Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 89

Heya everyone! This took a bit longer than expected. You might be confused at first—my apologies for that—due to there being a few references to an anime that, despite trying to find, I was unable to. If anyone knows, please feel free to let me know!

Also, I’ve recently started re-translating the starting chapters of [Lazy Dungeon Master], so if any of you read it or have thought about reading it, I recommend taking another look at the first two chapters again. I’m planning on continuing until around chapter 12 or so. I’ve provided the link to the LDM NovelUpdates page above for ease. Note that the chapters relabeled [ver. 2] have been re-translated.


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Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 2

It’s slightly amusing seeing how indecisive the author was over character personalities back in the beginning.

Example: Kehma goes from using “-ssu” (lazy way of speaking) in the first chapter to never using it again.

For those wondering if I’m actually doing much in editing these… go ahead and read the original version(s) yourself. Yeahhh. (Note: they are available over on MoonBunnyCafe, hidden in spoiler boxes at the end of their respective chapters)

Original: “O-oh, inside this dungeon is… are bandits different from monsters?”
Re-translation: “H-hey, in other words, those bandits inside the dungeon, they’re… monsters? Is that alright?”

This is one of the most enjoyable Japanese series that I’ve ever read. Every few days I see comments about how poor the story is in the beginning, but in truth I think it is just because of how crude my skills were back then. I’m glad to say I’ve improved quite a lot since picking this series up.



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Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 1

I retranslated the chapter because I was much worse at Japanese back then compared to now.

There was a mistranslation on almost every other line. Sorry for letting it be that bad for so long.

I am going to spend today updating some of these first few chapters. I highly recommend re-reading these.

Seriously, to both old readers of LDM and new, thanks for putting up with my old translation quality for so long.

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For those wondering, I started this when I ran into reference after reference after reference in the upcoming Dragon’s Bloodline chapter. Thus far, it reads as though someone were MTLing it, causing me no small amount of frustration. It is still coming, so don’t worry.