Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 10

Boy Magician


A girl’s laughter resounded in the hilly area. Following her was a swift horse clad in supple muscle.
“Hey hey, try to catch up.”
When she occasionally stopped, she would dodge under the tip of the horse’s nose.

“She’s seriously running a race against horse, that Ojou-san.”
“Without even using magic too.”

Despite being two years old, its running ability has already considerably bloomed.
Even so it still wasn’t able to catch up to Ria. How many hours have they been running together?

“Rather, that the horse could keep running is more incredible.”
“Is it really a horse? We didn’t make a mistake that it isn’t a unicorn with a broken horn?”
“Since unicorns seem to die if their horns break, I don’t think it is…”

When Ria played with Matsukaze, her mental age obviously seemed to fall.
“Ojou can also make that kind of face, huh.”
“Like when she was at Master Rufus’ house, or outside of the castle walls.”

The party crossed the hills at a steady pace, gradually going towards the main road where trees were dense.
According to the trader’s stories, the amount of demons streaming down from the north was multiplying. Normally they would go with a caravan, but at any rate they had Ria.
The pace they could go was faster, and judged that it wasn’t dangerous.

Going ahead of the rest, Ria and Matsukaze went side by side to the main path.
Having a wild sense of hearing, Matsukaze noticed something.
Matsukaze snorted roughly. After that, Ria also noticed.
From the path in the forest. Out of view, there were footsteps far ahead of them.
“Matsukaze, go back to those two.”
Saying so, Ria ran like a gale.



She saw the figure of a person far ahead of her on the path.
Running after a small kid, it was obviously a monster. It was an Orc-san that she would completely beat to death.

The kid fled from the orc by changing their pace in a juke, sometimes looking like they threw something over their shoulder.
(A magician?)
With their unusual movement’s speed, if that’s the case I could understand it. However, even though she was looking from afar, she understood from their facial expression that they were exhausted and didn’t have much time.

However, luck was on the kid’s side today.
“Do your best! Just a little more!”
Calling out, the kid seemed to notice her. The unusual speed continued, but now ran frantically in her direction.

Drawing the katana from her waist with her hand, she ran past the kid’s side.
The magnificently built orc held a club. He brandished it towards Ria.
However before he could swing it downward, Ria ran the katana through the orc’s flank.

It cut through the red muscle fibers, from there entering the orc’s organs. It didn’t die yet, but was unable to fight.

Ria faced the next orc. The movement of the orcs weren’t controlled at all, easy targets.
She cut its legs before it attacked. After that, its neck was also cut.
Neither should have been fatal wounds. At any rate they should have lost the ability to chase after the kid.

Ten or more orcs were made powerless by each stroke of her sword. The only one left in the end was an orc with a slightly bigger physique.

An individual named High Orc or Orc Leader. Even if this orc had better abilities than the usual orc, Ria didn’t change her relaxed posture.

“A ton of grease sticks to this orc, I don’t like this one.”
Looking at her blade, she averted her gaze from the orc. Having combat intuition, the orc judged it as an opening.
However, it didn’t have enough experience to understand it was just a temptation.

Although the orc quickly swung its club, there was no feedback. Ria only moved back a few millimeters, silently piercing through the orc’s neck with her katana.
Even if orcs had high vitality, they couldn’t live with their nerves severed.
To the orcs laying and groaning on the ground, she had the easy job of granting them swift deaths.



“T, thank you Nee-chan.”
The kid that was still breathing heavily called out. About ten years old. His looks were well-ordered and intelligent.
“Oh, it’s good you’re safe. Other than that…”
Ria looked ahead, from where the kid came from, ten or more fallen orcs had received fatal attacks.
“Those aren’t from a weapon. You’re a magician?”
That obviously fast pace was almost definitely granted by magic.
“Yeah. Because orcs began to build their nest near the village, I tried to get rid of them. However, I was a bit optimistic.”
The kid stared at her fixedly. Even though the kid was lovely, the look in their eyes was different.
“Is Nee-chan also… a magician?”
If Ria were also a magician, they’d be able to sense her magic power. However, other than body enhancements from before she reached the battlefield, she didn’t use magic at all.
Fighting in hand-to-hand combat in a battle was one of Ria’s bad habits.
“A magic swordsman. Though I say that, I use a katana.”
Wiping the grease from the blade until it was clean, she confirmed the blade wasn’t broken off.
“Be that as it may you still fought them. To fight so many orcs at that age.”

While they talked, Lulu and Carlos finally arrived leading Matsukaze.
“Wow~. Ojou, even if your opponent is an orc, could you please fight a bit more carefully.”
“It couldn’t be helped. Since I was helping someone.”
“You are Nee-chan’s comrades? She saved me. I’m Serge. I live in the village nearby.”
“I’m Ria. That is Carlos, and the one holding the wand is Lulu.”
Seeing Lulu after she took off her hood, Serge let out a cheer.
“Elf! Amazing! I saw one for the first time! Yay~, fantasy~!”
He’s surprised to that extent? Ria gazed at the traces of battle while smiling bitterly.
“However, it’s troublesome to clean this place up. Should I char it with fire magic and scatter it in the forest?”
“Oh, it’s fine. Leave it to me.”
Saying so, Serge muttered and put his hand on an orc’s dead body.

After a moment, the corpse completely vanished.
Ria unintentionally let out a voice. But Lulu’s surprise didn’t stop there.
“N, no way, space-time magic!?”
The highest difficulty magic, a boy in the countryside used it. It was unbelievable for Lulu.
With a boastful face, Serge took care of the corpses. All in all it only took a few minutes.
“I buried then in a corner of the village to become fertilizer. Nee-chan, could you give me a lift to the village? Since I used acceleration magic a bit too much, my magic power is exhausted.”
Serge asked Ria as Lulu muttered to herself, “How could space-time magic…”
“Yeah, that’s fine. Matsukaze, give this kid a ride.”
Matsukaze nodded with a whinny.
However, it was Serge’s turn to have a startled face.
“Yeah, that’s this kid’s name. How is it, a good horse yeah?”

However, Serge’s eyes opened wide, lips trembling with excitement.

[Possibly, are you a reincarnated person?]
Those words spun from his lips.
It was obviously in Japanese.



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