Info Update

Heya everyone ^^

Due to finals, it has been a while since my last chapter release. Good news: done for the semester.

I plan on finishing up volume two before Sunday and after that averaging about one chapter every other day. That said, I reserve the right to continue releasing sporadically if anything comes up IRL!

Assuming all goes well, we should be at around 3-5 by the end of the month.

Also; if anyone who has decent knowledge of Japanese is interested in proofreading these please post in the comments section here. I understand that a lot of you don’t have much time to translate a full chapter but even a sentence or two where I tend to get lost would help us all out a great deal!

Ex: For all of you early readers out there, recall “the seven beauties” or “the group in charge of Daichi”? Those two probably took up two hours each of me feeling like an idiot and still wind up having to post them like that…!

Sincerely though, thank you all for the help translating this. Without you guys this series would probably be read as a MTL for a long time!

(PS: I’ve started on 2-10 finally. Off to sleep now.)

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