Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (2-10)

Story 2-10『Attack of Desperation』

“Sonic Wave!” (Daichi)

“Wind Slice!” (Shuri)

“Ice Blizzard!” (Tamaki)

The three of us rapid-fire Spirit and Soul-class magic.

Though we were trying to seal the centipede’s movements, its strong armor repelled the wind blades and Tamaki’s blizzard only froze a few of the legs.

“Pay attention! That centipede’s armor is considerably tough!” (Leadred)

Following our magic assault, Leadred shouted out.

“Uraah!!” (Leadred)

She burst out with a rotating blade. The sound of metal clashing with metal echoed.

The instant she added the rotation, Leadred overcame its resistance and cut through its long body—at least I think she did, though there seems to be no cut on it. The centipede doesn’t seem to be in pain either.

“Shaaaaaa!!” (Centipede)

The centipede wriggled its body and descended from the walls to the ground. It rushed at us when we slowed our assault.

“Heeee!?” (Tamaki)

“Disgusting!” (Shuri)

We each jump out of the way to the left and right. Leadred also managed to escape from the centipede’s back.

However, Leadred’s slashes didn’t cease. Our magic also didn’t seem to be doing much damage.

“This centipede is rather troublesome.” (Daichi)

“I confirmed that its whole body is covered with that armor when jumping onto it before.” (Leadred)

“Nevertheless, even if its skin and armor are stacked it won’t stop us from killing it one way or another.” (Shuri)

Standing next to Leadred, Shuri expressed a warlike smile while encouraging us.

Only the legs and face lack the armor. The risk is definitely increased when you aim at its face. By process of elimination, we have no choice but to stop its movement and aim at its legs.

“From here on Shuri and I will hold its attention!! Meanwhile, Tamaki freeze its legs and Leadred cut through them!!”

““Your will!”” (Tamaki, Shuri, Leadred)

Shuri and I immediately struck the centipede’s face with a Spirit-class Fireball. It bent towards us and had its completely faced us.

It was entirely fixated on us.


““Sacred spirits, illuminate us with your light! Shining!”” (Daichi, Shuri)

Using our flash at the same time, we stole the centipede’s sight. My party members aren’t idiots who would miss this timing.

“Spirits of Ice, freeze my enemy! Ice Blizzard!” (Tamaki)

Determining that this fight would drag out, Tamaki chanted the Ice Blizzard to decrease its mana consumption.

The legs on the centipede were frozen on one side, causing it to slip and lose its balance.

“Line Drive!” (Leadred)

Leadred raised her sword over her head and a red line streamed out, acting as an extension of the blade as she slashed off the centipede’s legs.

What, that’s–! So cool! Amazing, Leadred!

Our excitement didn’t stop and we swiftly launched magic at its face.

“Storm of Slaughter!” (Daichi)

“Wind Slice!” (Shuri)

“Freezing Lance!” (Tamaki)

“Demon Flame!” (Leadred)

All four of the shots hit. The centipede’s face became messy and burned black.

It started convulsing with a *PikuPiku*, and eventually stopped.

“…… Haaa… We did it…” (Tamaki)

Seeing it stop moving, Tamaki weakly sat down. The tension ceased.

Well, we would have had a hard time if we didn’t have Leadred. It can’t be helped that she would say that since she isn’t accustomed to fights of this level.

Shuri also had an expression of exhaustion.

Umu. We should rest here for a bit. I used up a considerable amount of my magic power. Verifying this by saying ‘Open’, I went from 5000 to 870. Shuri was also at 300.

By nature of the dungeon, there are no demons after you defeat the floor’s lord at the stairs room.

Therefore, we can rest at ease.

“Everyone! We’ll rest here. We’ll separate into two groups—-“ (Daichi)

——While trying to explain, I was drowned out by a loud noise.  What was that?

There was the sound of an explosion behind us.

“Wha–!?” (Daichi)

Turning around in a rush, the centipede that was there a moment ago vanished.

Suicide? No, could it have been for some other reason…..?

I tried to calm myself by trying to find the reason.

Concerning the result, the latter was the right answer.

“……… Oi oi, you’re kidding right…..” (Daichi)

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The crystals in the room began shining and the light gathered where the corpse of the centipede used to be.

The light gradually came together to create a familiar shape.

Before long the light finished aggregating as the last light joined the set and burst to reveal a jet-black body. Armor covered its entire body now.

A sharp horn grew from the headpiece of its armor.

Again, the challenger Revenger appears before us and roars.

