Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (2-3)

Story 2-3『Begin Preparations』

“What’s our plan to enslave the heroes?”

“We’ll make the best use of Samejima without killing him. Confine them and kill their companions one after another. They will surely fall into distrust of one another and blame each other.”

“Though unpleasant, after it is killed once, let’s make it into my slave. That will push it to work hard eternally to avenge itself. If it’s a woman it will be fine to sell her to a brothel after we are done with her; it is more than she deserves. This way, she suffers and we kill two birds with one stone.”


We look at the flyer, our schedule for the future is significantly rearranged.

『The Heroes’ fighting spirit has been lost. They are to get accustomed to the dungeon in order to regain confidence, there is no choice but to capture. Therefore, we are looking for a new guard to cooperate. 』

To summarize the story Leadred heard, it is mostly like this.

From the kingdom, in this case guard means『Shield』.

A throwaway in case of an unexpected situation.

The adventurers are also guessing the same thing, it seems that no one has volunteered so far.

In the first place, if you have confidence in your skill enough to guard the Heroes that purposely won’t fight you could just aim at the dungeon capture yourself.

Does Ginger understand what is going on around here?  If such a request was put out, he must be a foolish king.

The talk is progressing in the direction of where the request was received. I think this request is foolish.

At any rate, we all hold a grudge towards heroes.

“All right, from here on our objective is settled and will be carried out. I am the only one that will take the request. You two must head for the labyrinth. Objections?”

“Huh?! Do I not take it as well?”

“Daichi-sama! What about me?”

“Oh. You aren’t even a human to start with, and they know Shuri’s face.”

“Ku-……. There must be some other way….”

“…. Yeah, I won’t be selfish…..”

The two withdrew.

Even if they don’t change my opinion, there are still important preparations.

The preparations are related to the strategy that I came up with the moment I heard the story. I curse them on a daily basis, and getting revenge on them someday occupies my mind.

This time I will make use of a plan.

Well, there are a lot of things that should be confirmed from Leadred before I can achieve it.

“Leadred, I want to ask you something. Will you answer?”

“Ah, of course. If I know it, ask anything.”

“Is that so? Then, first of all….”

I begin to talk about the revenge scenario I was making in my head. I had her confirm and give advice on a necessary matter in the process and begin to assemble the plan.

Until we make the plan 『Perfect』, we think up and repeat the process.

The final outcome is satisfying, so we went to bed and morning dawned.


I woke up in the warm sunshine from the open curtains and stretched my body.

Apparently, Shuri seems to have opened them.

“Good morning, Daichi-sama.”

“Ah, good morning.”

I return the greetings while rubbing my eyes.

Though I only slept a short time, carelessness won’t be permitted in the dungeon at all. Furthermore, the dungeon will have an evil environment such as hard floors. [TN: Hard floors are the least of your worries]

Compared to that, here is a soft bed. There is no life threatening danger either. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this is heaven.

“You seem to have slept well.”

“Well. I think that I can sleep anywhere, except the dungeon for now.”

“Well, that’s so.”

She smiled as she agreed.

……………. Isn’t she too splendid?

“……. Ah-”

I embraced her small body. Without resistance, she completely settled into my arm.

My face was buried in her neck. A woman’s faint, sweet aroma.

“….. settle down……”

“D-Daichi-sama…. Isn’t it bad to act like that today because there is important work…..?”

“I must replenish myself with the Shuri ingredient ahead of time. It gives me courage.”

“……. There is no other way.”

She seemed to have understood what I wanted to say. Because it is miserable, I did not want to say it…. She took my feelings into consideration. I truly appreciate it.

After that, I continued getting courage from Shuri for about ten minutes.

After breakfast, we separate at the entrance into two groups. Though it is lonely because we won’t meet each other for a while starting today, I pat their heads.

“Hero-sama. Let’s do our best to reunite and laugh with each other.”

“Daichi-sama. I wish you good luck.”

