Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 2

Mother is a Witch


Riana Crystal. Nicknamed Ria. That’s her name in this world.

That’s right, her.
A man that did nothing but temper his skills and ignore man-woman relationships for more than forty years, was reborn as an indescribably adorable little girl.

(I definitely… didn’t hear anything about what happens to gender… Perhaps it was determined by the Gift…)
Even when told I was dead, and when I was told to reincarnate into an alternate world I wasn’t disturbed, I gave up when I was reborn as a woman.
After all, the son that accompanied me for many years is gone…
I was depressed after noticing. Sleep eat poop, and become depressed again.

Even throughout history, there were few renowned female warriors.
Is Tomoe Gozen of the Genpei War famous in Japan? [TN: A 12th century female samurai known for bravery and strength, fought in and thought to have survived the Genpei War.]

Since this world was referred to as one of swords and magic, there’s probably many fights in the world.
So with the physical handicap females have, it might be difficult to walk down the warrior’s road.

Apart from that… I need to organize what is going on.

First of all, my mother’s name is Agatha. Her occupation is a Magic Shop owner.
Black hair and dark eyes. They look the same as Ria’s. Though it may be because her daughter is looking at her in a favorable light, she was worthy of being called a beauty.
The shop, that was a part of the house, mainly sells Magical Medicine. Other than that it also provides medical treatment and fortune-telling by way of magic.
Judging by the conversations the customers have, she seems quite skilled.

I don’t have a father. It seems she is single mother.
It was never brought up as a topic.

There is another person lodging here.
Her name is Fei. A girl in her teens. Her hair color is one that wasn’t on Earth, blue.
She’s an apprentice and an employee of Agatha’s shop, also helping to take care of Ria.

Because Ria slept in that room, she only knew that much information.
For the time being she slept, drank her mother’s milk, excreted, cried, sometimes washed with hot water, and the days passed.
Even if you have memories from a previous life, nothing could be done in a baby’s body. To begin with, the desire to sleep was strong, and most of the time is spent sleeping.

The turning point came half a year after being born.

“Well, this is interesting.”
Placing a finger to her lips, Agatha was gazing at Ria. They were at the counter of the shop.
“What’s wrong, manager?”
Fei asked while cleaning a shelf. When she called Agatha, she usually referred to her as manager.
“Even using identification magic on her, I can’t see her Status.”
“Oh, by some chance, you have that Gift don’t you?”
Although that Gift is rare, Fei had it as well. Though I believe that in front of Agatha’s Gift, it isn’t as good.
Because other people can’t see her abilities, wouldn’t it be very helpful for certain situations?

For Ria, on the other hand, hearing about this made her troubled at her thoughtlessness.
From birth until now, she had never once checked her abilities.

(For Self Check… do I only have to think about it?)
A transparent screen floated in front of me. It showed abilities, skills, and blessings. The blessings were probably because of the Gift.

[Dragon’s Bloodline] [Self Check], that’s good. Although those are good…

[Divine Protection of the Goddess]
[Divine Protection of the War God]

(What’s going on?)
There should have been only two selected Gifts. However, it’s obvious that these two, I don’t remember being written there.

(Divine Protection of the Goddess… when did I get that? And it also says Divine Protection of the War God…)
That’s impossible, there was indeed a Goddess there, but this implies that a God of War was there as well.
While thinking about that, Ria focused on the Divine Protection of the Goddess.

[Divine Protection of the Goddess]
Slight increase to defense. Slight increase to intelligence.

Thinking about the conversation with the goddess, she seemed to hold some goodwill towards me.
Though I don’t know how much effect it will have, I am thankful.
(The problem is this other one…)

[Divine Protection of the War God]
Raises the morale of warriors under your command.
Greatly increases the abilities of soldiers under your command.
Will not be hit by stray arrows and stray bullets.
Bird’s-eye view of battlefield situations.
Advantageous weather towards your army.
Ally’s morale will not deteriorate from disadvantageous situations. Etc.

(What is this?)
In effect it’s like telling me to go to war. Furthermore, in a position of command.

“Even so, isn’t her magic power high?”
Agatha and Fei’s conversation continued.
“It is. It’s already about the same as mine, and is stable without rampaging as well. I guess these are the makings of a genius.”

The two had that kind of a conversation. By the way, in [Dragon’s Bloodline] there seems to be something named [Read Resistance], which apparently prevents Identify.

“The millennium will be ending again soon… that demon’s revival should also be close.”
Agatha muttered something disturbing, then raised her head and declared.

“I’ve decided! I’ll make this child an elite magician, and she’ll be a hero’s comrade!”



Why did this happen?



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