21 thoughts on “Cheat Receptionist — Illustration (1)

  1. I’ll take a guess…
    Haku makes it’s appearance after the encounter with the dragon in one of the colored pics? ..or some event related to that image…

  2. I would suggest “Schultz” for Ilya’s surname.

    Also “Hector” for “Ector”, but that’s more stylistical that anything (writing it with H is the usual; the non-H variant is almost exclusive of knight histories, mainly the Arthurian myth).

    1. Oh shazzbot

      Shultz was a typo. ROFL

      I may or may not be awake since… ever ago. I’ve slept maybe 3 hours since posting “Future Project”

      And.. I didn’t know that about Hector/Ector.

      Today I learned.

      I’ma fix it now

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