

Gig the Ogre.
Currently, twelve years old.



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