Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (2-11)

Notice: As the term used for Leadred is ‘Oni’, I now have her called a demon rather than an ogre. Just a head’s up.


Story 2-11 『Making a Second Demonic Slave』

“Welcome back from the nether world, Daichi-sama.” (Shuri)

“…… I’m back, Shuri.” (Daichi)

According to my request, Shuri welcomed me back from my eighth death with a lap pillow.

……. That dream, I didn’t see it this time….. Though I thought about complaining to her this time, I’m strangely sad. I’m also happy that I won’t die in the dream anymore.

It’s a strange feeling.

“Eh? Huh? How are you alive?” (Tamaki)

Such a voice was heard to the side.

The wording Tamaki chose for my name was coarse.

Perhaps, I guess you were pleased that I died.

“Tamaki.” (Daichi)

“Y-yes! What is it!?” (Tamaki)

Calling her name, Tamaki started using honorific language in a panic. It was easy to imagine that she was dripping with cold sweat.

Such an absurd Tamaki, I laughed.

“W-what are you laughing about, Master!?” (Tamaki)

“No, it’s nothing. Even there is no way you can deceive me, you try so hard……..” (Daichi)

“There’s no other way right? Because, master is scary….” (Tamaki)

“So, why would you….. You’ve said enough. Ah-, that’s dangerous. My stomach is in pain because I’ve laughed too much.

“Ah! Master is an idiot!” (Tamaki)

We brought down the powerful enemy and were wrapped in a sociable atmosphere.

Oh, I’m seriously laughing now.

……. Well, I’ve already died eight times……

The number of slave slots are sure to increase.

Looking at the attitude displayed a little while ago, there seems to be no reflection coming from this fellow.


“Tamaki” (Daichi)

“What is it?” (Tamaki)

“For the time being……. Die?” (Daichi)

“……….. Eh?” (Tamaki)

I pointed my index finger at her, and Leadred suddenly stabbed through Tamaki’s left breast from behind.

“…….. E-, h-…..uh?” (Tamaki)

“Ogre Flame” (Leadred)

To make sure Tamaki was completely dead, Leadred scorched her face with the flames.

“Leadred. Do not kill her immediately. I had you miss her vitals on purpose.” (Daichi)

“Ah, I understand.” (Leadred)

She realized that Tamaki’s hand was twitching little by little.

It’s hot, it’s painful, it’s agonizing.

These feelings are sure to rule her mind. To a certain extent, as time passes the pain will lessen, though in exchange the terror of death thickens.

When death is concerned, I am already a veteran.

I mostly understand what humans think about as they die.

“However, Leadred….. Why didn’t you finish her off earlier? Didn’t I say to ‘take care of that person’?”

I was referring to Tamaki, not the centipede when I said ‘person’. There was no need to enslave a giant centipede….. To begin with, I was aiming to exterminate the centipede. I couldn’t afford to enslave a demon that would disappear and disperse when defeated.

I was concerned that Tamaki would escape after my death.

With that I understood that she hadn’t been made into a complete slave yet. I expected that she did not sincerely feel loyalty to me.

Would she have been fine escaping by herself, or would she have brought Shuri with her? She could have picked either.

When I talked to Leadred about my past, she also told me of hers.

She used to be a demon called the『Horrific Killer』. Therefore, she would have no hesitation in killing humans.

However, I still asked why she would treat her like that….

“Weeeell, hey. Isn’t this woman a terrible hero?” (Leadred)

“That’s true.” (Daichi)

“Then, I thought that you would savor seeing her suffer and would cheer you up.” (Leadred)

“……… Leadred…….” (Daichi)

I was touched. Tears fell from her gentle consideration for me.

Seeing my behavior as so different from my normal, she averted her gaze. Red that was not the color of her skin began to appear on her cheeks.

“Thank you so much.” (Daichi)

“Y-yeah. Though, please cease patting my head……. It is embarrassing.” (Leadred)

“Hmm? What? I couldn’t hear you that well….” (Daichi)

In order to once again see Leadred’s rare ‘dere’ side, I activated my deafness skills.

“B-be quiet! Aside from that, deal with this person!” (Leadred)

She pulls her sword out of Tamaki and points it at me.

