Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (2-4)

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Story 2-4 『Improvised Party』

“You’re our guard this time, Yuji?”

The only male in the party talked to me.

He’s someone that I remember well.

He belongs to Samejima’s entourage.

He looks to have not changed at all. An average height and build, a natural Japanese man all in all. Rather, have you not gotten fatter?

Evidence that he didn’t bother with daily training. It seems that Umahara has been lazy.

“Umahara-kun, it’s rude to speak like that! I’m sorry, please overlook his behavior.”

As for the girl—Tamaki Yui—it seems that she misunderstood my lack of a response since I was in a bad mood.

She is the class chairman, a volunteered peacemaker. To put it bluntly, she assisted in bullying me and promoted it.

As I recall, it became fine to bully me because she was popular with the teachers and others in the school.

….. Wait. Didn’t I have human rights? ….. I don’t want to think about it. This feeling is building fast.

Regardless, there are people in front of me.

“It’s fine, I don’t mind. I am Yuji, an adventurer. For now, I give you my regards.”

I hold out my hand and say so to shake hands with them. One by one, the girls introduce themselves.

“H-Hayase Fuuko. P-pleased to meet you.”

“Minamoto Kureha.”

“Tamaki Yui, thank you very much!”

Even in class, Hayase was a complete shadow, so her name matches her appearance. She was an innocent bystander. She never acted violently towards me….. As you would expect, I do not wish to kill her.

She’ll be given a role to play. The pieces begin to fall together in my head.

The Yankee with imitation blonde hair confronts me. She is the leader of the group that follows Samejima. The amount of times I’ve suffered from her foot are beyond count. Therefore, I decided she’ll receive capital punishment.

“Ah, my best regards. Though it is fast, we are to form a sortie. Will you inform me of the party’s composition before we begin? I would like to understand.”

“Minamoto-san and I are the vanguard, with Umahara-kun and Hayase-san in the rear. I give the orders.”

I see, a typical composition. Before Umahara was in front of Hayase, she was on standby like me.

“Quite a good composition. I won’t have to think much on it.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“I can easily survive by defending. Then, let’s go to capture the dungeon.”

“Hai! Let’s descend!”

“Shall I show you my power?”


“……. Tch.”

My former classmates leave the room in succession.

Ah, let’s face it. That place will become your grave.

While snickering in my mind, I follow them out.


Nothing happened on the way there. While everyone was talking on the way, I spent the time in tension. This isn’t the same as [Rigal’s Den].

Learn from experience, guys…. I was amazed at the situation, though at least it let me organize what I found out.

First of all, their special abilities.

Umahara’s 『Process Replication』allows him to spend his MP to temporarily make any magic his own and reproduce it.

Minamoto’s 『Variation Sword』allows her to change the hardness of her sword and its length, up to 8 meters.

Hayase’s 『Grand Library』is a non-combat ability. Once she learns something, she will remember it for eternity. Something that could be useful at any time.

Tamaki’s 『Witch of Freezing』increases the effect of her ice magic by one stage. However, it cannot exceed the God-class.

Although everyone had an imbalanced power, I was most frightened of Tamaki’s ability. Spirit-class magic would become Soul-class magic and Soul-class would become King-class magic.

This was good to know in advance because although there is a big level difference we might take some damage in the worst case. Shuri can only use a few Soul-class spells.

Incidentally, since I was given『Steel Heart』, I wouldn’t be scratched. Lying to Hayase about this would be a big risk for our trust.

I understand that having status values this high isn’t good as it stands out.

Umahara Keito. It is obvious that he likes Tamaki. He hasn’t separated from her since we left.

Unfortunately, she’s been talking to me to avoid Umahara.

Honestly I don’t think she is trying to get on good terms with me, rather she is doing so because she wants me to save her when she’s in pinch.

“Um, Yuji-san?”


“Why are you going to the [Labyrinth of the Sleeping Trance] with us? Wouldn’t [Rigal’s Den] have been better?”

…. This person, even though I already understand….

I pretend to not understand as we travel and listen to Tamaki.

I want to keep the conversation going. I really don’t want to talk to Umahara.

….. Well, I know that he’ll do nothing but brag if he gets the chance….

“Right now, it is hard to go to [Rigal’s Den] because it is overflowing with adventurers. So, unlike before, the [Labyrinth of the Sleeping Trance] became more favorable to train at.”

“Heeeh, so there was a reason like that…..”

Blah…. Are we going to continue this exchange….?

Since I am getting bored I decide to stop this conversation forcibly.

“Then, we are now exploring the dungeon. Everyone, arm yourselves and tighten formation.”

Tamaki and Hayase do as they are told and pull out short swords. It goes without saying, but the other two don’t.

They show expressions that say they have no intention of following orders.

“…. Hey, aren’t you our guard?”

“Yes, that is so.”

“Then , don’t tell us what to do.”


…. These people. Are they so arrogant that they already forgot us dying? [TN: Talking about Hamakaze’s and his death.]

“We’d be fine even without your power. We were only defeated there because we were attacked by so many demons.”

“…… That arrogance will eventually cost you your life, you should stop it.”

“Aren’t you are here to defend us if we are in danger? At that time, give up your life and protect us.”

Sneering, Umahara brandished his staff and went inside.

“Since it’s like that, it’s alright.”

Minamoto follows Umahara inside.

“Aah, you two….”

“I’m sorry, Yuji-san. They are overconfident of their strength…” [TN: She refers to them as children]

We were being left behind.

Flustered, Hayase bows to apologize for Tamaki.

I clap the other two on the shoulder and let out a dry laugh.

“I don’t mind, so don’t worry. Let’s follow them. The monsters in there are stronger than the ones from [Rigal’s Den].”


I acted nice to get them to let down their guard. It seems that they are starting to relax. The tension has been lessened a bit.

“There’s no need to use honorifics with me. I’m as old as you all.”

“Is that so? You seem older…..”

“I get that a lot. Don’t worry though, as your senpai in exploring dungeons I’ll defend you without fail. Follow me.”

I put on as good of a smile as I could. It was hard to smile so much in one day. I’m not used to smiling so much.

“Ah…. Yeah….”

“Please continue doing your escort well, Yuji.”

“Ah, of course.”

I invite the two girls inside as I lead them by the hands.

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