Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 1

I Became Like This After Reincarnating


Why did this happen?

No, really, why did this happen?



There was white-colored room.
The ceiling was also white, same with the floors and the walls; is this place a gym? There was someone else there with me.
She was beautiful and wore an Indian sari, with a bindi on her forehead. You could say that her beauty was peerless.
“Eeeh~, you have my condolences. You died.”

She said so in a pitiful manner.

There was a great disastrous incident.
I saved a lot of people, but was exhausted in the end.
“Honestly, the strength of your tempered soul is magnificent. For saving so many other humans in those circumstances, you will receive a considerably large reward for your next life.”

She said something about reincarnation. Come to think of it, who is she… no way, a god?
“No, I am the General Administrator. If you were to say it using Japanese values, I’d probably merely be an unimportant piece among the myriad of gods.”
Returning to her story, she spoke.
“Please reincarnate into an alternate world.”
I was surprised.

With a face of regret, she explained why I couldn’t return to Earth.
“The amount of humans now on Earth has increased too much, a strong soul like yours is needed to reincarnate. Moreover, to wash away memories from the soul, a large amount of strength is necessary.
She continued speaking without overlooking anything.
“Yes, if you reincarnate into the alternate world in this way, to a certain extent you’ll be able to keep your memories when you are reborn. That sort of thing isn’t too unusual though, since up to now every person there has been reincarnated from Earth.”
I see. In that case, what kind of world would I reincarnate into?
“I can’t speak in detail, but it is a world of swords and magic.”


My heart was roused. Memories were recalled.
Just about my entire life was used to polish my skills.
Swinging a bamboo sword, swinging a wooden sword, growing stronger and swinging a katana, gruesomely training with a lance. Dancing with a knife.
I accomplished two things in life. Both were struggles of life and death, fulfilling the time I had.

And so, that is how I lived. Polishing the art of killing, though ironically saving many lives in the end.

If the world was at war, this time I would likely deprive others of their lives.
Although I’m a little worried about magic, everyone has it after reincarnating.
“There seems to be no objections? Then, please accept this reward.”

In that world, there appears to be things called Gifts and Skills.
As the names suggest, Gifts are things you were naturally born with, while Skills are acquired.
For instance, the former could be described as something like a predisposition to build muscle easier, or endurance against disease and toxins, or on top of that there seems to even be eternal youth.
The latter is more simple. Swordsman Skills and Magic Skills, among others. Though there’s nothing that could be done but to put in great effort from birth, since I am keeping my memories after reincarnating, I’ll start with an advantage.
“Your reward is to have one thousand and twelve points. Well then, please choose.”

A semi-transparent screen appeared in front of me. There were various items that seemed to be Gifts on it, with a number next to it. Those were probably the necessary points to select them.
Body enhancement, magic enhancement. Furthermore, there were levels next to these. The grade of strengthening, I guess. Because I have one thousand and twelve points, correspondingly, if I were to enhance my body to the maximum for example, not even one percent would be expended.
The screen scrolled just by thinking about it. While scrolling, there was eternal youth and disease immunity. Even so, they would use half of my points to learn. I ignored natural sword talent and the like as I already had them. In a world of wars, mere sword skills would not be anything important.

And then I saw entries that required one thousand points. My mouth fell open.

Demi-god. Immortal. Revolution. Angelic Wings. Born Ruler. The reward was the one thousand points to acquire these.
However, because the ability to acquire it depended on the quality of the soul and mine was a reward, I didn’t feel worthy.

“After tempering yourself in life, this is a benefit for reincarnating into an alternate world, as well as for saving so many people before you died. Your Gift points are exceptional.”
It seems that around fifty points were the max for most people. Although I wondered why I received so many as a bonus, she didn’t say anything. Well, I picked something that I could have normally gotten.

