Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (2-8)

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Story 2-8『Provisional Slave』

The traitor is in front of me. That evil demon is raising the edge of his mouth.

Moreover, I can’t permit Shuri-chan to follow him.

“……. Where did that you who was gentle go off to, I wonder?” (Tamaki)

“The first thing you say is sarcasm….. It was a performance.” (Daichi)

Yuji seemed to be elated with the events and quickly gave confirmation.

Even as I am, I plan on escaping when he lets down his guard.

Though I didn’t tell that man, I have another special ability.

『Chant Omission』

With only saying the name of the magic, it can be invoked. This can only be acquired after passing a magic status of over 1500.

It is a special ability that is said that very few in this world can use it. Yuji is sure to not think that I can use it.

My lack of restraints are proof of his negligence.

“Heh….. That was a skillful deceit. Particularly since Hayase-san seems to have liked you?” (Tamaki)

“That was surprising. It was hard to do that to Hayase. Since I only love Shuri.” (Daichi)

“A-………” (Tamaki)

Yuji hugged Shuri-chan from behind. A chill sent shivers down my spine.

My important close friend was being played with by such a man. That reason alone was plenty for me to attack.

“No more! Shuri-chan, duck!” (Tamaki)

I launch magic at him at point-blank range.

“Freezing Lance!” (Tamaki)

I aimed at his face with the lance held in my hands in order to pierce it. However, it was stopped just before by an unexpected hand.

“…… Yui-chan, what are you doing?” (Shuri)

The girl who caught the tip of the spear wore an expression of anger. Her gaze was filled with hostility towards me.

Though she was filling the room with a sensation that would make me want to run, I didn’t turn away.

I absolutely have to bring her back.

“Did you just try to kill my important Daichi-sama?” (Shuri)

“T-that’s not it! I was trying to save Shuri-chan!” (Tamaki)

“After you abandoned me at that time, you say something like that?” (Shuri)

“—–!” (Tamaki)

Those cutting words pierced my chest.

However, nothing that she said was wrong. I understand. I know that I did such a thing.

That’s why I was impatient. I must be able to talk some sense into Shuri-chan by any means.

I began to denounce the man next to her.

“I’m sorry! I’ll apologize as much as you want! I want you to hear me out first!” (Tamaki)

“What is it?” (Shuri)

“Yuji is dangerous! It’s fine if it is only for now but, please believe me, come here!” (Tamaki)

“Daichi-sama is dangerous?” (Shuri)

“Yes! This guy attacked me and Hayase-san….. Perhaps, Umahara and Minamoto-san were as well.” (Tamaki)

“If you are talking about those two, I killed them you know?” (Daichi)

“Attack—–eh, kill……? Eh?” (Tamaki)

I can’t believe what I just heard.

Two heroes were killed?

By an ordinary adventurer?

Or else….. Shuri-chan?

“W-what do you mean….?” (Tamaki)

“It’s like this. Catch.” (Daichi)

The response wasn’t from Shuri-chan, but Yuji. Suddenly, something round was tossed towards me and I managed to catch it.

There was a disgusting feeling on my hand.

It wasn’t a ball.

The eyes were obviously crying. The teeth were missing. A crooked nose. Part of the blonde hair was reddish brown.

I was holding my classmate’s severed head.

“Uaaaaaaaaaaaah!?” (Tamaki)

In order to never see it again, I threw it away and felt nauseous.

“Ooeh! Haa…..haaa….” (Tamaki)

“Oi oi. Is that how you treat your classmate’s head? Treat it delicately.” (Daichi)

He looked at me without innocence. He is enjoying seeing me ridiculed.

Such a…… he’s crazy…..!

“You…. Fiend…..!” (Tamaki)

“You’ve said enough, as you are blind to your own shortcomings. Right, Shuri?” (Daichi)

“Hai, Daichi-sama. It is as you said.” (Shuri)

“Shuri-chan…..” (Tamaki)

She must have been brainwashed strongly. Her true feelings must be of suffering.

It is vexing that I don’t have the power to do anything.

The power to do what?

Who’s the hero?

