Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (2-6)

Story 2-6 『Killing』

In order to kill, the attack was so fast that it was invisible. Minamoto activated her special ability and raised the hardness of her sword to the maximum in order to deflect the blow.

However, her right arm was severed.


The sounds of her last moments. Still, the demon doesn’t wait.

“Ogre Flame.”

Ten King-class flame bulbs emerged and floated in the air. At the wave of her hand, Leadred shot them all at once.

“Spirits of water! Become the shield that defends me! Water Wall!”

Umahara instantly put up a shield, though the attack was not stopped by the Soul-class magic. The blaze poured over Umahara after piercing through his protective wall.



This is the room from【Rigal’s Den】, the stair room in the undermost floor. It was impossible for Minamoto and Minami to win.

Even I was at a tie with Leadred. Those who have not even reached my status should not be able to win.

This situation has proven that.

“Haa! Haa!”

“It hurts, it huuurts…..!”

Umahara is barely well enough to use magic. However, he is breathing heavily and has already reached his limit. A pathetic individual.

Minamoto has lost her fighting spirit. Yep. It is because she lost her dominant arm from the elbow down.

“Oi oi…… Maybe this time, damnit….”

Shouldering her sword covered with blood, the demon approached. Raising both of her eyes, she releases a brutal atmosphere.

“Damnit! Water Spirits!–”

“『Demonic Pressure』”

Leadred invokes her special ability before Umahara finishes chanting.

Using the magic caused Umahara to run out of gas.

“W-what….. gwah!?”

Unable to use magic, Umahara was knocked out of her sight with incredible power.

When he hit the wall, he vomited and crumbled.

“You’re filthy, oi.”

Leadred grabbed Umahara by the hair and threw him to the wall near me.

Fainting, the hero carelessly collapsed so I used some light restoration magic on him.


“You know this is your graveyard, right Umahara-kun?”


Something landed near Umahara. There was a sound of collapsing debris. Minamoto’s head hung limp.


Unable to stand from fear, Umahara crawled to her like a baby.

However, the demon stopped him by coming from the sky.

“Ah-! You recovered!”

“Aheee-!?” [TN: Just a noise.]

Umahara’s eyes crossed and he lost consciousness.

Being able to do that much and unable to use magic, it was a justified reaction. Besides, a little while ago I recall feeling the same.


“Ah, I got it. Spirits of light, grant us serenity. Magic Heal.”

I recited the spell to heal Umahara and wake him up.

Before he was able grasp the situation, Leadred kicked him.


Ah, that broke some bones. One, maybe two seem to have broken.

“Leadred. I’ll handle this guy and entrust Minamoto-sama to you. Ah, and killing her is no good. Just beat her up.”

“I understand.”

Leadred was obviously enjoying herself. Maybe she was defeated by a hero in the past and treated like Minamoto is now.

“…… Well, should I kill him now?”

Drawing my long sword, I thrust it into Umahara’s foot so that he won’t run away.


His hazy consciousness seems to have be replaced by extreme pain. He was already sloppily crying.

I use my foot to trample on his head, pushing down and grinding against it.

“So? How does it feel to kiss the ground?”

“W-why…… why are you doing this!!”

My question was answered with another question.

“What are you doing, answering my question with another question? Didn’t you learn to not do that in elementary? …. Well, that’s fine. I’m feeling good, so I’ll tell you. Open.”

I remove my foot and pull him by his hair, showing him my status screen.

“Y-you….Y-You’re Katsuragi……?”

“Yeah, the Katsuragi Daichi that all of you have bullied for a long time. With this, do you understand my reason?”

I pull the sword out and bring it to his neck. Understanding what I said, Umahara bowed desperately for his life.

“I-I’m so sorry! I had no choice but to do that stuff!”


“It’s because Samejima was targeting you! I-I didn’t want to do such a thing! I’ll apologize as much as it takes! So, please excus—bu!?”

I struck the top of his head with an axe kick.

“Shut up…… well? Still spitting out lies? Then, wouldn’t Hayase who hasn’t done anything also be Samejima’s target?”


Umahara started sputtering. He’s likely thinking what to use has his next excuse. Worthless.

“It’s already fine. Die.”

“P-please wait! Please…. Please spare my life! I-I’ll do anything!”

Umahara clinged to my foot in desperation.

Laughable. I’m quite happy.

So, I proposed something.

“Is that so….? I want you to let me violate Tamaki. That will prove your innocence.”

“T-that is….”

“If you don’t want to, then die?”

I pricked his shoulder with the tip of my sword. Umahara shook his head.

“I’ll do it, I’ll do it! Please, let me do it…!”

His desperation was revolting. In exchange his your life, he’ll give up his love…. he’d so anything to save himself.

Well, seeing his appearance like this is pretty fun.

“…….It can’t be helped. Alright. I’ll keep you alive.”

