Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (2-2)

Story 2-2『Fate』

“..… Hamakaze, you…”

….. I wonder if I should believe her….? No, it is different. One by one, it isn’t good to think about these kinds of things.

It what way would it be good to suspect the person that is giving you goodwill.

“….. Would you accept me?”

She asks again.

It is good that I don’t hear it as rustic.

It is being requested by her. I am asked this for the first time by someone.

—–It’s not unpleasant, it is different. I don’t want a reason. Don’t try to make up an excuse. I understand.

To me, this girl…. She is an important person.


I pat her head, moving my hand along her hair, ending on her shoulders.

I can feel her trembling under the tips of my fingers. It is strained. Though, it might be that I am trembling.


Hamakaze shut her eyes. I understand what she expects.

She is waiting.

Waiting for my approach.

“…….. Shuri.”

“……. Nn.”

This time, I will kiss her. I bring my face close—–.


We left from the royal palace, visiting a large commercial district of the kingdom.

Everyone is full of life and the vigor is definitely overflowing. There are many guests in the shops, and it seems to prosper considerably.

An armor shop in particular is especially showing the upsurge.

Rumors spread about the heroes whom the country summoned returning from floor 51 of [Rigal’s Den] covered in wounds.

The existence of the monster house trap room seems to have spread, too; skilled adventurer’s preparing a group for [Rigal’s Den] start to get ready for entering.

Their motive is clear. In order to server the country, use the heroes as a strategy guide for the dungeon.

Well, the dungeon guardian there is already my slave.

I go to Shuri while desperately holding in my laughter. [TN: Bit of a stretch for this one.]

“As one would expect, there are indeed many commodities.”

With star like eyes that are sparkling, Shuri’s eyes glance from here to there.

After all, girls really do like shopping don’t they?

“Daichi-sama! Let’s go around slowly after this!

“Ah, I got it, I got it. We have money, too. I’ll buy you something.”


There are a lot of men. In other words, I who walked with a maid gathered cursing looks from others.

“Oi, you there. You brought a good woman, huh? Isn’t life shor—?!”

I bought everything. With such plain provocation, I took everything that seemed to be worth it. When they sold out, Hamakaze gave off a very pleased face.

The benevolence! I wanted to shout, but didn’t. This has happened before.

To think that just as I reach my hand out to my splendid woman it ends.

“Daichi-sama, we’ve arrived.”

“Oh, the adventurer guild…..!”

Hamakaze and I had come to the adventurer’s guild. This was our original purpose.  It took two days to get here.

The next dungeon was decided.

“….. Oh.”

A voice of admiration is raise. When passing through the doors, a spectacle was seen.

Inside was a wide room with depth that looked like tavern.

There was a counter made from a tree that separates forward into seven segments with windows in separating them all.

Newcomers register sequentially from the right, search desk, getting a two quest receipts each.

However, that is all. I head straight for the seventh counter『Information Sales』.

“Hello. Can I help you? Would you be looking to buy information today?”

The receptionist quickly fastened her gaze to my eyes. A good professional skill.

Her ears are longer than a human’s with a light blue color a human is incapable of.

Perchance, she might be an elf. Such species truly seem to exist.

“…… Guest-sama?”

The receptionist who watches me who isn’t talking at all sends me a dubious glance.

I immediately respond with the following words.

“My bad, I was impolite. It is because you are very beautiful.”



My soul felt like it was shaved off by a cold and penetrating gaze.

Since there is no reason to decrease my favorability, I decided to tell her what I wanted to buy.


Currently, up to floor 27 is completed. The rate is unfavorable.

It is because the dungeon’s labyrinth is complex and it hard to find the room with stairs.

Furthermore, the walls, they drive your sense of direction mad by appearing as mirror-like crystal.

Named for these reasons, the [Labyrinth of the Sleeping Trance].

This is the next dungeon that we have decided to aim for.

After obtaining the map of the labyrinth, we spent some time around the commercial district as I promised earlier.

Dry-goods store, bookstore, grocer, restaurant, retail store, and finally a slave shop.

“Daichi-sama! How about this?”

Shuri was wearing an orange dress by the fitting room.

My first impression of her was innocence. It was easy for me to think that these bright colors suited her.