And then another, a Gift that required one thousand points, it was–
[Dragon’s Bloodline]
“Born with the inheritance of the dragon’s bloodline. It gives physical strength, a colossal boost to magic power, and various other merits in addition to those. Like merging multiple Gifts together.”
Reasonably, she began explaining. This Gift didn’t immediately appear at birth, but rather manifested itself as the process passed. In the end the Gift would have the same effect as a thoroughly studied skill.
For the time being, the Gift that I would acquire was decided.

“Is that one fine? A lot of Gifts can be taken with a small amount of points, I think there are others that would be more suitable to you.”
I heard that Japanese people were reincarnating there recently, so I have to be even more deliberate. Sometimes a person has to take a gamble even if they don’t finish, those in positions of power would seriously strike down people like that.

Something like that, however, may just be a hunch.

“Is that so? Then, I will specially advise you for your remaining twelve points.”
She laughed, smiling. She didn’t seem to be a goddess, possessing a smile with such familiarity.
“Please use two points to raise both vitality and stamina by one each. Then use the other ten points on Self Check. Though you can acquire this by way of a Skill, having it from the beginning is convenient.”
She explained why it was convenient.
“The ability to completely perceive the abilities you have. How much strength have you gained? How much has your sword skill improved? How much stamina do you have remaining? If you understand this, then how much advantage would you hold in a fight? Though, in your case I believe you already understand this.”

That is correct, clearly understanding the results of your training is almost definitely an advantage.

“Well then, quietly receive your reincarnation. It’s unfortunate, but I’m unable to answer any further questions. This much so far has been part of your reward.”

Having this information, that is certainly how it is. While bowing my head, the room was shrouded in mist and vanished.
“I pray your hopes are realized in your next life.”
The goddess said this in the end.



“Since you were given divine protection, you should put in the effort.”



In the room that had no one else in it, another person–no, another god appeared unnoticed. With a face that held a beauty such that you would mistake it for a woman’s, even though his true character was the God of War.
“So you went that far. The reincarnation process ended quickly and you gave him a Gift.”
That’s right, when gods don’t take up someone’s time, it’s somewhat of a Divine Protection. Casting aside the lesser Gifts, it was a very large grace.
“However, what business do you have here?”
“What, that person did have another Divine Protection from his previous life after all. I was a little anxious.”
Another from before. Souls are normally bleached clean after their life is finished, then recycled. This extinguishes the wearing on it, rebirthing the soul anew, it’s that kind of long cycle.
“Which Divine Protection?”
“The Divine Protection of the God of War of course. It seems that is was used considerably effectively. Unfortunately however, he died early due to sickness.”
Normally speaking, this seemed to be a normal divine protection. This would doubtlessly be useful in the next world however. Because divine protection is carved into the soul, it wouldn’t disappear even when reincarnating.
“Huh? Then, with the protection of my Divine Protection, the Divine Protection of War, and adding that to the Gift…”
“Uh huh, he may become a monster of tremendous strength. His life seems to have suffered from misfortune, though even so it is interesting. That world will again greet its millennium.”
The male god laughed loudly, while the goddess knit her graceful eyebrows.
“For reference, what was that man’s name?”
Suddenly, the male god stopped laughed, stopping his movements at well.
“Hm? You’ve forgotten?”
“N-no, I am definitely the God of War, but I’m not one of those so-called muscle-brains! A subjugated Kumaso that also uses his head… right! There was a samurai among the Kumaso! Wait! I’m certain to recall if I use the looking glass!” [TN: Kumaso, a group of people that used to be in some part of Japan.]
“No, you don’t have to go that far if you don’t remember… I was simply curious.”
She sighed once at the soul that she had just sent off, since she gave him the Divine Protection of Intelligence.



With consciousness in a vacuum, there was only the desire to sleep and eat.

This continued and repeated… after some time passed and consciousness returned at last, memories began to resurface.
A past life. Talking with a god. Gradually thinking about these things, something felt out of place.
Sleep, eat, excrete. Nearly all babies do those three things, but the language was grasped exceptionally fast, was this experience from his previous life?

Something felt wrong.
And then, I was convinced.

“Okay Ria~, now to change your diaper~.”

(O-oooh! I am a womaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!)



Why did this happen?



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