Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 11

Two Reincarnated People


Ria talked with Serge in a low voice on Matsukaze’s back.
“I didn’t think that a reincarnated person would save me. Do you also have a Gift that blocks Identify?”
Serge smoothly exposed that he used Identify.
“Yeah. From what I heard even with a perfect Identify, they can’t see my status.”
When Ria lived in the imperial capital she knew of multiple reincarnated people, but avoided them.
That is, this life is her new life. If she were a slave to her previous life the way she’d think would be different, and more pragmatically there was no merit to be concerned about it.
The other reincarnated people only faintly recalled memories of their previous life. Although having knowledge of another world, for instance the scientific field, could gain someone considerable achievements, according to Rufus there would have to be a person with exact memories of it.

However, this boy seemed different.
“Even after reincarnating with great pain, without a Gift related to memories, it seems that you’ll forget most of it as a baby.”
“That’s news to me.”
He said it plainly. Memories would be broken at birth.
“What~? But Ria-san clearly remembers?”
“I don’t know if it’s a Gift related to memory, but I have various gifts including Dragon’s Bloodline. It’s probably because of that.”
“Dragon’s Bloodline? That Gift sounds kind’ve cool. How many points was it?”
“One thousand points.”
“It was one thousand points. By the way, similar ones were like Demigod and Egg of the Overlord… they cost about the same.” [TN: Egg is a Berserk reference.]
“Eeh-! Eeeeeh!? One thousand!? I had two hundred points that they said it was a considerable amount, just what did you do in your last life!? Mass murder!?”

The two who were following them had questioning faces on while looking at the boy shouting in a cryptic language.
“Lulu-san, what are they saying?”
“Since my specialty isn’t ancient languages, I…”
Lulu wasn’t able to distinguish Japanese from an ancient language.

“That’s bad to say about someone. The goddess definitely said that the strength of my soul was high, and gave me a lot of points for helping other people.”
“Eeeh~, still, the points were increased? As for me, by chance I stabbed a serial killer and we both died.”
In that case, it’s both amazing and terrible.
“Because of that I was able to get Gifts: one hundred for Magic Talent, fifty for Identify, thirty for Suited for Space-Time Magic, ten for Disease Resistance, ten for Poison Resistance, ten for Memory Sorting, five for Appearance, and after many questions it totaled up to two hundred twenty-two points.”
“Is Identify that needed? Couldn’t you learn it easily with magic?”
“Although the magic for Identify becomes ineffective if the other person has resistance to it, unless the person has Read Resistance my Identify will work. That aside, what else does Ria-san have?”
Serge asked excitedly. Ria responded a little embarrassed.
“Only Dragon’s Bloodline and Self Check. After that I raised ability scores.”
Serge’s mouth opened wide. With an amazed expression, signs of understanding appeared.
“By any chance, is Ria-san the type that doesn’t play games? Or read light novels?”
“I played up to Dragon Quest II. As for books… I liked the author Futaro Yamada.” [TN: Futaro Yamada, awarded for a prize by a magazine for writing mystery novels.]
For those aiming to fight in the way of the ninja’s practical strength and traditional martial arts, Ria would stand at the top.

After that the two reminisced about their previous lived. Surprisingly, Serge died at the youthful age of twenty.
Since he had an abundance of knowledge from gaming and the internet, it seems he challenged this reincarnation considerably different.
Rather than Gifts for close combat, he wanted the romantic Magic Talent.
Thinking about infant mortality rates, he picked up Poison Resistance and Disease Resistance.
“Identify and Item Box are indispensable skills according to novels with reincarnation. That’s why I picked up Identify first, and got Time-Space Magic to be able to make an Item Box.”
He did indeed know a lot about the subject. A huge difference when compared to Ria, who chose on instinct.
Compared to the fixed space in the magic bag that Ria and Lulu have, the limit of his Item Box depends on the amount of magic he has. Additionally, time doesn’t pass for the stored item. Considerably better performance.
“There are many stereotypical ones, like being able to get Skills after getting more points, taking away others’ Skills, or even producing weapons you can picture.”
“The ability to make weapons you imagine sounds good. Like a machine gun or nuke, or even sci-fi tech.”
“However, there are a lot of monsters that things at the level of a machine gun would be ineffective against, and there’s even a magic at the level of a nuclear missile.”
“Well, I preferred katanas in my past life. If I could make something from imagining it, I’ve carefully looked at Masamune and Muramasa.”
“Ria-san is a katana type hero? Well, even I yearn for Japanese swords too.”
“In my previous life, I once cut off an arm though.”
Serge put on a difficult expression. She understood how he felt.
“It’s ancient Japanese martial arts. I practiced the sword and decided to have a genuine duel. Because they didn’t want us to kill each other, the observer stopped us when my opponent lost an arm.”
“Speaking of taking someone’s life. How should I put it… even though were able to easily kill those orcs, you aren’t even twenty yet?”
“I’m thirteen. I killed a goblin for the first time at ten.”
Death was familiar in this world. In the first place, you have to prepare meat yourself, so the taboo of cruelty wasn’t equal here.
Still, people at the same age as Ria couldn’t compare with her killing calendar. She was able to treat goblins and orcs as pests, so there was no question about it.

Continuing that kind of a conversation, the group arrived at Serge’s village.



By the way, after being able to talk with Lulu for a long time, Carlos was happy.



The exchange was very simple.
An orc corpse was taken out in front of the village’s Mayor, and were buried by the villagers along the outskirts of town. They’ll be excellent fertilizer for years to come.
Although Serge was praised, his parents scolded him severely. It should be said that he tried to keep a calm expression on.
Anyway, Carlos met with a knight and came to know of it, so he negotiated with the parents.

Serge wanted to join the travelling party.

When the person himself asked, Ria accepted.
Though Lulu and Carlos were opposed at first, because they saw Serge’s magic they understood that he had war potential. Still, their reason for being apprehensive is that he was too young.
“Speaking of ten years old, I’d already attacked a goblin village.”
“Please don’t compare someone to you.”
But Ria insisted firmly. The millennium was looming in the background, approaching.
Due to the danger for mankind, people who seem like they could become war potentials they should be trained as much as possible.
Saying that our destination is the labyrinth city, the two were persuaded at last. If it’s there, it’s probably the best place to safely raise levels.

Negotiations with Serge’s parents promptly came to a close.
Carlos, an aristocrat of the Casalia Kingdom, wanted me to take him as an attendant. Additionally, Serge wanted that as well, and the village magician who had become his master supported the idea as well.
She had nothing to teach Serge anymore. With the old magician saying that, Serge attracted cheers from the children of the village.

The party left the village on the next day.



“Speaking of which, didn’t Nee-chan say she’s a Casalian aristocrat?”
“I didn’t say that. I’m royalty. Though my father is the king, my mother isn’t even a concubine, so I have no rights to the throne.”
“Oh… what a cheat…”

The donkey and horses’ backs swayed, and the party set their sights on the labyrinth city. Between them and their destination stretched a land where no humans lived.
Entering the domain of demi-humans and beastkin, they began to feel excited.



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