Though generally it isn’t, the height of the skirt being low became a merit. By choosing clothes like the one piece it appealed to purity.

It is a single color, but has somewhat of a gradient towards the bottom; the balance isn’t bad.

She twirls on the spot and the skirt dances. I glance at her thin white legs that appear.

Dangerous. This is very dangerous.

I glance up quickly to see her collarbone, to her shoulder line. I begin to have an unbecoming swelling due to her face. Her nape is charmingly glossy from a little sweat.

To be frank, it is lovely.

“…… Daichi-sama?”

“…… It’s nothing.”

“However, you sat down suddenly….. do you hurt somewhere?”

“N-no. It’s just that I don’t feel like standing.”

Please don’t ask why.


Fortunately, Shuri seems to not understand why.

“Then, buy it with peace of mind. It suits you amazingly. It is worth the cost.”

“Y-yes! I want this!”

Shuri ran to where the clerk was at the counter at full speed.

I managed to retain my pride as a man.


“Ah! It was a good day.”

We who went window shopping, ate rice together, and enjoyed a complete date were heading home to hotel.

“It was good.”

Though I was taken around the city and was honestly exhausted, it seemed to not matter as long as I could hear impressions of the city from Shuri.

“Although, most was just talking with me, were you satisfied?”

After all, I was only going to buy one dress.

Other than talking while walking, we didn’t do much.

“Yeah. No complaints.”

“However, don’t feel reserved if you want something. You’ve earned it.”

“….. Hey, Daichi-sama. You don’t have to buy me things.”

Shuri had a slightly sulky expression and looked a little miffed.

“Though I don’t feel like that, I apologize if I made you feel bad.”

“That apology was good, so please remember.”

Shuri clasped my hand.

“Staying near the girl you like…. you can feel warmth, spending days casually together….  That such a blessing.”


The force from her hand gripped tighter. Her cheeks reddened, and not from the evening sun.

It might be embarrassing.

I’m too embarrassed.

My body temperature rises.

My heart beat is noisy.

I could look at her forever. [TN: Stretching it, <3 ]

“L-let’s go! Leadred is waiting for us!”

“R-right! Let’s go home to sleep! We need to be up early tomorrow!”

And so, like a gale we hurried to the hotel.


It becomes night. We are lodging at 『The Moon of Rostalsia』.  Two days with morning and evening meals amount to 10,000 Col. We found this place from the adventurer guild’s quest board a little while ago. It is a considerably good hotel.

Subjugate 50 Rigals for 5,000 Col. It’s supposed to be pretty hard work.

Thanks to Leadred’s favor, we are able to stay here.

She is distinguished by her maid outfit.

“Welcome home, Hero-sama, Shuri as well.”

Her tone has returned to normal because I asked her to do so.

All the same, that does not mean I am great. It depends on the person.

Even so, for no special reason she was glad to have a friend. Rather, this is a sure bet.

She wouldn’t budge beyond 『Hero-sama』, but began to understand my side.

“I’m home. Without delay, though it is bad to immediately begin, let’s talk about tomorrow’s dungeon.


Leadred spoke to interrupt.

“Hmm? What is it?”

“Hai. There is actually some information you need.”

She unfolds a sheet of paper that was in her pocket and hands it to me.

Today, she said that she would gather information while concealing her appearance. Something might interfere with the dungeon capture.

This possibility is put into the corner of my mind, and I look over the sentences.

“…………… Na.”

About halfway down I was speechless. My hand stopped moving.

It’s a lie….. hey, this…… really….

“Ku…. Hahahahaha!!”

It wasn’t possible to contain my laughter.

This is hilarious.

It is unbearably interesting.

What sort of revelation from god is this?

“…..Daichi-sama? What is it?”

Shuri looks at my hand from behind. I pass the document from Leadred to her.

“Look at this.”

She takes it and looks at the letter.

Then she immediately showed the same reaction.

Hamakaze and I reacted like this to such a thing.

It was the application guidelines for a guard.

However, it is not to guard a wealthy merchant, nor a king.

The object recorded there.

『Hero Guard Request

On the way to the [Labyrinth of the Sleeping Trance], looking for those to serve as guards.

Identification not required. Influential people wanted. 』

—-Ominous Hero {{Classmate}}.

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