Schedule of the Week


Let’s try this again shall we…? (Read after line break for extra info)

  1. Thursday: Forsaken Hero — Story 4-10
  2. Friday: Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 18
  3. Saturday: Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 7 (Extra)
  4. Saturday: Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 19 (Extra)


First of all… I have no excuse for my inactivity over the weekend.

Played a lot of Diablo 3.

Sorry. *bows*

That’s 0/2 for my extra chapter ‘schedule predictions’. I’m pretty bad at it… Well, at least the guaranteed ones are good so far? (>’.’)> …

The LDM 7 is incredibly short. Though to make up for that, LDM 8 is ~50% longer than its average length. So there’s that, right? What do you guys think of the chapter lengths? It’s short as heck so I halved the queue for it. Sometimes the slang used in it causes the chapters to take as long as DB though. Google-sensei, arigatou! Still not sure half the time if I get it totally correct, but I think even if my output is a little different from the raw, I keep the same flow of conversations? Ugh, I hope. I feel my grasp of how to handle it improving at least! Yay for that!

The amount of homework is too dang high for many extra chapters! Definitely won’t be able to get a third extra out this week… unless I don’t play D3 at all… gaaah! Must resist…!

Dragon’s Bloodline won’t ever finish its donation queue at this rate… haha…

Forsaken Hero is supposedly getting 5 chapters following (Story 4-Last(19)), but that was posted about two months ago with no update since so take it as you will. We’re nearing the end of the first project I ever translated! Woohoo! Picked it up last November thinking I would just do it for myself since it wasn’t getting updated by the original translator anymore. Never would have imagined it would kindle this amount of interest in both the community and myself!

The Restart will definitely be on the back burner until I have both the time and inspiration to work on it. I know most of you guys don’t read it, but for those of you that do, I apologize at how slowly it is updated. It’s something I put a lot of thought into so that it doesn’t come across with a rushed or awkward feeling when you read it, but my lack of writing skills gets in the way… Since I am really slow at finalizing my thoughts for how I want a chapter to be, it just takes too much time for me to work on it every week. The next chapter probably won’t be out till later next month.

And lastly.

I’m thinking of changing the banner to randomize between every ‘schedule’ posts’ banner.

But the demon is so badass…

Decisions are hard!

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