Cheat Receptionist — Illustration (2)

Alright I’ll put off editing another illustration today and translate another chapter of Dragon’s Bloodline.

Just five more and the queue is cleared! 😀

I hope you all like the font used here, I will probably edit it into the previous illustration as well (for the name tags). It seems a lot more similar to the original! Feel free to click on the image for full size, the original can be found in the Guild’s Cheat Receptionist page at the top of the screen.

Hope everyone had a good day~!


35 thoughts on “Cheat Receptionist — Illustration (2)

  1. While I do want to read this, I really wish it wasn’t a male into female story. I just don’t like them ;-; Oh well I guess that’s a skip 🙁
    Btw Ziru, are you a pirate yoshi?

    1. Pirateyoshi was just one my old runescape accounts.

      Not a pirate in particular =p

      Yoshi is cool, though.

      Try and give this novel a chance, it seems fine from what I’ve read so far! Well, I don’t have any translated yet though. At least give the prologue a shot when I release it, it’s about the length of a single Lazy Dungeon Master chapter. The three chapters in the novel are about the length of 5-6 Forsaken Hero chapters though~?

      1. Rip godsword in new RS
        I heard sailing is coming in old school RS tho. Fucking GG no re come at me bro. I don’t even play anymore and I’m hype for sailing. My friend got so much money from runescape from flower gambling and arena gambling. Like. Enough for a car. Like. 50k+ total I think.
        The. Fuck.
        Anyways, I don’t know man, I’ll try it and probably barf a bit. But for you tho I’ll try it.
        Yoshi: SSBM-amsa, SSBB-No one, PM-Dont know, SSB4-Top Tier.

        1. I mainly fished in RS.

          Like, a lot.

          99 fishing +10m XP I think?

          RCed on an alt while I fished at shilo village… it got 80+ RC.

          90->99 Fishing took 200 hrs.


          1. I mostly PvPed and Mined/Woodchopping.
            And questing.
            99 in Mining. Woo.
            Runescape is the closest I can feel like Ik someone closely that’s at least somewhat famous in a game(disregarding Diamonds and a Master at my school for League of Legends). Buuuut yeah sell me dem Monkfish and Swordfish Ziru. Do it.

            1. I was the only enhancement shaman raiding as a core member in a top 100 guild for the Ulduar tier in WotLK, does that count as game-famous? >.<

              Those were all sold long ago to get 99 cooking as well. That only took like 15 hours though lol

              1. Cooking is hand in hand with Fishing, only reason I didnt get Blacksmithing/Firemaking was for money.
                Cooking on the other hand gets you even more money.
                And not really, I have a friend top 10 guild iirc in Tera Online.

                1. With the population difference between the games, wouldn’t a top 10 in Tera be ~top 250 on WoW?

                  Well, I don’t play either games anymore but last time I checked WoW was near 5m subscribers, Tera was something about 200k?

                  1. Eh, I guess so, but I think that bitch was also top 50 in WoW somewhere.
                    Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing with my life and why I dont game more(oh wait I dont, I just am limited in playing time ;;)

                    1. I almost don’t play games at all anymore =(

                      All of my extra time nowadays is translating and reading.

                      Not that I regret it, but it would be nice to turn back time to highschool. So much free time back then

                    2. Yeah now all you have time for is people bumping into your car.
                      I juggle between writing, school, gaming, and reading LNs/WNs/Mangas and the occassional anime. Friends too but w/e.
                      I want to MTL as good as someone like manga0205/someone in the dead TLers tho. I could then greedily devour some WNs :))))

    1. Yeah.. that’s the one downside to the text. It doesn’t let anything be below other letters (Like y, g, p, q). It keeps everything on the same line to bunch up a bit more.

        1. XD just kidding tough — i already read until chap 3 WN – it’s pretty interesting and lot of yurism <- is this count as a spoiler? if it is please delete this comment :v

    1. Well, I’m going to be TLing the light novel, not the web novel.

      You would spoil for yourself, but it will still be slightly different events~

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