“Kishaaaaaa!!” (Centipede)

It sounded the gong of the game’s restart.

“Tamaki! Protect Shuri with everything you have!” (Daichi)

I ordered them to group together, who were sure to have been the most fatigued of us, and leapt to the sky.

Leadred also leapt similarly.

The attacks we used against its legs from before would do no good. It is essential that we attack the exposed skin on its face near the horn. In that case, the best choice we have is to bet on a blow from behind.

“Uooooh!” (Daichi)

“Aaaaah!” (Leadred)

Leadred and I begin attacking it with our swords. However, we were unable to wound it this time.

“Wha–!?” (Leadred)

Leadred was unable to hide her surprise.

“It is getting increasingly stronger!” (Leadred)

“Tch! So troublesome!” (Daichi)

Kicking off of the armor, I separated from the centipede. However, the centipede chose that instant to attack.


I threw wind magic at my feet, forcibly avoiding him.

The centipede collides with the wall. A loud crushing sound is heard. The wall was dented by the strong horn.

Thinking about being pierced by that horn causes me to shudder. And now, I understand that to win I can’t be hit by that attack.

“Leadred! Are you unable to break its armor!?” (Daichi)

“I can! …… I want to say, but that reinforced armor completely withstands my attacks…. At best, I might be able to put a crack in it.” (Leadred)

It’s impossible for Leadred, our strongest demon……?

……. There must be some other way. Resolve yourself.

“Shuri!” (Daichi)

“Hai!” (Shuri)

Calling her name, Shuri immediately came to me. She seems to already understand my idea. She waited with open arms.

I buried my face in her warm embrace.

“…… Just a bit ago, you said that doing this was no good…..” (Shuri)

“Sorry. Just for a bit.” (Daichi)

“…… It can’t be helped because you are my master, Daichi-sama.” (Shuri)

Shuri gently patted my back. Courage surged through me.

“Shuri.” (Daichi)

“What is it?” (Shuri)

“……… I’m, going to die for a little while. It doesn’t look like I can win.” (Daichi)

“……. I’m sorry, Daichi-sama. It’s because I am always so useless……” (Shuri)

“Shuri doesn’t have to worry. You give me courage. You heal me. That alone is enough.” (Daichi)

“Daichi-sama…..” (Shuri)

I want to defend her. I don’t want her to die.

I think I might be able to become a real hero.

“Thank you, Shuri……. Though I sorely wanted us to be together longer, it seems like that thing over there won’t wait any longer.” (Daichi)

Looking up, the centipede was posed to charge.

This was certainly the norm for us.

“It is regrettable.” (Shuri)

“I think so too. Therefore, when I revive….. Please allow me to rest my head on your lap.” (Daichi)

“Yes.” (Shuri)

Shuri acknowledged me with her smiling face.

With that I am now the strongest. Nothing can scare me.

“Shuri, escape to over there. Leadred, I ask you to care for her while I am dead.” (Daichi)

“Leave it to me, Hero-sama.” (Leadred)

She stepped back and took position so as to protect Shuri.

Seeing that, I put all of my focus on the pest in front of me.

It was simple to say so. However, it is difficult to do.

After directly receiving that guy’s attack, I plan shove my arm inside of his mouth and drive magic into it.

I take a stance and lower my waist to endure the coming impact. I would die in vain if I don’t stop its momentum here.

“Earth Chain!” (Daichi)

Both of my feet become solidly fixed to the ground with the earth chain.

“Kikikikikikii!!” (Centipede)

I watch the centipede draw closer at a high speed. The lethal horn that will kill me approaches.

It pointed at my stomach and pierced through me.

Severe pain ran through my entire body.

“———-!!” (Daichi)

I desperately endured wanting to cry out. Blood began to overflow from my mouth. My field of vision became dark. My legs shivered and lost strength.

However, I ignored all of it.

All of my concentration was on killing this thing…..!

“AaaaaaaAAAAAH!!” (Daichi)

I strained to muster up strength.

The result of my perfect countermeasure stopped its momentum completely. The centipede tried to escape, but I seized its headpiece.

Its weak point was exposed.

I invaded its mouth with my arm.

“Berserk…….” (Daichi)

The centipede let out some kind of shriek. Blood streamed from my arm. It worked out somehow.

This guy is dead. That much is true.

I speak the word that will finish the chant.

“Tempeeeeeeeeest!!” (Daichi)

The insect’s body becomes a lump of flesh, scattering.

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