Amazon JP’s Shipping… Fast

Quick post — the GCR novels arrived!

Not the best images, but I blame room lighting, haha.


First time I’ve ever used international shipping. Pleasantly surprised at just how fast it was!


22 thoughts on “Amazon JP’s Shipping… Fast

  1. *Immediately pesters for HQ scans :V* *Gets told he should buy them himself* *He/She is penniless* *Makes a book called: The story of our lives…*

    “And this is how I met your mother :/ :).”

    1. Right now I’m not interested in picking up another series. I’d prefer to go down to Guild’s Cheat Receptionist + 1 other in the future. After I finish both LDM and DB, remind me to take a look at it.

  2. Thanks for your work so far. A Piece of advice though in the first and second picture it should be possible to get your real adres, normally that´s not something you should do. So if it is NOT yout decision to make it known delete it.

    1. I don’t really mind. People with the ability/knowledge to clean up the image well enough can find me if they wanted to anyways. XD

      1. Though I should probably add I shrank the images to a forth of their original sizes with the intention of making the address a bit less easily read

  3. It’s because of where you live. In my country, if it’s coming from Japan, it ain’t gonna get to your hands. I once bought Kancolle’s figures and it got confiscated because of ‘nudity’ issue. My Shimakaze…. I have my comrade tho, a friend of mine never got his LNs, like never ever.

  4. Yeah, Japan is really quick on sending things; I live in Europe, but when a package comes from Great Britain then it takes up to three weeks, from Germany about a week but from japan like four to five days… (the sad part is that Germany is right next to my country, which makes me wonder why it even has to take that long).

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