Chapters and lurkers and rants, oh my!

Eight hours summed up in to 4-10 today and I can’t finish tonight. The chapter is one giant action scene and it takes a ton more effort per line.

Had a negative comment pointing out how I’m ‘fking around’ a few minutes ago… Hah.

I take care of my grandmother, am the only person in the house with a license and car, have a part time job, and have homework from my college classes. Sure, I play video games to blow off steam. I translate to do so as well, but not 100% of the time. So whoever you are that made that comment, f*ck off and go do something with your life rather than stalk a random WordPress hating on people.

I’m trying to follow what I post on my schedule, but RL doesn’t allow that most of the time. I’ll get the chapters done for sure, but the first few weeks of college just means getting used to new professors and homework loads. It’s a lot of guesswork for how much time I have.

Mostly done with 4-10.

Have a good one everyone, I’m off to sleep now.


39 thoughts on “Chapters and lurkers and rants, oh my!

  1. Dont care About them man, you are doing a great work, keep it up, whe can wait a little bit, and thanks for your hard work

    1. I am sorry to inform you that the world doesn’t revolve around yourself and that regardless of how much money you give things do not happen instantly. You chose to donate which is in itself giving money to another party to support them. It is NOT a wage nor is it a commission, the translator has mentioned that as with all of us real life comes first. Respect this and keep your trap closed.

    2. Fix your English first. After that, look up the meaning of “donation”, you cunt. You’re most likely a spoiled neet living off his parents money. sigh -_-

  2. RL comes first. And you deserve some R&R (Rest and Relaxation). What does the guy think you are? A translation robot?

    1. thought he was a guy who heeps his word. since he isnt, i pointed it out – like it or not. and this bs with me being hater – top kek. hater who donates – thats something new

      1. i think you don’t understand the concept of donations, a donation is something you give of your own free will without the need for reciprocation. You give him money because you like what he is doing, not because you want something from him.

        1. no, the deal was clear and it was said by Ziru himself. He needed money so he either started working or he started translating for donations. Theres also a donation towards specific LN – so dont bs. We kept our part of the deal and he didnt. So far i paid for him playing d3 and waiting for cops on some parking lot.

          1. So you mean he shouldn’t enjoy his life? The donations is not a form of salary or pay. For translators, it usually meant to motivate them or help them. When you mentioned the deal part. There is no deal in donation term. A deal = Both sides have agreement on how many chapters should be released per week while getting paid

      2. As a translator myself and I understand how hard it is to translate, all the more when translating Japanese. I hear they are harder to translate than Chinese.

        As a leecher myself, I also understand your frustration, all the more if you are a donator.

        But I do have to point one thing out, he started to take donation but he never actually promised anything so he didn’t really break any promises:

        Two chapters per week. Subject to change as my schedule allows. Cycle between FH > DB > HP. Consider The Restart chapters freebies.
        Three extra chapters per week maximum.
        No chapters during midterms and finals.

        I’ll notify everyone in advance if any of the rules change. Note that any changes will be on the soon-to-be-posted Donations page.

        1. Correct me if im wrong but i was taught that japanese writing is a collection if symbils from three different list. So in a nut shell he runs the symbol through three list ,or alphabets like we have in the US, then finds the correct meaning to then some how translate into english, without losing the said effect of the words and choice of the words, while juggling responsibility of his family, going to college, working a job. So unless u donate to children in africa expecting them to become your personal servant u need to just be thankful he doesn’t just quit and take all your precious money away with nothing to show.

  3. Know how it feels. You plan to do all this stuff when you get home from collage, but when you get home you black out on the couch, then wake up to take a long drive all the way back.I feel your pain.

  4. It’s an adjustment period right now for everybody in school. You have a lot of commitments in real life that need to be dealt with, so I don’t find it to be a problem.

  5. don’t mind them. they just cowards that can only say whatever under cover of internet anonymity or just basically known as internet trollers. they could be uneducated kid or some adults that has a lot of stress build up but has nowhere to direct it to.

    you probably already know some famous trollers that got caught and get a glimpse of what kind of people they are.

    so i think if you see something like those comment it’s best to not lost your cool and just delete them. you could always do that on your own page.

    best regards and thanks for you hardwork

  6. The Internet is full of Maurice Bartletts. Don’t mind it.

    I hope your grandma keep as good a health as possible.

  7. Well looks like your rant was well aimed simce the guy girl got the mensage. However don’t bother with it since you end up giving the creature more credit and attention than something like that desserve.

  8. The more and more popular you get the more and more you get those comments.

    You a “pimp, nigga, go and brush your shoulders off”

  9. U go Ziru! But still, IMO you shouldn’t call them donations if the donations comes with ‘benefits’… Do like a certain Wuxia overlord, use ‘sponsor’ instead, weeeeeee~

  10. reading your post heading and starts off sounding like Dorothy in my mind up until the end, last 2 words George Takei has to interject

  11. Yeah, I think you can tell from all the other comments so far what we feel on the matter.
    1. “We understand RL can be a pain in the ass, and you should prioritize that.”
    2. “Chill and don’t wear yourself out.”
    3. “Fuck dat hater.”

    You are performing a free service for the sake of all us leechers, and so we don’t have any right to criticize your work. There is the donations bit, but people don’t seem to understand that it’s just that, a “donation” to make your financial burden smaller so you can afford more free time, whether it’s for translation or unwinding.

    1. I agree with that, but the donations are specifically setup for extra chapters, not just donating without reason, so not putting out the extra chapters on time defeats the purpose of donating for specific series. Just playing devils advocate here though, since you have already posted and informed that these issues might come up already. Just do your best!

      Once again here, not agreeing with the haters, just pointing out a reasonable argument for their point of view. I absolutely loves you Ziru-Sensei.

  12. Much like how grains of rice deals with life sucking, energy draining weeds, be the bigger person, rise above them, deprive them of sunlight, and watch them slowly die, you can do it, I believe in you!

  13. Wonder if it’s the same person that plagued wuxiaworld for a month. Then later, similar comments showed up “death march” and “man picked up from the god.

    Seriously how can someone grateful of those who support the fun community. If you have such time to malice then you could troll bad politicians instead. Then again maybe it’s all conspiracy (anyone seen Mr. Robot).

    Honestly, thank you for time and I wish you will in your adventures in life. You our hero will never be forsaken from our gratitude even decades after you done. ( Pun attended 😉

  14. Edit2: Seriously how can someone not be grateful of those who support the fun community.

    * Ah! Give up…(cries). Why doesn’t wordpress have an edit function. Sorry again ;/

    1 + 1 != 2

  15. Hahaha you should just ignore someone who critizes your free work, just treat him as if you were a drug dealer and he is a junkie addict with no money for more (ok bad example there but you catch the idea xD).

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