I can’t even save one friend that is in front of me.

“….. What do you want to do?” (Tamaki)

“Ah?” (Daichi)

“My close friend manipulated, myself captured….. Do you bare a grudge against the kingdom!?” (Tamaki)

“………….. Well, that and the reality aren’t too different.” (Daichi)

Yuji gripped the neck of me who was sitting down and rose me up. I was lifted easily and my feet were off the ground.

“Ka-…….ha……” (Tamaki)

My throat was constricted and it became hard to breathe.


“I…… I will take my revenge on you all. Especially Samejima.” (Daichi)

“Why…… Same…..jima….?” (Tamaki)

“You still haven’t understood? Shuri even called my true name some time ago.” (Daichi)

Shuri-chan did……?

I think as my consciousness is fading.

She definitely called Yuji Daichi-sama.


Did I know someone with a name like that……. Ah.

I did. There was one person.

Just as we did to Shuri-chan, we deserted that boy on that day.

His name was Katsuragi Daichi. The child that the class bullied.

N-no way…….

He couldn’t be alive. I had saw. At that time, his body had been eaten by a demon.

This is….. A lie…..

“……… Looks like you realized.” (Daichi)

“Ah-“ (Tamaki)

I was unexpectedly let go and I fell. I landed on my butt.

Ouch, it was painful.

“Yuji is just a false name. My real name is Katsuragi Daichi. I have returned all the way from hell to take my revenge.” (Daichi)

He laughed with a smile as he put the sword that was on his waist up to my neck.

It was eerie, and my mind was completely blurred out with fear. My teeth were noisy and wouldn’t stop chattering with a ‘GachiGachi’. Tears started to overflow, too.

It was because the blood thirst emanating from him was the real thing. Otherwise I would never have been frightened by someone like Katsuragi.

I was sure that they wouldn’t give me another chance. The only thing I could think of was that I would be killed.

…… Ah, so this is where I will die…..

Knowing that『Death』was coming, all of my memories began to surface…. I’m scared.

Dying….. Is scaryyyyyyy……

“……. Well, Tamaki. I will give you a choice.” (Daichi)

“W-what…..?” (Tamaki)

“Will you die here and lose your life for the rest of time? Or, will you devote your life as my slave?” (Daichi)

Katsuragi offered a sweet temptation.

“You can be together Shuri after becoming my slave, and I also promise to not harm you further.” (Daichi)

“R-really?” (Tamaki)

“However, the moment you show any odd behavior to the demon or I… well, Shuri will mercilessly kill you if that happens. What do you think, Tamaki?” (Daichi)

“I-I will become your slave! Please! I’ll devote my life to you! S-so please, don’t kill me!” (Tamaki)

My words naturally clung to the option that gave me hope.

I want to live. I won’t die. That is reason enough.

Thinking about it isn’t necessary. I would have been troubled if I hesitated and he changed his mind.

“Is that so? A wise choice, Tamaki. You have my praise.” (Daichi)

“T-thank you.” (Tamaki)

Seeming satisfied by my immediate response, he withdrew the sword and sheathed it.

Released from their blood thirst, I felt very alive.

“Tamaki Yuina. You are now my provisional slave.” (Daichi)

This day, I went from being a hero to Katsuragi Daichi’s slave.


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    1. well he had three before being killed by leadred while killing her
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  4. Again, here I am:
    +”That evil demon is opening the door.”
    Not sure how you got door here. But my usual dictionary(Rikaisama) couldn’t even find: [口端], so I had to google it. It means ‘lip service’ or ‘gossip’. But “The evil demon raising lip service” can’t be right. So I just read the jukugo as two different kanji. With means ‘mouth’ and ‘edge’. So “Evil demon is raising the edge of his mouth.” He’s smirking.

    +”Moreover, I can’t forgive Shuri-chan who is following him.”
    Kinda wrong. She’s saying she can’t forgive or rather, permit that Shuri is following him. But she’s not trying to be antagonistic to Shuri.

