Chapters and lurkers and rants, oh my!

Eight hours summed up in to 4-10 today and I can’t finish tonight. The chapter is one giant action scene and it takes a ton more effort per line.

Had a negative comment pointing out how I’m ‘fking around’ a few minutes ago… Hah.

I take care of my grandmother, am the only person in the house with a license and car, have a part time job, and have homework from my college classes. Sure, I play video games to blow off steam. I translate to do so as well, but not 100% of the time. So whoever you are that made that comment, f*ck off and go do something with your life rather than stalk a random WordPress hating on people.

I’m trying to follow what I post on my schedule, but RL doesn’t allow that most of the time. I’ll get the chapters done for sure, but the first few weeks of college just means getting used to new professors and homework loads. It’s a lot of guesswork for how much time I have.

Mostly done with 4-10.

Have a good one everyone, I’m off to sleep now.

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