“She’s not longer breathing! ……. You should enslaver her quickly. Its better when the corpse is fresh.” (Leadred)

“You’re right. Since Leadred is embarrassed I’ll stop poking fun at her and commence making Tamaki into a slave.” (Daichi)

“Are you even listening!?” (Leadred)

Ignoring Leadred’s thrust, I laid Tamaki’s corpse out on the floor.

“You. Now, I bestow upon you a new life. I give you a second life. Here, you pledge a contract with me and will fulfill your duty as my servant. Wight Back!”

Tamaki’s body began mending itself. The wound on her chest closed and the parts of her face that were burnt each begin repairing themselves.

With this, Tamaki’s transformation into a slave is complete. She will awaken soon. The reaction that I will never be tired of seeing is sure to happen.

Tamaki can no longer run away.

“……………. Daichi-sama.” (Shuri)

While I was looking after Tamaki, Shuri who became bored tapped her lap with a ‘PonPon’.

I don’t think a man who would deny this invitation exists.

“Leadred. This is a good time to take a rest. Stand watch over Tamaki while I go dream again.” (Daichi)

“And if she runs?” (Leadred)

“Killing her with Demonic Pressure or something would be wasteful, so take away her means of attacking. I recommend breaking a bone or two.” (Daichi)

“I understand. I’ll heal her as much as I feel like.” (Leadred)

Leadred waved her hand. Her glance was already fixed on Tamaki.

…… I don’t think that she wants to see us flirting.

“In that case, Shuri. Once again I am indebted to you.” (Daichi)

“I don’t mind. Please rest however long you wish. I enjoy Daichi-sama’s sleeping face.” (Shuri)

Since Shuri said so sincerely, I couldn’t laugh.

However, I feel like I’m taking advantage of her gentle nature.

I can’t understand why she is so devoted….. Really.

I completely relax, thoroughly enjoying the soft and comfortable elasticity, and fall into a deep sleep.


After each of us taking turns resting for several hours to regain our magic power, we resume the dungeon capturing as before.

The three of us were talking about the centipede, with Leadred and Shuri in the rear.

Tamaki was made to keep the demons some company by herself. Incidentally, since I used 『Absolute Command』on her to disallow her from talking, she cannot speak.

After she revived as a slave, Tamaki said various things and was noisy. Abusive language was poured on me.  She was very persistent.

As I was rather fed up with her, I punished her by making her slay demons solo. To keep her level from increasing, Shuri and Leadred kill the demons with magic.

I’ll knock Tamaki down indirectly by keeping her from gaining experience.

“That centipede from before. Don’t you think it caused our levels to raise suddenly?” (Daichi)

Talking about the fight in stairs room was uncomfortable. Even though it was the 40th Floor, it had a strength to boast about.

That crystal revived and fortified it.

Obviously strange.

“That’s right. Though compared to you two I couldn’t help because I am powerless…..” (Shuri)

“I was also surprised. With this, there are three times that my sword couldn’t cut through something. Though, with this I have an idea about the dungeon’s guardian.” (Leadred)

The proud Leadred was smiling.

“Is that true!?” (Daichi)

“Ah. That detestable double layered armor. The demon’s revival from magic. At any rate, with armor hard enough that I can’t cut through there is only one other person it could be. However….” (Leadred)

“Who is it?” (Daichi)

“That person has a considerably tiresome personality. Probably, we won’t be able to avoid a fight.” (Leadred)

“Eh, seriously?” (Daichi)

I had thought that if we came across someone like Leadred, we could persuade them. It would be best to end everything just by talking.

However, I’m afraid that it seems we won’t be able to use that method.

“Seriously. That guy won’t listen to what you say because he won’t judge you as worth serving.” (Leadred)

“Is that so…..” (Daichi)

“Though, wouldn’t Daichi-sama’s power to enslave work?” (Shuri)

“Even so, avoiding a fight is indispensable, above all there aren’t any slots open.” (Daichi)

Though I could release Tamaki in exchange for the overwhelming uses of the demon, it is convenient to have Tamaki as a pawn under my control.

I died twice during the fight with Leadred, so I’ll certainly end up dying some more. It’s a hunch I have.

“Furthermore, it’s strength is comparable to mine.” (Leadred)

“How…… What’s the name of this demon?” (Shuri)

Assuming he is important, Shuri asked Leadred.

“Fantra Angas. In those days, he was a tactician and a master of the strongest Ice magic.”


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