Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (2-9)

Story 2-9 『Changing of Floors』

Because we added Tamaki as a party member after finishing our revenge, our focus switched to capturing the dungeon.

Why did we come to this dungeon to begin with?

To acquire and train new people. Listening to what Leadred had to say, I understood well than I am a hero.

However, the information was inconsistent.

I’m told that she was defeated by the hero Terias and sealed in that dungeon. And then, after a long time had passed, a woman unfastened the seal placed on her.

However, she was told that『Someday, our hero will appear without fail. That person will be an inhabitant from hell and will bring glory.』so she had been waiting there for a long time.

When I asked her whether I was good enough to be the hero to『Revenge the Resented』she reported that I was suited it fine.

Thinking back on the conversation, there might be others like Leadred scattered in various dungeons that I could use as my followers.

Leadred had served as the leader of a special attack unit and didn’t seem to know what ends her comrades met with as she was the first sealed.

Then, the conclusion was to capture the nearby dungeon.

I want a full set of these big guns. It wouldn’t do if they were killed.

This is coming from the four people in the front line, including the unparalleled me…. Huh? Is it just me or is everyone in the front line?

“This corpse seems to be a living corpse, stay dead!” (Shuri)

Jumping at the heart area of the Wight from the left side, Shuri plunges forward even more.

“You think a pile of bones like you could hurt me!? Aah!?” (Tamaki)

Dancing through the air, her war sword slices through a massive amount of the bone corpses as though they were nonexistent.

“Freezing Lance!” (Tamaki)

Tamaki invoked an ice lance and aimed it at a group of Wight Lancers, piercing and knocking them down.

“It is futile no matter how many of you guys show up.” (Daichi)

Leading the attack, I challenged the Wight Lancers while amongst them, slashing them with my sword.

I invoked my Special Ability『Magician of Slaughter』. All Wight Lancers within a radius of ten meters of my target were annihilated. The amount remaining was approximately one hundred.

If that’s the case, I can finish the rest myself then.

“You guys! All members fall behind me!” (Daichi)

Obeying orders, Shuri, Leadred, and Tamaki withdrew. After confirming, I put power into my hand.

“Berserk Tempest!” (Daichi)

Using chant omission, I cast an Emperor-class magic that returned the Wights to ordinary corpses.

“Kikikikikiki…..” (100 Dying Wights)

The sound of bones clattering together was noisy. However, the loud noise was overshadowed. We saw the staircase.

With this, Floor 30 was cleared.

“Wa! Y-yay! We broke through the monster house!” (Tamaki)

Tamaki excitedly came up to us.

“This much is natural right?” (Shuri)

“I don’t mean to rejoice every time.” (Leadred)

“Let’s immediately go to the next floor. Time is precious.” (Daichi)

Without incident, we descend the staircase.

“……..Eeeh……….” (Tamaki)

I decided to ignore Tamaki’s depressed voice.


That monster house from the last floor is no longer any threat for us.

Rather, it is welcomed.

Because the monster house is quite efficient for acquiring experience.

“Tamaki, show me your status.” (Daichi)

“Y-yes.” (Tamaki)

“……..Yui-chan? You should use the honorific as you are already a slave of Daichi-sama.” (Shuri)

“I-I understand, Shuri-chan…. So, please stop making that face? It’s scary?” (Tamaki)

“If it is for Daichi-sama I will become a prajna.” (Shuri)
[TN: Google search for pajna— direct insight into the truth taught by the Buddha, as a faculty required to attain enlightenment.]

“…… Shuri has become as lovely as I could wish for.” (Daichi)

“T-that sort of….. If it is fine with Daichi-sama…. Then I…. Would be your wife…..” (Shuri)

“……. How many times a day do they do this…..” (Tamaki)

“That’s right. To the extent that I wasn’t able to meet today, it’s rather much more than usual. I think I see it at least once in the morning and night.” (Leadred)

“Somehow, that hurts to hear.” (Tamaki)

“Give it up. I got used to it.” (Leadred)

Interrupting the conversation, I opened mine and Tamaki’s status.


Katsuragi Daichi Occupation: Hero Level 68

Stamina: 4250

Magic: 5600→4100

Physical: 4900

Endurance: 4500

Agility: 2900

Special Abilities:

『Steel Heart』: During battle, Endurance doubles. Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, and Berserk have a 1/3 chance of failing.

『Persistent Soul』: Magic cannot be depleted below 100.

『Wight King』: Able to make contracts with living beings near death, to revive them and make them obey to your will. Every time the user dies twice, increases the limit of the number of contracts. Currently, there are no open slots.

『Absolute Command』: Appears when those bound by a contract are lower leveled than the Wight King. Any order will be accepted by the slave until cancelled.

『Magician of Slaughter』: Killed targets within a radius of ten meters will deal the same damage to all units of the same type.

『Cruel Mind』: When you kill three members of the same species, your physical attacks against that species gain a paralytic poison effect.

『Chant Omission』: When magic is invoked, the chant may be removed. However, Consumption Magic is one. However, the mana consumption increases by fifty percent.

Unique Ability:

『Revenge of the Resented』: No matter how many times you die, power stored in the abyss of death is taken for revival.

Current Number of Deaths → 7



Hamakaze Shuri Occupation: High-Grade Slave Level 72

Stamina: 2800

Magic: 2940

Physical: 2300

Endurance: 1670

Agility: 1230

Special Abilities:

『Auto Heal 』: Heals three hundred stamina every ten minutes.