    +“That was surprising. It was hard to do that to Hayase. I was only able to because I love no one but Shuri.”
    Second sentence is wrong. He’s saying he did a bad this to Hayase. Third sentence is saying “Since I only love Shuri.” ‘Since’ is important. Usually when [だから] is after a sentence it’s to highlight that the sentence is the reason for something stated early. So that who like he’s basically saying that shocked him, he did a bad this to Hayase, since he loves only Shuri.

    This should never be translated literally. It’s pretty much just a way to show the person talking as reacting to something with their voice. I want to say it’s a grunt of some kind but that wouldn’t be quite accurate. It’s just something that isn’t voiced, but if you see it you know the speaker is shocked or surprised trying to react to something.

    +”That’s why I was impatient. I must be able to talk some sense into Shuri-chan by any means. [TN: Bit of a stretch here. Translating literally sounds derpy… ‘reset her mind to the original’]”
    Try “Restore”. Or if you don’t want to be literal. “Turn Shuri-chan back to normal.”

    +”“Yuji is dangerous! Before coming here I trusted him as well!””
    「ユージは危険よ! 今だけでもいいから私を信じて、こっちに来て!」
    Second sentence is wrong. It’s more like: “It’s fine if it’s only for now, but believe me, come here!”

    +”“He killed two people?””
    This line is wrong as well. It’s not obvious, but this is probably Daichi talking. The [?] probably threw you off, but the [yo] before it shows that the line isn’t really a question but more of a statement. It’s like: “If it’s about those two people, (I) killed them you know?”

    +”There was a disgusting feeling on my hand.”
    Line isn’t really wrong. But I just wanted to point out something you may or may not have wondered about.
    ぬるりと is an adjective meaning ‘slimy’ or ‘slippery’. Often times, you come across adjectives like this that are basically onomatopoeia cut in half. Like [ぬるりと] from [ぬるぬる]. You start being able to spot these more when you get used to the language.

    +”He looked at me without innocence. He is enjoying seeing me ridiculed.”
    Second line is wrong? You might have tried to rephrase it, and didn’t worry about being literal here. so it’s likely fine if you don’t wanna change it, but second line is more like “He gives a scornful smile to me, clearly enjoying it.” Rephrase it anyway that makes it flows better.

    +”“You’ve said enough, as you are blind to your own shortcomings. Right, Shuri?””
    Honestly, Even I have some trouble with this line. Or rather, I don’t know how to phrase it in english right.
    Basically, Daichi is pointing out that she sure can talk, as if she doesn’t see her own faults/shortcomings.

    +”“………….. Well, the reality isn’t too different.””
    More like “……Well, there’s that too, but my true objective is different.”

    +“……… You don’t seem to recognize me.”
    More like: “……Looks like you realized.”. Literally it would be: “In the case of that appearance/look/state, seems like (you) realized.”

    +I was sure that they wouldn’t give me another chance. The only thing I could think of was that I would be killed. [TN: Unsure…きっと今まで自分たちがやってきたこと以上にやり返される。それを思うと結末は死しか思い浮かばなかった。]
    This line… is a pain. Second sentence is basically: “When I think that, only death comes to mind in the end.”
    The ‘That’ is probably refering to the first sentence.
    So the first sentence is probably something like(and I’m paraphrasing): “Thinking back on what happened since we came here.”
    “Surely Doing over more the incident when we ourselves arrived up til now.”
    In other words, she’s probably thinking about all the shit the class and her pulled on Daichi and realizes the result for her, at this moment is death.

    +”Thinking about it isn’t necessary. I would be troubled if I hesitated and changed my mind.”
    There’s probably a mistake in the second sentence. She’s probably saying If she hesitates, it would be trouble if HE changed his mind.

    +”From these three’s blood thirst, I was barely able to live.”
    I believe it’s more like: “Liberated/released from the thirst of blood of the three, I had a feeling of being alive.” There’s probably a better way to phrase it. But basically, she’s saying she had really felt she escaped death.
    You weren’t really wrong with the second part. But there’s probably a better way to say it.

  5. What a crazy turned of events. I still dont like tamaki.. it’d be great if they were friends, they got along really well when he was Yuji but i hate her for putting her life above her friends, she only cares about herself

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