Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (2-7)

Story 2-7『Promise』

“You did well. Leadred.” (Daichi)

I tapped the shoulders of the two female heroes from behind where Leadred put them to see if they were conscious.

Neither were killed. I only wanted to make them faint from a blow to the back of the neck.

“These guys deserved at least this much. What do we do with the other ones?” (Leadred)

“We’ll take the girl with glasses above ground. There is a soldier standing by there, tell him that the party was annihilated and to report it to the royal palace.” (Daichi)

“And the other?” (Leadred)

“Because she has her uses, I’ll make her my slave. However, no killing. I don’t have any slots remaining. Deliver Hayase to the soldier I have waiting there.” (Daichi)

“Roger. Then, I’ll carry her there.” (Leadred)

“Oh yeah, I’ll take Tamaki along to Shuri. Is it good to enter the room now?” (Daichi)

“Shuri is still cleaning up the demons there. Praise her afterwards.” (Leadred)

It was easy to imagine Shuri cutting demons into pieces with enthusiasm.

Pfft. I unintentionally laughed.

“I got it. I’ll join her.” (Daichi)

For a bit now, her behavior has been different. When I held out a fist to Leadred, she offered hers in response. They hit with a bump.

“First of all, three people. Congratulations.” (Leadred)

“Oh. Thanks.” (Daichi)

After saying my thanks, Leadred scratched her cheeks embarrassedly and turned to carry Hayase to the floor’s stair room.

“…… Now then.” (Daichi)

Fainted, this defenseless girl before me would be simple to kill given the circumstances.

But…. She was one of Shuri’s close friends, this girl.

“Hah…. For now, should I carry her along?” (Daichi)

Shouldering Tamaki’s delicate figure, I set out carrying her to the room where I executed the others.


“Daichi-sama!” (Shuri)

As I opened the door, Shuri who was standing at the entrance of the room rushed to me.

She’s started to become attached me, like a cute animal.

“Welcome home. Were you harmed?” (Shuri)

“I’m unhurt. They were negligent.” (Daichi)

“That so? That’s good.” (Shuri)

Shuri gave a sigh of relief. As it was inevitable, I looked Shuri up and down.

“Apart from that…. I would like to ask Shuri to take care of this person’s treatment…..” (Daichi)

I brought Hero Tamaki Yuina and put her on the floor.

“Eh? ……. This person……. Isn’t she Yui-chan?” (Shuri)

Shuri was surprised at the unexpected reunion. Come to think of it, these two often talked with each other.

“She is definitely Tamaki Yuina.” (Daichi)

“So bringing her here means… her too?” (Shuri)

“Ah, I plan to kill and make her my slave.” (Daichi)

“Is that….. so.” (Shuri)

Shuri looked down when she heard what I said. It must have been hard to hear that I plan on killing her close friend.

“….. Though it is unfortunate, nothing will stop me no matter what Shuri says. For the sake of bringing Samejima down I must bring strong pieces into my control.” (Daichi)

“…… Yeah.” (Shuri)

Her answer was short, tinged with a little disappointment.

“……. Were you disillusioned?” (Daichi)

“No! It’s just….. That….” (Shuri)

Though she tried to say something Shuri stopped talking. Her eyes were shaking. Seeing that, I understand what she meant.

“But….. Since Yui-chan is pretty…. Um, Daichi-sama will be captured by her….” (Shuri)

“Sorry, Shu–…….. huh?” (Daichi)

I let out a strange sound from her unexpected worry.

The maiden I fell in love with says she is worried….. Even I would be shocked….

….. I guess it is necessary for me to clarify our relationship between us here, then?

“Shuri.” (Daichi)

“Y-yes….” (Shuri)

“I will have no one but Shuri. I don’t need anyone else. As long as Shuri likes me, these feelings of mine will never change.” (Daichi)

“D-Daichi-sama…..” (Shuri)

Her cheeks became pink and she clung to me.

Looking at the situation, I noticed….. This girl….. Isn’t sad at all.

……. Possibly……

“……Shuri.” (Daichi)

“What is it, Daichi-sama? Your love, Shuri, is here.” (Shuri)

“……. Why are you doing this?” (Daichi)

With a start, the girl in my arms’ body stiffened. She timidly looked up and spoke.