『Loyal Heart』: When the master’s life is in danger, all statuses increase by 80%.

『Chant Omission』: When magic is invoked, the chant may be removed. However, Consumption Magic is one. However, the mana consumption increases by 50%.

『Demon Killing』: Limit Release ability. All of the owner’s status values double. However, there is a five minute time limit. After use, the Stamina value will become zero and the user will faint.

Special Status: 『High-Grade Slave』 Owner → Katsuragi Daichi.

All attacks against him are sealed. Compulsory submission until release.



Akina Leadred Occupation: High-Grade Slave Level 79

Stamina: 6900

Magic: 5240

Physical: 7120

Endurance: 4200

Agility: 5380

Special Abilities:

『Demonic Pressure』: Magic is reduced by one hundred times the difference between the levels of the caster and the target. Until caster is defeated, cannot be healed.

『Ogre Flame』: Uses 100 magic. Fires a King-class fireball with Chanting Omission.

『Chant Omission』: When magic is invoked, the chant may be removed. However, Consumption Magic is one. However, the mana consumption increases by 50%.

Special Status: 『High-Grade Slave』 Owner → Katsuragi Daichi.

All attacks against him are sealed. Compulsory submission until release.



Rin Wade Occupation: High-Grade Slave Level 37

Stamina: 240

Magic: 210

Physical: 300

Endurance: 95

Agility: 110

Special Status:『High-Grade Slave』Owner → Katsuragi Daichi.

All attacks against him are sealed. Compulsory submission until release.

『Exercising a Command』: Hayase Fuuko’s guard of the royal palace. Return, Watch, Report, Assist. Do not allow Hayase Fuuko to be harmed and treat her as you would Katsuragi Daichi.

Tamaki Yuina Occupation: Hero Level 28

Stamina: 720

Magic: 1780

Physical: 1100

Endurance: 840

Agility: 350

Special Abilities:

『Witch of Freezing』: The effect of the ice magic is increased by one class. However, God-class magic is not increased.

『Chant Omission』: When magic is invoked, the chant may be removed. However, Consumption Magic is one. However, the mana consumption increases by 50%.


“Uwah, so weak!” (Leadred)

Leadred-san, thank you for your frank impression. Certainly, it isn’t just numerical values in combat, but those numbers show no signs of being useful in combat.

“…… Well then, at best you can be used as a shield…..” (Daichi)

“That treatment is cruel, master!?” (Tamaki)

“Well, you are a slave…. Isn’t it your role to protect the head?” (Daichi)

“Uuu…….. T-that is so.” (Tamaki)

“Thus, Tamaki. You will desperately defend Shuri. If she dies, so do you.” (Daichi)

“She’s not the head!? But I got it!” (Tamaki)

Tamaki had become motivated when I mentioned she was to protect Shuri.

……. Well, I’ll kill her eventually.

“…. Hey, Hero-sama. What will you do next? Raise her level?” (Leadred)

“I have no obligation to do that, she will probably die before we reach the lower floors.” (Daichi)

“Understood. Well, let’s be off then.” (Leadred)

We set out with our vanguard as Leadred, who has our biggest battle potential.

For the time being, we stop at floor 40 to rest. I plan in my head.

Peculiarly, our enemy’s war potentials haven’t increased for a long time. Can we force our status values go up somewhat if we keep fighting them?

“Umu…… as it is, we’ve spent quite a lot of time on floor 40.” (Daichi)

“I wonder. Maybe, it’ll take time to find the stair room, but I don’t think the battle itself will be difficult” (Leadred)

“Since Leadred says that is the case, I am relieved.” (Daichi)

“…….. The dungeon capture up to here has been easy……. As expected of master!” (Tamaki)

“It is natural when you are with Daichi-sama. Those damned heroes don’t have the eyes to see Daichi-sama’s true character.” (Shuri)

….. Ah, Shuri-san. You originally sided with those damned heroes……

I mean, this is Tamaki’s only the second time she has explored a dungeon….. Should I be amused?

“…….. Anyways, do not relax your guard. Use this time to focus.” (Daichi)

I turned to catch the attention of the two people who were behind me making noise.

Afterwards, we reached floor 40’s stairs room without difficulty as predicted by Leadred.


Though we arrived at the stairs room using Leadred’s intuition, floor 40 was an exception. Her presence detention was obstructed by magic that was leaked out from the crystals that cover the walls.

It seems to fill this region of the floor, giving each room an identical feeling as the last.

Because of this, we smashed through all of the rooms on the floor. We are in the last room.

“Well then, are you ready?” (Daichi)

I ask the members while I place my hand on the door. Shuri and Leadred nod, Tamaki nods after seeing their responses.

With the exception of Leadred, we invoke magic to immediately.

By the way, I don’t use 『Berserk Tempest』. I don’t have enough magic to use Emperor-class magic many times. It will be my trump card.

Though my magic can’t drop below 100, my mental strength falls considerably. If possible, I don’t want to lose my calm judgment.

“Alright….. Let’s go.” (Daichi)

Taking advantage of my strength, I open the massive door in one go and rush in.

However, the opponent is nowhere to be seen. —Ah, no.

From experience, rooms with stairs had to have demons. Since it was not in front, behind, to the left or to the right there was only one direction it could be.

“Above!” (Daichi)

Everyone looked up at the ceiling in response to my voice.

Within our gaze, using a hundred feet to cling against a wall, was a giant centipede that was wearing jet-black armor that was shooting us a penetrating glare.

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