“T-thank you so much…..”

Umahara made a relieved expression after guaranteeing his life. He is thoroughly reflecting on the joy that is life.

“….. Hey, stand up.”

“….. Y-yes.”

I stretched a hand towards Umahara as it didn’t seem like he’d be able to stand up by himself. He took my hand and stood up.

——While I simultaneously stabbed him in the stomach with my sword.

“……..Eh? Ah?”

It seems that Umahara doesn’t understand the situation yet.

“W-why……I-I was cooperating……”

“Ah. That, I lied.”

I replied with a smile. I pulled the sword out and it landed on Umahara’s back with a light plop.

“Yeah. Unfortunately, I already have a special female. Tamaki holds no appeal for me now…… did you think I was serious?”

“No….. way…..”

In one go, his hope disappeared and was replaced with despair.

Umahara’s expression lost all sense of life.

“Hero-sama. I finished over here. Ah, but, she fainted.”

“Got it. Could you bring her over here? Put her near him.”

“Nn. Roger.”

Using the ripped cloth at the nape of Minamoto’s neck, Leadred threw her on top of Umahara. Umahara awakened and you could hear Minamoto groan.


“P-please…… stop…..”

Ignoring their pleas, I prepared to use my sword. I clad my sword’s blade in wind type magic since these guys’ bodies are easy to tear rip apart with a bit of force.

“Ah. With this I will get some relief—-“


I make my decision and swing my sword.

Deep red blood and two heads danced in the sky.


After【Rigal’s Den】, half of the classmates withdrew from the front lines. The demons planted extreme fear into their minds.

Then, there’s us. With healthy minds we separated into three groups and set forth to capture new dungeons. We hired a guard named Yuji.

He was a pretty weird guy who acknowledged Hayase’s inner strength, and laughed off my obvious harassment. He was nice, and even now he is helping Umahara who has been harassing him again and again.

“I wonder if they are safe…..? Everyone……”

“T-they’re fine. Yuji-san and everyone are strong.”

“……Hmmmm? Only using Yuji-san’s name huh?”

“A, t-there was no particular reason.”

….. Though she denied it, her face was a deep red….

Hayase-san was perfectly a prisoner to Yuji-san. Well, considering how she is usually treated it probably can’t be helped, I think.

With her love of reading and shyness coupled together, I guess it is hard for people to notice that she is kind-hearted. Hayase-san’s personality is enjoyable so it should be fine to leave it alone.

……. However……

“They’re slow, those three….”

Looking at my wristwatch, one hour has already passed. Well, it does take time to clear a monster house….

…… Or. The worst case scenario comes to mind.

It’s was very unpleasant to watch someone die. I lost my best friend in【Rigal’s Den】.

Her name was Hamakaze Shuri-chan. Shuri-chan, Nanami and I were the mascots of the class and the three of us were friends that conversed often.

We encouraged each other to work hard to become heroes for this world.

However, on that day…. Shuri-chan was too late to get away. Though Nanami tried to rescue her, it was not possible because she was stopped by Samejima.

However, I don’t blame Samejima. Because I also prioritized my life. I didn’t even try to help.


I shook off those troublesome thoughts with a shake.

….. As you would expect, enduring this damp and humid cave is gloomy.

Everything around me looks the same. The only difference is when I can see myself in the crystals’ reflections.


Just when I was thinking that.

“Ah, Yuji-san!”

Nearby, Hayase-san’s voice brightened.

It seems that Yuji has come back. I rushed over to him in a trot.

Hayase-san was smiling gently as her hair was gently brushed. However, unlike before he was covered with wounds and blood.

It seems to have been a considerably close call.

“Sorry, I kept you waiting. I ran into some unexpected difficulties. Are you all right?”

“Y-yes! Because Tamaki-san was keeping watch!”

“That so? Tamaki, thank you.”

He gently pats my head.

W-well. With this…. I am embarrassed.

“D-don’t treat me like a child! Stop patting my head!”

After saying that while embarrassed, he laughs.

“Ah, but, Tamaki—like this I am not worried about you escaping.”


In the next moment, I see Hayase-san collapsing behind him.

Wait, what?


I try to shake off his hand and go to where my classmate fell. However, he gripped with his arm and wouldn’t let go.

“Yuji-san!? Why–let go!!”

“Be at peace. Hayase isn’t dead, I don’t intend to kill her.”

“Huh? W-what are… you trying to say?”

Yuji-san pulls me in closer with his arm and embraces me.

“Y-Yuji-san!? Now is not the time to joke!!”

“I’m not joking. I am serious. I’ve looked forward to this.”

He brought his face close to my ear and whispered sweetly.

“You——I’m going to kill.”

Though, even giving my death sentence he didn’t show any affection or his thoughts.


Before I finished speaking, a large impact met my neck.

My…… strength….. is fading……

And so, my consciousness flew away.

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