“Ah. Let’s both meet there. Do not overwork yourselves.”

“I understand.”

“Be relieved, I’ll protect us. Well then.”

Saying that, the two shoulder their luggage and leave the inn.

After seeing them off until they disappear from sight, I quickly move into action.

The response to the letter I sent to the royal palace yesterday arrived, I am to be examined this morning.

I think they want to try my abilities, so to speak.

I arrive as what seems to be just an adventurer who wields an iron long sword and leather armor. I stored a potion of a medical herb that can cure paralysis and poison in case of emergency.

And now, I are in front of that detestable person—-Ginger.

“Are you the adventurer named Yuji?”

Yuji is the false name I registered at the adventurer’s guild yesterday, it wasn’t questioned.

By the way, I registered just after shopping. I didn’t know it wasn’t possible to sell wares if you weren’t registered to a guild. Thanks to that, the pages in my dark past have increased once again.

Apart from that, as long as my name is heard, even a similar face seems to be acceptable.

From my standpoint, it is most likely because I am to be the 『Shield』that will be stepped on.

Maybe then, I just might not be examined. Only fools would recruit like this. It’s impossible to do.

“Yes, that’s right. I want to help, so I applied.”

My abusive language is concealed, acting respectful my lowering my head.

“Umu. Then, show me your power. It is important to inspect your capability.”

“With pleasure….. What do you want me to do? Should I use magic?”

“Umu. That’s fine. I want to see your power.”

“Certainly. Then, let me show you my magic.”

Following the scenario that we prepared, I continuously used an Imperial-class magic followed by eight instances of the Spirit-class magic『Flame bulb』simultaneously.

According to Shuri’s common knowledge of this world and Samejima’s abilities, I set mine to be lower in order to avoid suspicion.

I will say that the results were enough to please that foolish king.


I received the notification of acceptance and was guided by one of the country’s martial soldiers. After hearing it, it seems that a sortie was immediately gathered. Moreover, it seems that this soldier was passed on to me to babysit me.

His unfortunate handling aside, it seems the kingdom wants to quickly regain the heroes’ dignity.

I said nothing as it is convenient for me.

Walking down the quiet long corridor with the soldier, the contents of the mission are spoken about.

“Right now Daichi is in charge of four heroes. ”

“Only four people?”

Thinking about it, that is considerably few. Of the 29, only four….?

“Yes. Many of the heroes felt fear from the demon from the last sortie…. Most have held on to the sickness in their mind.”

“….. those guys are pathetic.”

The demons ate me because of you guys.

It’s no good. I’m excessively angry. I endure it and clench my fist.

“…… And so? These four aren’t ill?”

“Yes. Ten of the heroes are fine. The others are divided into three groups in order to acquire the experience efficiently. As for the group Daichi is in charge of, the balance is composed well.”

“Is that so? That’s too bad.”

“No, such a thing….. Ah, here. We’ve arrived.”

“Understood. I’ll go now ….. yeah. I’m off to finish my preparations.”

Saying so, I drive away the soldier with my hand.

“Certainly. Then, excuse me.”

He retraced his path after bowing, not seeming to care about my impoliteness.

…… was I exposed?

Slight uneasiness ran through my chest, though it went away.

“…… Well.”

I stand in front of the door and confront it. If I open this, they are there.

They completely humiliated me and threw away Shuri.

….. This morning, Shuri gave me a part of her strength….. it’s alright. I won’t fail.

I stare at the doorknob.

Fuu. I exhale.

“…..I’m coming in.”

The knob is turned and the door opened.

Coming into sight is a man with black hair and a glasses girl with blonde hair tied into pigtails.

Samejima didn’t appear to be there.

However, that is fine.

He will be the one to receive the best suffering.

It is more interesting if the main event is saved for last.

Though, I’ll play with these guys first.

Starting from here—-the curtain rises on our revenge tragedy song {{Opening}}.


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