“……. Was I found out?” (Shuri)

She playfully stuck out her tongue. She sighed with a ‘Haa’.

“Showing your master such a cute appearance to get praise even though I’m exhausted, please don’t do something like this often.” (Daichi)

“Sorry. I wanted to cheer Daichi-sama up…..” (Shuri)

Using the edge of her clothes, she wiped her teary eyes…… sly.

“Liar.” (Daichi)

“Ouch.” (Shuri)

I flicked her forehead after moving her hair.

“Shuri. Please refrain from things like that in the dungeon. You can do that as much as you like once we are above ground.” (Daichi)

“Then, please embrace me when we go back above ground.” (Shuri)

“Tsu….. Something like that—!?” (Daichi)

Her tongue invaded my mouth. Our saliva mixed. Her eyes were close. I could hear her rough breathing.

After several seconds of her having total control over the situation, she stopped.

Pulling back her lips by a hair’s breadth. Captivating. Her womanly side has definitely started to appear out of her childishness.

“…… Please embrace me okay?” (Shuri)

“……. I got it.” (Daichi)

I showed that I gave up by raising my arms. I can’t seem to win against Shuri in things like this. As soon as I thought this.

“I did it. I got you to promise.” (Shuri)

“The way you did was unfair.” (Daichi)

“It’s because I endured it for a long time while Daichi-sama was away, please forgive me.” (Shuri)

“……. There was no other way then.” (Daichi)

I moved my hand back and forth many times through the hair of her leaning head.

Her whole-faced smile tickled my fancy—-.

“…… What am I to do with you two.…..” (Leadred)

——we stiffened.

We slowly turned around like rusted metal moving with a ‘GiGiGi‘ sound.

The red demon whose gaze could kill shot us a cold look, we could do nothing but give off a strained laugh.


…… It’s cold.

…………. Where am I? My memory is hazy. At times like this, it is necessary to slowly recall what happened.

I went into the【Labyrinth of the Sleeping Trance】with Umahara and everyone and Yuji-san went to the Monster House…. Yuji-san came back…. Hayase collapsed….!

The mental picture rose to the surface and became clear.

That’s right… I was, by Yuji-san….he struck my neck….

…… Hayase-san it is dangerous!!

“Hayase-san!” (Tamaki)

“Kya-!?” (Shuri)

When I straightened from sleeping a small shriek rose. However, it was familiar. Rather than Hayase-san’s, it was very nostalgic.

I saw who the voice came from.

There was the person I abandoned in【Rigal’s Den】—Shuri-chan.

“Sh-Shuri-chan?” (Tamaki)

“Ah, you woke up, Yui-chan.” (Shuri)

Without a doubt, that was my close friend Hamakaze Juri’s bashful smile.

Eh, how? There, Shuri-chan…… unexpectedly, she lived? The amount of demons she would to have had killed…..

….. Was this a dream? I pinched my cheek. It hurt.

It’s not…. A dream.

“? Why did you do that, Yui-chan?” (Shuri)

“No… wait a second.” (Tamaki)

Naturally, my tears began overflowing. Going against what I thought, my irreplaceable close friend that I thought was dead was alive and I couldn’t stop my tears.

“More than that….. Shuri-chan!” (Tamaki)

With my close friend in front of me I was overcome with emotion and spread my arms and dove at her.

Shuri-chan looked at me and stepped back. My embrace was easily refused.

“Sh-Shuri-chan! Why did you avoid me! Though this is our touching reunion!” (Tamaki)

“I’m sorry. This isn’t touching for me.” (Shuri)

Her words were like knifes that struck my chest.

I felt like cold water was just splashed onto my face. I pulled back from my excitement and only self-loathing remained.

…… That’s right. I did something cruel to Shuri-chan. Doing these kinds of things after that, rejection is natural….

“Ah, Shuri. Tamaki woke up?” (Daichi)

“Yes, Daichi-sama. Just now.” (Shuri)

“………………..What?” (Tamaki)

—-My consciousness fell into a negative spiral upon hearing the voice of the man who was our guard.

“Yo, Tamaki. How was it fainting for the first time?” (Daichi)

It was the adventurer Yuji.

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